UPGRADE to Greek New Testament (tagged, based on NA28) from GRAMCORD GNT

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See blog post for more information and a First Look video.

An add-on of the earlier tagged Greek New Testament (based on NA27) is available. Upgrade from the GNT28-T to the tagged NA28 Greek New Testament with Apparatus (NA28-T) is also available.

This upgrade to GNT28-T will give you the fully tagged Greek New Testament based on the Nestle-Aland 28th edition.

This complete Greek New Testament is based on the NA28 (Nestle-Aland, 28th Edition). The text is identical to the NA28 in all aspects except it does not include critical apparatus marks, which are available in the NA28-T. This text includes morphological tagging of Greek lemmas and roots, as well as full parsing.

The GNT Notes with cross references for Old Testament quotations is included in a separate module.

Note: Users who own BOTH the NA28-T and the GNT-T can upgrade to GNT28-T for free. Contact customer service to get this upgrade.


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