LXX Göttingen: Big 19 Bundle (34 Books plus Apparatus)

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In order to provide the best possible Custom Upgrade price for this product, users who own some but not all of the Pentateuch modules should first purchase the LXXG-PENT Bundle and the free upgrade to the combined LXXG-PENT module. Users who don’t already own one or more of the Pentateuch modules do not need to take this step.

The Göttingen Septuagint (Vetus Testamentum Graecum: Auctoritate Academiae Scientiarum Gottingensis editum) is a major critical version, comprising multiple volumes published from 1931 to the present and not yet complete. Its critical apparatus presents variant Septuagint readings and variants from other Greek versions. Print value is over $2800.

This product includes the grammatically tagged critical text of the books listed below together with the accompanying apparatus.

  • Genesis (Band 1: Genesis) with apparatus (1974)
  • Exodus (Band 2.1: Exodus) with apparatus (1991)
  • Leviticus (Band 2.2: Leviticus) with apparatus (1986)
  • Numbers (Band 3.1: Numeri) with apparatus (1982)
  • Deuteronomy (Band 3.2: Deruteronomium) with apparatus (1977)
    • The 5 volumes listed above are combined in a single text module (LXXG-PENT) along with its apparatus (LXXG-PENT Apparatus)
  • Ruth (Band 4.3: Ruth) with apparatus (2006)
  • 2 Chronicles (Band 7.2: Paralipomenon liber II) with apparatus (2014)
  • 1 Ezra (Band 8.1: Esdrae liber I) with apparatus (1991)
  • 2 Ezra: Ezra – Nehemiah (Band 8.2: Esdrae liber II) with apparatus (1993)
  • Esther (Band 8.3: Esther) with apparatus (1983)
  • 1 Maccabees (Band 9.1: Maccabaeorum liber I) with apparatus (1990)
  • 2 Maccabees (Band 9.2: Maccabaeorum liber II) with apparatus (1976)
  • Psalms and Odes (Band 10: Psalmi Cum Odis) with apparatus (1979)
  • Job (Band 11.4: Iob) with two (2) apparatus (1982)
  • Sirach (Band 12.2: Sapientia Jesu filii Sirach) with apparatus (1981)
  • 12 Minor Prophets (Band 13: Duodecim Prophetae) with two (2) apparatus (1984)
  • Isaiah (Band 14: Isaias) with two (2) apparatus (1983)
  • Jeremiah, Baruch, Lamentations, and the Epistle of Jeremiah (Band 15: Jeremias, Baruch, Threni, Epistula Jeremiae) with two (2) apparatus (2004)
  • Ezekiel (Band 16.1: Ezechiel) with two (2) apparatus (1978)

Included Modules

The following modules and groups are included when you purchase this package.

Category Code Title Price
Greek BiblesLXXG-12LXX Göttingen with Apparatus – The Twelve59.90
Greek BiblesLXXG-1ESDRLXX Göttingen with Apparatus-1 Esdras27.90
Greek BiblesLXXG-1MACLXX Göttingen with Apparatus-1 Maccabees27.90
Greek BiblesLXXG-2CHRLXX Göttingen with Apparatus: 2 Chronicles79.90
Greek BiblesLXXG-2ESDRLXX Göttingen with Apparatus-2 Esdras51.90
Greek BiblesLXXG-2MACLXX Göttingen with Apparatus-2 Maccabees19.90
Greek BiblesLXXG-EST-OLXX Göttingen with Apparatus – Esther31.90
Greek BiblesLXXG-EZEKLXX Göttingen with Apparatus – Ezekiel69.90
Greek BiblesLXXG-ISALXX Göttingen with Apparatus-Isaiah59.90
Greek BiblesLXXG-JERLXX Göttingen with Apparatus – Jeremiah79.90
Greek BiblesLXXG-JOBLXX Göttingen with Apparatus – Job79.90
Greek BiblesLXXG-PENTLXX Göttingen with Apparatus-Pentateuch299.00
Greek BiblesLXXG-PS-ODESLXX Göttingen with Apparatus – Psalms and Odes69.90
Greek BiblesLXXG-RUTHLXX Göttingen with Apparatus-Ruth35.90
Greek BiblesLXXG-SIRLXX Göttingen with Apparatus – Sirach (Ecclesiasticus)69.90
Accessory ModulesLXXG-12 Apparatus 1LXXG-12 Apparatus 1N/A
Accessory ModulesLXXG-12 Apparatus 2LXXG-12 Apparatus 2N/A
Accessory ModulesLXXG-1ESDR ApparatusLXXG-1ESDR ApparatusN/A
Accessory ModulesLXXG-1MAC ApparatusLXXG-1MAC ApparatusN/A
Accessory ModulesLXXG-2CHR ApparatusLXXG-2CHR ApparatusN/A
Accessory ModulesLXXG-2ESDR ApparatusLXXG-2ESDR ApparatusN/A
Accessory ModulesLXXG-2MAC ApparatusLXXG-2MAC ApparatusN/A
Accessory ModulesLXXG-EST-LLXXG-EST-LN/A
Accessory ModulesLXXG-EST-L ApparatusLXXG-EST-L ApparatusN/A
Accessory ModulesLXXG-EST-O ApparatusLXXG-EST-O ApparatusN/A
Accessory ModulesLXXG-EZEK Apparatus 1LXXG-EZEK Apparatus 1N/A
Accessory ModulesLXXG-EZEK Apparatus 2LXXG-EZEK Apparatus 2N/A
Accessory ModulesLXXG-ISA Apparatus 1LXXG-ISA Apparatus 1N/A
Accessory ModulesLXXG-ISA Apparatus 2LXXG-ISA Apparatus 2N/A
Accessory ModulesLXXG-JER Apparatus 1LXXG-JER Apparatus 1N/A
Accessory ModulesLXXG-JER Apparatus 2LXXG-JER Apparatus 2N/A
Accessory ModulesLXXG-JOB Apparatus 1LXXG-JOB Apparatus 1N/A
Accessory ModulesLXXG-JOB Apparatus 2LXXG-JOB Apparatus 2N/A
Accessory ModulesLXXG-PENT ApparatusLXXG-PENT ApparatusN/A
Accessory ModulesLXXG-PS-ODES ApparatusLXXG-PS-ODES ApparatusN/A
Accessory ModulesLXXG-RUTH ApparatusLXXG-RUTH ApparatusN/A
Accessory ModulesLXXG-SIR ApparatusLXXG-SIR ApparatusN/A


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