Holman Illustrated Study Bible Notes / January 01, 2006

Prod ID: Holman Illustrated SB / Pub. Broadman & Holman Publishers
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Requires Accordance 10.4 or above.

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A Visual Study Bible For Today’s Generation

We live in a visual society, where a picture is worth a thousand words. The way we gather, develop, and process information has changed in the last 50 years.  The Holman Illustrated Study Bible combines words and images to increase your knowledge and understanding of the Scriptures. You’ll see more, discover more, and remember more.

What Was Real Life Once Can Change Yours Today

The things that made life “normal” for people in biblical times are lost to modern readers who have no idea how to get from Tarsus to Damascus and couldn’t begin to know that Nahor was related to Laban or how long a “two stadia” walk would take. Yet, knowing this information can make the difference between understanding what God is saying to you and missing the point completely.

Discover The Bible That Reveals Life Then And Now

The Holman Illustrated Study Bible is the most informative Bible ever created for daily reading and study. It includes more maps, photos, charts, graphics, and helps than any other Bible ever published! Whether you are engaging in small group studies, church or personal study, this Bible will bring to life the Scriptures in a way you never thought possible!

Note: While the printed version of the Holman Illustrated Study Bible contains the HCSB biblical text, this module does not include the actual biblical text.  It contains all the Introductions, Indexes, and Notes of the printed version. The Bible Study Notes of this module can be linked to run in parallel with any Accordance Bible translation.

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  1. (verified owner) Ukfraser

    I like study bibles as they are an excellent resource to give a very top level view of a passage and as such tend to be my first port of call. I bought this volume for a very specific purpose, in the early days of the ios app, you couldn’t open an atlas in the second pane. This study bible has most of the maps that are in the truly excellent holman bible atlas So for me, it was a no brainer to get this so that i could have the maps scroll with my bible text.

    The app has been updated and now, i tend to use the atlas rather than this resource.
    As to the study bible, this is titled an illustrated study bible.
    This resource is certainly illustrated
    For example in exodus chapter 5 we get two images with the following notes:
    Interior chapel of Hatshepsut’s festival hall. Hatshepsut was the wife of Thutmose II and the aunt and stepmother of Thutmose III, believed by some to be the pharaoh of the Exodus.

     The Temple of Luxor, Egypt, at night. The temple was built by Amenhotep III (14th Century B.C.) and Rameses II (13th Century B.C.).
    But the next note isnt until Exodus 7:1 When we get yet another image together with the following note
    Sunrise over the Nile from Minia.

    For me, the notes are really focussed on the images that add a illustration to the passage. The notes in themselves dont add anything to my understanding of the passage and are far from comprehensive.

    The images themselves are of very variable quality and many could not be used for projection in a service as they would pixilate. The strength of this resource is the maps but with the enhancements to the ios app, this has reduced its usefulness for me.

    This resource is very illustrated but due to the variable quality of the images, you may want to look at other resources.
    The maps are excellent but then the holman atlas does have more maps and some of these have been cropped.
    The notes are minimal and not as informative as a proper study bible like the esv study bible or the jewish study bible.

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