IECOT: Wisdom (Luca Mazzinghi) / January 01, 2019

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For the first time, the present commentary brings together all relevant aspects necessary to understand and appreciate this late portion of Old Testament Scripture: textual criticism; detailed philological and literary analysis; the text’s two-fold historical context in its Hellenistic environment, on the one hand, and in the biblical tradition on the other; and ultimately the very innovative theology of the book of Wisdom. Aspects of the book’s reception history as well as hermeneutical questions round off the commentary on the text.

About This Series:
The International Exegetical Commentary on the Old Testament (IECOT) is designed to offer an international, ecumenical and contemporary interpretation of the Old Testament (including deutero-canonical books) to a broad audience of scholars, laypeople, and pastors. IECOT is international: it has editorial board members and authors from North America, Europe and Israel and all volumes will appear in both English and German.

The main feature of this new commentary series is the interlinkage of both synchronic and diachronic perspectives in analysis of texts. Other emphases include treatment of social-historical background, liberation-theological viewpoints, gender aspects and elements of the history of reception. For the first time in the history of bible commentaries, both a German and an English version are being edited simultaneously. The delay between the respective original and its translated version is expected to be less than two years. The group of editors and authors includes Protestant, Catholic, and Jewish biblical scholars. The scope of the commentary series includes books in the 20pxr Septuagint canon in addition to books of the Hebrew Bible.

The German version of this commentary is also available.

While the available volumes are different, you may also be interested in the 7-volume English set or the 6-volume German set.

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