Myths and Mistakes in New Testament Textual Criticism / November 05, 2019

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Since the unexpected popularity of Bart Ehrman’s bestselling Misquoting Jesus, textual criticism has become a staple of Christian apologetics.

Ehrman’s skepticism about recovering the original text of the New Testament does deserve a response. However, this renewed apologetic interest in textual criticism has created fresh problems for evangelicals. An unfortunate proliferation of myths, mistakes, and misinformation has arisen about this technical area of biblical studies. In this volume Elijah Hixson and Peter Gurry, along with a team of New Testament textual critics, offer up-to-date, accurate information on the history and current state of the New Testament text that will serve apologists and Christian students even as it offers a self-corrective to evangelical excesses.

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  1. Doug Smith

    A very helpful collection of essays with sound advice on issues and methods, especially where textual criticism intersects apologetics.

  2. (verified owner) Edward Stevens

    Challenging, sobering, but very helpful corrective (in many ways) for us evangelicals. Kudos to Wallace, Gurry, and Hixson.

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