7 Volumes of the Zondervan Counterpoints Series (Release 4)

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There are 42 volumes available from this series and are available in the following products:

Requires Accordance 11.2 or above.

About the Counterpoints Series:
Zondervan’s Counterpoints series of books is designed to help us explore theological questions by reading the perspectives of people who respectfully disagree with each other.  The acclaimed series provides a forum for comparison and critique of different views on issues important to Christians.  Each book presents several “views” on a particular question of biblical interpretation, theology, or church life. Each view is then critiqued by those who hold other views. The reader can then decide which position makes the most sense or has the strongest support. Even more importantly, the reader sees how sincere interpreters can interact with one another in a positive and uncontentious manner.

Volumes included in Release #4 (each volume is also available individually):

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  • ISBN: 9780310527756 / 9780310522768 / 9780310599746 / 9780310081005 / 9780310108764 / 9780310093923 / 9780310538066
  • Categories: Biblical Studies
  • Min Acc Version: 11.2

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7 Volumes of the Zondervan Counterpoints Series (Release 4) is included with the following packages

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TheologyViews-42 CounterpointsCounterpoints Series Bundle (42 Volumes)861.58


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