Bible Handbook, Theologically Arranged (Holliday)

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As described in the title page, this classic 1869 handbook is “designed to facilitate the finding of proof-texts of the leading doctrines of the Bible.”

It will be found a time saver to all students of the Bible, and a convenient help to ministers and Sunday-School teachers. A wonderful find and rare gem, this is an extraordinary resource that all can appreciate.


  • Doctrines Relating to God
  • Doctrines Relating to Man
  • Atonement or Redemption
  • The Moral Law
  • Institutions of Christianity
  • Christian Duties and Privileges
  • Christian Experience

A Bible Hand-book, Theologically Arranged
• Author: F. C. Holliday
• Text of 1869 version published by Hitchcock and Walden

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Primary CollectionsColl12-EngLearnEnglish Learner Collection (Accordance 12)199.00
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Primary BundlesWS Crossover13Preacher/Teacher Reference Library Bundle (Previously the Wordsearch Crossover)1499


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