Five Views on the Extent of the Atonement (Counterpoints Series) / July 02, 2019

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There are 42 volumes available from this series and are available in the following products:

  • The 7-Volume Set (Release 4) that includes this module
  • 16-Volume Set (Release 1)
  • An 11-Volume Set (Release 2)
  • An 8-Volume Set (Release 3)
  • The 42-Volume Series Bundle (all currently available volumes)
  • Forty-two individual volumes are also available.

Requires Accordance 11.2 or above.

Explore the question of the extent of Christ’s atonement: to whom will grace be extended in the end? Will only professing Christians be saved? Or does the Bible suggest that the breadth of Grace is greater? And, if so, what does that mean for the Church?

These are questions of great importance for the Christian faith and to our understanding of Scripture. This volume of the clear and fair-minded Counterpoints series elevates the conversation about atonement to include a range of contributors who represent the breadth of Christian tradition:

  • Traditional Reformed: Michael Horton
  • Wesleyan: Fred Sanders
  • Roman Catholic: Matthew Levering
  • Eastern Orthodox: Andrew Louth
  • Barthian Universalism: Tom Greggs

This book serves not only as a single-volume resource for engaging the views on the extent of the atonement but also as a catalyst for understanding and advancing a balanced approach to this core Christian doctrine.

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Biblical StudiesViews-7 Counterpoints7 Volumes of the Zondervan Counterpoints Series (Release 4)147.93


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