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Westminster John Knox Press is proud to introduce an exciting new phase in the renowned Interpretation commentary series. Instead of focusing on individual books of the Bible, these new volumes will focus on the Bible’s most enduring passages and most vital themes, bringing to these topics the insight and faithful wisdom that are longtime hallmarks of the Interpretation series. This expanded Interpretation series will be an excellent resource for all those who teach, preach, and study the Bible.

This product contains the following volumes:

  • Biblical Prophecy: Perspectives for Christian Theology, Discipleship, and Ministry by Ellen F. Davis – A comprehensive interpretation of the prophetic role and word in the Christian scriptures. Davis carefully outlines five essential features of the prophetic role and then systematically examines seven representations of prophets and prophecies.
  • Canon and Creed by Robert W. Jenson – How does the church understand the relation between its Scripture and its creedal formulations? This book will enable contemporary interpreters and teachers, pastors, and laity to deal with the questions and tensions that are always present as the church seeks to hold canon and creed together.
  • Reading the Parables by Richard Lischer – Parables make up one-third of Jesus’ speech in the New Testament. Lischer lays out four theories for reading parables: 1) parables obscure truth; 2) parables teach many truths; 3) parables teach one truth; and 4) parables undermine the truth. Ultimately, he concludes that biblical parables undermine dominant myths called “the truth” to shine light on the Truth that is Jesus, God’s presence with us.
  • The Sacraments in Biblical Perspective by Ronald P. Byars – The church’s development and use of sacraments has evolved in many ways from the days of the early church to the present. This sourcebook provides key theological texts that played a role in those movements. Tracing the history and theology of individual sacraments along with their liturgical context in the church’s worship will be of great value to those studying the history of Christian worship and the development of the sacraments.
  • The Ten Commandments by Patrick D. Miller – In this volume, Patrick D. Miller studies the Ten Commandments as ancient document and as contemporary guide. With careful attention to each commandment in its original context, this book shows the reader the modern relevance of these basic principles, as well as how the ideas of each commandment influenced the New Testament. More than an intellectual exercise, The Ten Commandments applies the call of the commandments to modern-day issues.
  • Violence in Scripture by Jerome F. D. Creach – The Bible frequently depicts God as angry and violent, and sometimes depicts human violence as positive or even as commanded by God. This issue forms one of the most vexing problems in approaching Scripture and interpreting the Bible for preaching and teaching today. In this volume, Creach first examines the theological problems of violence and categorizes the types of violence that appear in scripture. He then wrestles with the most important biblical texts on violence to work through specific interpretational issues. This new volume in the Interpretation: Resources for Use of Scripture in the Church series will help preachers and pastors interpret those difficult texts, encouraging them to face violence in the Bible with honesty.
  • Money and Possessions by Walter Brueggemann – The Bible is rich with complex and diverse material on the topic of money and possessions. In this new work, highly regarded preacher and scholar Walter Brueggemann explores the recurring theme of money and possessions in the Old and New Testaments. He proposes six theses concerning money and possessions in the Bible, observing their contradictory nature to the conventional wisdom and practice of both the ancient world and today’s society.

For more information, see this review of the Interpretation Series.

Included Modules

The following modules and groups are included when you purchase this package.

Category Code Title Price
Biblical StudiesInterpretation-CanonInterpretation: Canon and Creed29.90
Biblical StudiesInterpretation-DecalogueInterpretation: The Ten Commandments29.90
Biblical StudiesInterpretation-MoneyInterpretation: Money and Possessions29.90
Biblical StudiesInterpretation-ParablesInterpretation: Reading the Parables29.90
Biblical StudiesInterpretation-ProphecyInterpretation: Biblical Prophecy29.90
Biblical StudiesInterpretation-SacramentsInterpretation: The Sacraments in Biblical Perspective29.90
Biblical StudiesInterpretation-ViolenceInterpretation: Violence in Scripture29.90

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