Hort Commentary (Rom., Eph., parts James, 1Pet., Rev)

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Formerly included in the Scholarly Zondervan Bible Study Suite. Now available through Easy Install as part of Classic Commentaries.

F. J. A. Hort was a Professor of Divinity at Cambridge until 1892.  He taught most of his life there and became closely associated with two other famous Cambridge scholars, J. B. Lightfoot and B. F. Westcott. There is little doubt that Hort was the greatest genius in the Cambridge school.

Hort, with his friends B. F. Westcott and J. B. Lightfoot, had planned to collaborate in writing a commentary on all the books of the New Testament, but they did not realize their collective goal. Lightfoot completed commentaries on some Pauline Epistles; Westcott completed his work on Hebrews, John, and the Epistles of John; but Hort did not complete any books before he died because he was occupied with producing the English Revised Version and was known to be a perfectionist.

However, after his death in 1892, it was discovered that he had written on James (through 4:7) and 1 Peter (through 2:17).  These manuscripts were published in 1898 by MacMillan Company.

Hort’s works on Romans and Ephesians were lectures of introduction to each of the books. These introductions were published in 1895. From the Preface:

“These Lectures introductory to the Epistles to the Romans and Ephesians are published with the fewest possible variations from the manuscript of the Lectures as delivered. It will be obvious that they do not cover the whole ground, as laid out by Dr Hort. But so far as they go, they clearly form an invaluable contribution to the study of those Epistles. This will justify their publication in their fragmentary condition.”

Hort’s commentary on the Apocalypse of St. John covers Revelation 1-3 as well as an Introduction to that book.

This modules covers the following:

  • Introduction to Romans
  • Introduction to Ephesians
  • James 1:1-4:7
  • 1 Peter 1:1-2:17
  • Introduction to Revelation and Revelation 1-3

You may also be interested in a set of Classic Commentaries that includes these works by Hort (as well as the works of Lightfoot and Westcott mentioned above.)

Hort Commentary
• Author: Fenton John Anthony Hort

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