Lives of the Twelve Caesars

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Written by Roman historian Gaius Suetonius Tranquillus, Lives of the Twelve Caesars is a set of twelve biographies of Julius Caesar and the first 11 emperors of the Roman Empire.

The work, written in AD 121 during the reign of the emperor Hadrian, was the most popular work of Suetonius, at that time Hadrian’s personal secretary, and is the largest among his surviving writings.

Lives of the Twelve Caesars is considered very significant in antiquity and remains a primary source on Roman history. This work includes one of the earliest secular historical references to Christ.

In addition to Lives of the Twelve Caesars this module contains Lives of Eminent Grammarians, Lives of Eminent Rhetoricians, and Lives of the Poets (Terence, Juvenal, Persius, Horace and Pliny).

Lives of the Twelve Caesars
• Author: Gaius Suetonius Tranquillus
• Translator: Alexander Thomson, M.D.
• Revised/Corrected by: T. Forester, Esq., A.M.

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