Getting Started with Accordance

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Note: This product is not yet complete and has additional material that will be added over the next few weeks.

Formerly published as the Accordance Seminar Manual, this module (with tons of additional material) presents the training manual in module form – updated for Accordance 12, suitable for Windows and Mac, and accessed through your Accordance Library. In addition to the training manual material, this module also provides embedded training videos (internet accessed required).

Whether you’re new to Accordance 12 or just need a refresher, Getting Started with Accordance will get you up to speed in no time. This new tutorial includes instructions, graphics, videos, and step-by-step suggestions. And best of all, it’s included in every Starter Collection!

Getting Started with Accordance
• Publisher: OakTree Software (2017)

Where to Find

Getting Started with Accordance is included with the following packages

Category Code Title Price
Primary CollectionsColl12-EngMaster1017English Master Collection (Accordance 12) (October 2017)29999
Primary CollectionsColl12-EngMaster0218English Master Collection (Accordance 12) (February 2018)30899
Primary CollectionsColl12-EngMaster0518English Master Collection (Accordance 12) (May 2018)31599
Primary CollectionsColl12-LiteLite Collection (Accordance 12) FREE0
Primary CollectionsColl13-LiteLite Collection (Accordance 13) FREE0
Primary CollectionsLSB RegistrationLSB Registration Collection (Accordance 13)0
Primary CollectionsColl12-EngMaster0818English Master Collection (Accordance 12) (August 2018)33399
Primary CollectionsColl12-EngMaster1118English Master Collection (Accordance 12) (November 2018)33999
Primary CollectionsColl12-EngMaster0319English Master Collection (Accordance 12) (February 2019)34399
Primary CollectionsColl12-EngMaster0519English Master Collection (Accordance 12) (May 2019)35549
Primary CollectionsMAS12_Lite_CompleterLite Collection – Completer (Accordance 12) (MacApp Store)0
Primary CollectionsMAS13_Lite_CompleterLite Collection – Completer (Accordance 13) (MacApp Store)0
Add-on BundlesStarter12 GroupStarter Group Modules (Accordance 12)0
Add-on BundlesStarter13 GroupStarter Group Modules (Accordance 13)49.9


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