Creeds of Christendom

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Philip Schaff’s Creeds of Christendom is a remarkable work of first-rate scholarship.

  • Volume 1: The History of the Creeds – Explores the history of creeds from early baptismal formulas to the great ecumenical creeds and the later Orthodox, Catholic, and Protestant confessions
  • Volume 2: The Greek and Latin Creeds, With Translations – Contains the text of the Greek and Latin creeds in parallel columns of Greek or Latin and English
  • Volume 3: The Evangelical Protestant Creeds, With Translations – Contains the evangelical Protestant creeds, in the languages in which they were written and in English translation

Creeds of Christendom (6th Edition, Revised and Enlarged)
With a History and Critical Notes
• Author: Philip Schaff
• Text of 1931 version

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