End of the Law, The (NAC Studies): Mosaic Covenant in Pauline Theology / January 01, 2009

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Commonly understood as the first theologian of the Christian faith, Paul set forth the categories by which we describe our relationship with Christ. Did he understand the new covenant Jesus announced at the Last Supper primarily as a replacement of the old Mosaic covenant God made with Israel, or as a renewal and completion of the old? Jason Meyer surveys the various differences that have been argued between the two covenants in The End of the Law, carefully and inductively performing a semantic, grammatical, and contextual analysis of all the Pauline texts dealing with covenant concepts.

About the Series:
The New American Commentary Studies in Bible & Theology (NACSBT) series for pastors, advanced Bible students, and other deeply committed laypersons addresses a range of compelling questions. Users will find this an excellent extension of the long-respected New American Commentary.

For more information on this series in Accordance, see this release announcement and this review.

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