Westcott Commentary (John, Ephesians, Hebrews, 1-3 John)

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Formerly included in the Scholarly Zondervan Bible Study Suite. Now available through Easy Install as part of Classic Commentaries.

Nineteenth-century textual critic and New Testament scholar B. F. Westcott served as Bishop of Durham from 1890 until his death.  He is perhaps most known for his co-authoring of The New Testament in the Original Greek in 1855.

This modules contains his commentaries on John (1881), Ephesians (1906), Hebrews (1889), and 1-3 John (1883).  These commentaries resulted from his public lectures which were generally on Biblical subjects.

You may also be interested in a set of Classic Commentaries that includes these works by Westcott.

Westcott Commentaries
On the Gospel of John, Ephesians, Hebrews, and the Epistles of John
• Author: B. F. Westcott

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