NICNT: The Letter to the Ephesians by Lynn H. Cohick (2020) / January 01, 2020

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The letter to the Ephesians provokes an array of interpretive questions regarding authorship, audience, date, occasion, purpose of writing, and the nature of its moral instruction—including its words addressed to slaves and masters. Interacting critically in an arena of intense debate, Lynn Cohick provides an exegetically astute analysis of the six chapters of Ephesians, offering an insightful account of the letter’s theology and soteriology as she attends to its expansive prose and lofty vision of God’s redemption.

Cohick analyzes everything from the letter’s description of the church and its appeals for discipleship to the complex relationship between Jews and gentiles within the text and in the broader cultural context. Her extensive knowledge of the social realities of women and families in the ancient world is also evident throughout. Historically sensitive and theologically rich, Cohick’s commentary will be an abundant resource for a new generation of scholars, pastors, and lay leaders.

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