Commentary on the New Testament Use of the Old Testament / November 01, 2007

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For a great highlight of the benefit of this module, see this blog post.  See also part 1 and part 2 of an independent review.

Readers of the New Testament often encounter quotes or allusions to the Old Testament that may be unfamiliar or obscure. In this volume, G. K. Beale and D. A. Carson have brought together a distinguished team of scholars to isolate, catalog, and comment on both the obvious Old Testament quotations and the more subtle allusions found in the New Testament. The result is a comprehensive commentary on the Old Testament references that appear from Matthew through Revelation. It is a vital resource for the reference library of every student of the New Testament.

Pulished in 2007 by Baker Academic, with a long list of eminent contributors, this book has become a popular and standard reference work for anyone trying to understand how the New Testament refers to and builds upon the Old.

Christianity Today 2008 Book Award Winner
– 2008 Best Academic Book of the Year, Association of Theological Booksellers

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  1. (verified owner) Daniel Amari

    This is a must resource for any dedicated exegete for the NT. The truth of the matter is that research on background on NT has developed in recent years to prioritize OT influence and background on NT more than any other background. This is clearly evident in new commentaries on NT. OT Quotation in NT are not random ones, but carry deep insight from the OT.
    The pros:
    * some works, such as the one on the gospels of Mark, are superb, they exceed all written technical commentaries.
    * All sections are very organized into smaller subsections per quotation. There sections for: Original context in OT, how they were used by later Jewish books, Textual comments, NT context, theological use, and others! You can quickly skip to the more relevant subsection.
    * It is organized as a commentary in Accordance.

    * Not all comments on the books of NT are that helpful. It seems that some were done quickly without deep research of the relationship between OT and NT. Not that this information are not available, but it does suggest that the particular author chose to utilize his own previous work instead on reliance on wider contributions of other scholars.
    * the Greek/Hebrew terms are provided in transliteration only, which makes it more difficult on those who actually read the original languages, while it possibly makes it more accessible to wider readership. That does not mean it is not a technical commentary. It is more technical than any typical technical commentary. But do not give up on it. Read it slowly and repeatedly if needed.
    * While the resource covers the direct quotations, it does not cover the allusions to the OT. Of course, the title clearly states that this is about quotations. But I found myself repeatedly consulting this book whenever other commentaries discuss these allusions.

    Overall, this book gets from me the highest remarks despite the cons. It is the best book in its class.

  2. (verified owner) Ukfraser

    This is one of those volumes that i am so thankful for the accordance forum for. With the loss of book shops i am becoming more reliant on other means of knowing what volumes are avilable.

    This is a little gem of a commentary and having it available in accordance just adds to its value. Being able to see when passages from the Tanakh have been referred to by the new testament writers and then click and see it in its original context and how that passage was originally used opens up the new testament.

    Another must have resource.

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