Accordance is extremely pleased to announce the release of the latest edition of The Theological Journal Library. Published by Galaxie Software, this sixteenth edition now contains volumes through 2012.

New for 2014, the sixteenth edition of TJL delivers the absolute best of the conservative and evangelical theological journal world. This 33-journal edition* adds seven new journal titles including the Tyndale Bulletin (1956-2010) and the Bulletin for Biblical Research (1991-2009). There are also major updates to TJL favorites such as Bibliotheca Sacra dating back to 1844.

* Note: Some sources for TJL list a total of 35 journal titles. Accordance follows the publisher’s site in describing the TJL as having 33 titles which comprise the full Volumes 1-16 set. Two additional titles are combined with the journals that replaced them. The Conservative Theological Journal was renamed Journal of Dispensational Theology in 2006 and both are contained in module JODT-2012. Also, Bible and Spade was renamed Archaeology and Biblical Research from 1987 to 1993 and both are contained in module Bible & Spade-2011.

New Journals

Journal NamePublished ByVolumesYears
Bulletin for Biblical ResearchInstitute for Biblical Research1-191991-2009
Journal for Discipleship and Family MinistryThe Southern Baptist Theological Seminary1-22010-2012
Maranatha Baptist Theological JournalMaranatha Baptist Bible College and Seminary1-22011-2012
Priscilla PapersChristians for Biblical Equality1-261987-2012
Puritan Reformed JournalPuritan Reformed Theological Seminary1-42009-2012
Southeastern Theological ReviewSoutheastern Baptist Theological Seminary1-32010-2012
Tyndale BulletinTyndale House, Cambridge and the Tyndale Fellowship for Biblical and Theological Research1-611956-2010

Expanded Journals

Journal NamePublished ByVolumesYears
Bibliotheca SacraDallas Theological Seminary1-169
(95 added)
Bible and Spade and Archaeology and Biblical ResearchAssociates for Biblical Research1-12 and 0-24
(11 added)
Christian Apologetics JournalSouthern Evangelical Seminary1-10
(4 added)
1998-1999; 2004-2009; 2011-2012
ConspectusSouth African Theological Seminary1-13
(9 added)
Chafer Theological Seminary JournalChafer Theological Seminary1-13
(1 added)
Detroit Baptist Seminary JournalDetroit Baptist Seminary1-17
(5 added)
Emmaus JournalEmmaus Bible College1-20
(5 added)
Faith and MissionSoutheastern Baptist Theological Seminary1-24
(1 added)
Global Journal of Classical TheologyTrinity College and Theological Seminary1-10
(8 added)
Journal for Biblical Manhood and WomanhoodCouncil on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood1-17
(5 added)
Journal of the Evangelical Theological SocietyEvangelical Theological Society1-55
(14 added)
Journal of Ministry and TheologyBaptist Bible Seminary1-16
(5 added)
Conservative Theological Journal and Journal of Dispensational TheologyTyndale Theological Seminary1-10; 10-16 (5 added)1997-2006; 2006-2012
Journal of the Grace Evangelical SocietyGrace Evangelical Society1-25
(5 added)
Reformed Baptist Theological ReviewReformed Baptist Academic Press1-8
(5 added)
Review and ExpositorSponsored by Baptist Theological Seminary at Richmond and McAfee School of Theology of Mercer University59-106
(2 added)
Southern Baptist Journal of TheologySouthern Baptist Theological Seminary1-16
(5 added)
Trinity JournalTrinity International Seminary1-30
(3 added)
Westminster Theological JournalWestminster Theological Seminary1-74
(5 added)

Other Included Journals

Journal NamePublished ByVolumesYears
Ashland Theological Journal
Ashland Theological Seminary1-371969-2005
Central Bible QuarterlyCentral Conservative Baptist Theological Seminary of Minneapolis1-221958-1979
Grace Journal / Grace Theological JournalGrace Theological Seminary1-14; 1-121960-1973; 1980-1991
Journal of Christian ApologeticsMichigan Theological Seminary1-21997-1998
Master’s Seminary JournalMaster’s Seminary1-181990-2007
Michigan Theological JournalMichigan Theological Seminary1-51990-1994
Reformation and RevivalReformation & Revival Ministries1-131992-2004

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