Complete Biblical Library: The Old Testament Study Bible with Hebrew-English Dictionary

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The Complete Biblical Library was a remarkably ambitious undertaking involving over 500 Bible scholars and researchers which was Headed up and created by the late Thoralf Gilbrandt. It took over 20 years to produce an exhaustive reference set, unlike any other. The result was a multi-volume library detailing the entire Bible, blending all study tools into one series.

This product contains

  • The Old Testament Study Bible (covering all 39 books of the Old Testament) (CBL OT Study Bible)
  • The Old Testament Hebrew-English Dictionary (CBL Hebrew Dictionary)

Features of the Old Testament Study Bible: The Study Bible is a combination of study materials which will help both scholar and layperson achieve a better understanding of the Old Testament and its language. All of these helps are available in various forms elsewhere, but bringing them together in combination will save many hours of research. Many scholars do not have in their personal libraries all the volumes necessary to provide the information so readily available here.

The Study Bible volumes contain an encyclopedic survey of the particular Old Testament book being treated. Each survey provides a general outline; discusses matters which may have several opinions; and, provides background information regarding the history, culture, literature, and philosophy of the era covered by the book. Various sources for the Hebrew text are listed within the Study Bible volumes. A verse-by-verse commentary that is useful for a basic understanding of every Old Testament verse is then included. Finally, nearly 30 various Bible translations are interspersed throughout the Old Testament text in addition to the complete King James Version text, to show how different phrases have been translated over the years.

Features of the Old Testament Hebrew-English Dictionary: The Complete Biblical Library Hebrew-English Dictionary (HED) is, by itself, a unique tool. It provides information the user could not obtain without consulting several lexical and theological books. Here all the basic information is available, saving a great deal of research time for students, ministers and scholars. The HED is conjoint with the Study Bible. They interweave by the numerical system which identifies each Hebrew word. The appropriate number can be found in the Dictionary, which lists the words in numerical and alphabetical order. By this system, a person may easily go from the Study Bible to an in-depth study in the Dictionary and vice versa. Such an arrangement makes this Hebrew dictionary useful for the layperson as well as the scholar.

Note: This product does NOT contain the interlinear found with some printed versions.

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Study Bible NotesCBL OT Study BibleComplete Biblical Library: The Old Testament Study BibleN/A
Hebrew LexiconsCBL Hebrew DictionaryComplete Biblical Library: Old Testament Hebrew-English DictionaryN/A

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