Perspectives: On Children’s Spiritual Formation (4 Views) / January 01, 2007

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How is the faith of a child developed?

Perspectives on Children’s Spiritual Formation presents in counterpoint form four views of children’s spiritual formation and four related methods of Christian Education. Each chapter is written by a prominent person(s) representing his or her view. Contributors also respond to the other viewpoints.

  • Scottie May: Contemplative-Reflective Model (cultivating a quiet, worshipful spirit)
  • Gregory C. Carlson and John K. Crupper: Instructional-Analytic Model (involving child evangelism and Bible memorization)
  • Trisha Graves: Pragmatic Participatory Model (focusing on high-energy activities, often seen in mega-churches)
  • Tim Ellis, Bill Baumgart, and Greg Carper: Media-Driven Active-Engagement Model (using a video-based curriculum with limited teacher training).

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