German Lutherbibel 1984 Text with Apocrypha, notes, etc.

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Die Lutherbibel ist das Original unter den deutschen Bibeln und nach wie vor auch die Übersetzung, die hierzulande am weitesten verbreitet ist. Ihre Geschichte reicht zurück bis in die Frühzeit der Reformation. Die aktuelle Ausgabe ist die Revision von 1984.

A 1985 update of the classic translation of the Bible by Martin Luther for German readers. Includes the Apocrypha, translator’s notes and a German Bible Dictionary. A lemmatized version of this text is available.

Included Modules

The following modules and groups are included when you purchase this package.

Category Code Title Price
Accessory ModulesLUTH DictionaryLUTH Dictionary0
Accessory ModulesLUTH NotesLUTH Notes0
Accessory ModulesLUTH2LUTH20
Accessory ModulesLUTH2 NotesLUTH2 Notes0

Where to Find

German Lutherbibel 1984 Text with Apocrypha, notes, etc. is included with the following packages

Category Code Title Price
Primary CollectionsUASCUnlock All Scholar’s 1 CD0
Primary CollectionsUA-S2Unlock All Scholar 20
Primary CollectionsUA-S3Unlock All Scholar 30
Primary CollectionsUA-S4Unlock All Scholar 40
Primary CollectionsUABibUnBible Unlock CD-ROM Unlock all0
English StudiesUABibUn3Bible Unlock CD-ROM 3 Unlock all899
English StudiesUABibUn9.0Bible Unlock 9.0 – Unlock all Bibles930
English StudiesUABibUn8Bible Unlock 8.1 Unlock all950
English StudiesUABibUn8.4Bible Unlock 8.4 Unlock all1030
English StudiesUABibUn9.5Bible Unlock 9.5 – Unlock all Bibles1160


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