F. F. Bruce NT People of Influence Bundle (4 Volumes)

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This bundle contains four (4) volumes of works by F. F. Bruce:

  • Peter, Stephen, James, and John: Studies in Non-Pauline Diversity in the Early Church (2017):This concise and scholarly study describes four of the non-Pauline movements in the early church, each of which can be identified with a particular leader: Peter, acknowledged leader of the apostles; Stephen and the Hellenists (Jews who spoke Greek culturally and linguistically); James and the Church of Jerusalem; and John and his circle, including his influence at Ephesus.
  • The Pauline Circle: Engaging Portraits of Paul’s Friends, Co-workers, Hosts, and Hostesses (2017): The New Testament evidence for Paul’s wide circle of friends is plentiful, both in Paul’s own writings and in the Book of Acts. In each of the first ten chapters, Professor Bruce engagingly pictures one of Paul’s associates: Ananias and the disciples at Damascus, Barnabas, Silas, Timothy, Luke, Priscilla and Aquila, Apollos, Titus, Onesimus, and Mark. The last two chapters briefly introduce co-workers and hosts and hostesses, who “had no other motive in being so helpful than love of Paul and love of the Master whom he served.” In creating these portraits, Bruce examines the relationships of the first-century Christians and gives a clear understanding of people who influenced the New Testament church.
  • Paul and His Converts: How Paul Nurtured the Churches He Planted (2017): In this commentary on five of Paul’s letters— to the churches in Corinth, Thessalonica, and Philippi—F. F. Bruce focuses on Paul’s pastoral care and the growth of the people he loved so much. Since we face today so many of the problems and issues Paul and his converts faced, this book acts as a guide for growth.
  • The Letters of Paul: An Expanded Paraphrase (2017): This book is perhaps the most accessible introduction to the writings of St. Paul ever written in modern English. That’s because Professor Bruce does not approach his “expanded paraphrase” as a Bible translator, but as a storyteller recounting the life of Paul after his conversion and his correspondence with churches and individuals. Bruce’s historical setting of the letters and his effort to make the “course of Paul’s argument as clear as possible” will open familiar passages with new insight and understanding.

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  • Authors: F. F. Bruce
  • Publisher: Kingsley Books
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Included Modules

The following modules and groups are included when you purchase this package.

Category Code Title Price
WritingsFFB-Letters of PaulLetters of Paul, The (F. F. Bruce)N/A
WritingsFFB-Paul & ConvertsPaul and His Converts (F. F. Bruce)N/A
WritingsFFB-Pauline CirclePauline Circle, The (F. F. Bruce)N/A
WritingsFFB-Peter etcPeter, Stephen, James, and John (F. F. Bruce)N/A


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