No Risk As I mentioned yesterday, we’ve had lots of interest in Accordance Bible Software from new users lately—including those who have never used Bible software at all as well as those who are considering switching from other Bible software platforms. And yet we know that investing in Bible software is not a casual decision. Rather, it’s a commitment of funds to purchase Accordance; and even though we try very hard to make Accordance as intuitive as possible, a new user will still have to invest personal time to learn to use the program to its fullest.

To help ease the decision-making process, we would like to make two announcements today.

So what about our refund policy? How much risk is there in an initial purchase? We can’t imagine anyone ever wanting to return Accordance after using it, but we understand that it helps to have some kind of safety net in place before a purchase. In the past we’ve generally had a “no-refund” policy (although exceptions were made now and then), thinking that our Free Trial Demo and even the free Accordance Mobile Starter were a good way to get a taste of Accordance’s strengths.

Now, however, we’re doing something we’ve never done before: we’re going to offer a 30-day refund in regard to two specific starting points for trying out Accordance. That means, if you decide that Accordance is not right for you within 30 days of the original purchase, we are willing to refund either of these purchases with the requisite disabling of Accordance on your devices.

The new refund policy leads directly into the second announcement: we are releasing a brand new Accordance 11 Original Language Starter Collection for $99.90.

We’ve always used our regular $59.90 Starter Collection as a low-cost entry point for investing in Accordance Bible Software. We’re still going to keep that option around. However, we recognize that a lot of potential new users want to use Accordance for study in Greek and Hebrew. As great as the Starter Collection is, it may not be enough for trying out Accordance in relation to biblical language work. Many students and scholars make the standard Original Languages Collection their initial purchase, but the cost of $299 equates to a more significant decision than purchasing our regular Starter Collection.

The new Original Language Starter Collection contains over 50 separate resources for your personal Accordance Library, but here are some of the highlights:

At only $99.90 the Original Language Starter Collection represent a no-risk investment in Accordance. This introductory Collection will give students and scholars a low-price entry point to determine if Accordance is going to be a satisfactory solution for their biblical language needs. We believe it will be, and assuming the new user does, too, the $99.90 investment will not be lost when moving up to a more advanced Collection.

upgrade In fact, when moving to the standard Original Language Collection or higher, our automatic custom upgrades ensure that you will only pay for the content being added. In other words, the initial $99.90 investment can be applied to an upgrade to a greater Collection.

Or, if the you decide that Accordance is not appropriate to your needs, a refund will be given if requested within 30 days from time of purchase and if all installations of the software are removed from the user’s devices.

Either way, this is a no-risk investment in Accordance.

Note that the 30-day refund offer applies to both the $59.90 Starter Collection or the $99.90 Original Language Starter Collection.

So, are you considering Accordance? You now have lots of options! Download the Free Trial Demo for Windows or Macintosh or Accordance Mobile for iOS. If you like what you see (and we believe you will), consider investing in either of the Starter Collections. Use your 30-day no risk period to attend free webinars, watch Lighting the Lamp and other tutorial videos, and ask questions in the Accordance Forums. At the end of the 30 days, don’t be surprised if you find yourself upgrading to a more advanced Collection!

Questions? Leave them in the comments or post them in the Accordance Forums!