Daniel and Revelation Committee Series (DARCOM) (7 Volumes)

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Note: Current product contains Volumes 1–5. The others volumes will be added with free future updates to the product as the volumes are completed over the next few months.

Beyond a Bible commentary. Filled with insights on how to interpret the great prophecies. Depth discussions dealing with every major prophecy in Daniel and Revelation, as well as allied themes in Leviticus and the book of Hebrews.

The Daniel and Revelation Committee Series (DARCOM) is one of the foremost Adventist sources, and consists of the following volumes:

  • Volume 1 — Selected Studies on Prophetic Interpretation (Revised Edition) (1992): A careful examination of judgment in the Old Testament, the identification of the little horn power, the year/day principle, and October 22, 1844, as the antitypical Day of Atonement. (Author: William H. Shea)
  • Volume 2 — Symposium on Daniel (1986): A major work on the reliability and interpretation of the book of Daniel and its prophecies. Features major essays on Daniel 8 and its significance for the sanctuary doctrine.
  • Volume 3 — The Seventy Weeks, Leviticus, and the Nature of Prophecy (1986): Twelve studies dealing with the 70-week prophecy in Daniel 9, the Old Testament sanctuary service in Leviticus, and the conditionality and fulfillment of prophecy.
  • Volume 4 — Issues in the Book of Hebrews (1989): A careful examination of major issues in the book of Hebrews, including the nature of typology, and the nature, defilement, and cleansing of the heavenly sanctuary.
  • Volume 5 — Doctrine of the Sanctuary: A Historical Survey (1845-1863) (1989): This volume traces the historical development of the sanctuary doctrine among the Adventist pioneers and addresses several challenges to the sanctuary doctrine in the 19th and 20th centuries.
  • Volume 6 — Symposium on Revelation: Book 1 (1992): This book discusses how Revelation can be structured and should be interpreted, and how it relates to the book of Daniel and other Old Testament prophecies. It includes in-depth discussions on how to understand the seven seals and the seven trumpets.
  • Volume 7 — Symposium on Revelation: Book 2 (1992): With special attention to the final events as seen in prophecy, this volume addresses questions such as the remnant, the mark of the beast, the seven last plagues, the millennium, and the interpretation of Armageddon.

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