Demo of Hebrew Bible (fully tagged Genesis 1-3)

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Demo of Hebrew Bible (fully tagged Genesis 1-3) is included with the following packages

Category Code Title Price
Primary CollectionsColl12-LiteLite Collection (Accordance 12) FREE0
Primary CollectionsColl13-LiteLite Collection (Accordance 13) FREE0
Primary CollectionsLSB RegistrationLSB Registration Collection (Accordance 13)0
Primary CollectionsiOS2_Starter_InitialiOS2 Initial Content0
Primary CollectionsMAS12_Lite_InitialLite Collection – Initial (Accordance 12) (MacApp Store)0
Primary CollectionsAnd1_Starter_InitialAndroid1 Initial Content0
Primary CollectionsMAS13_Lite_InitialLite Collection – Initial (Accordance 13) (MacApp Store)0
Primary BundlesAccord-Android1Accordance for Android0
Primary BundlesAccord-iOS2Accordance for iOS20
Add-on BundlesStarter12 GroupStarter Group Modules (Accordance 12)0
Add-on BundlesStarter13 GroupStarter Group Modules (Accordance 13)49.9


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