F. F. Bruce Apologetics and Early Church Bundle (5 Volumes)

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This bundle contains five (5) volumes by F. F. Bruce:

  • The Deity of Christ: Was Jesus a Fraud or Was He God? (2018): Recognizing that the doctrine of the deity of Christ was under attack, Dr. William J. Martin, lecturer at University of Liverpool, and F. F. Bruce, professor at the University of Manchester, wrote a little book stating the case for the deity of Christ “with biblical reverence and theological power,” said Christianity Today.
  • Defending First-Century Faith: Christian Witness in the New Testament (2017): What is the gospel? And how was its first preached–and defended? Opposition of many kinds–religious, political, and cultural–met the early Christians in their eagerness to tell the world about Jesus Christ. The kinds of opposition they faced still exist in new guises and we can learn much from the sensitive way the apostles tackled them. While adapting their approach, the early Christians never watered down their message.
  • The Spreading Flame: The Rise and Progress of Christianity from Its First Beginnings to Eighth-Century England (2017): This story of the early Christian church – from its infancy to the conversion of the English in about A.D. 800 – pictures a church that is an unquenchable spiritual force organized for tribulation. Its spiritual resources are never stronger than in times of seeming disaster. Bruce gives the reader a feel for the evangelistic fervor of the Apostles and the early Christians in a narrative filled with solid, well-reasoned, richly researched facts.
  • What the Bible Says about the Work of Christ: Jesus Past, Present and Future (2018): Who was Jesus? What did He do? What is He doing now? And what is He going to do? F. F. Bruce lets the Bible speak for itself in this brief but illuminating introduction to the past, present, and future work of Jesus.
  • In Retrospect: Autobiographical Remembrances (2017)In Retrospect: Remembrances of Things Past is an intimate self-portrait of the life and times of F. F. Bruce, one of the evangelical world’s most beloved and influential biblical scholars.

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WritingsFFB-DefendingDefending First-Century Faith (F. F. Bruce)N/A
WritingsFFB-Deity of ChristDeity of Christ, The (F. F. Bruce)N/A
WritingsFFB-RetrospectIn Retrospect: Autobiographical Remembrances (F. F. Bruce)N/A
WritingsFFB-Spreading FlameSpreading Flame, The (F. F Bruce)N/A
WritingsFFB-Work of ChristWhat the Bible Says about the Work of Christ (F. F. Bruce)N/A


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