Living Fearless (Winship): Exchanging the Lies of the World for the Liberating Truth of God / June 14, 2022

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Jamie Winship spent nearly 30 years living and working in conflict zones, and during that time he has learned an important truth: all human conflict originates from fear, and fear originates from a false view of God, ourselves, and others. Until we exchange what’s false for what’s real, we will never experience being fully alive, fully human, and fully free.

Unpacking the power of knowing our true identity in Christ, Winship takes us on a journey of telling ourselves the truth, changing our mindsets, and experiencing actual life transformation that leads to radical courage in the face of all that life throws at us. With humor, clarity, and real-life practicality, Living Fearless is your invitation to listen closely to what God is trying to say to you about himself, about the person he created you to be–and also about all those other people he created and loves.

If you want to discover the incredible difference abiding in Christ will make in your life and faith, get ready to do “a new thing” with God.

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