Post-Biblical Hebrew Literature: An Anthology — B. Halper / January 01, 1921

Prod ID: Halper-Post Biblical / Pubs. Jewish Publication Society; Public Domain
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An anthology of Post-biblical Hebrew texts in English translation published by the Jewish Publication Society in 1921. Now in the public domain. Includes selections from The Wisdom of Ben Sira, The Mishnah, The Talmud, the Midrash, and more.

“The continuity of the Hebrew language as a literary medium is, accordingly, unbroken, and to illustrate this fact by examples is one of the aims of this Anthology. Incidentally a study of the numerous extracts incorporated into this volume will establish the truth, which has too often been ignored, that the Hebrew genius did not become stagnant with the conclusion of the biblical Canon. It is true that the literary quality of post-biblical works cannot approach the sublimity and beauty of the Bible; but this verdict may justly be applied to other literatures. During the last two thousand years no literature which could rank with the canonical books of the Bible has been produced.” (B. Halper, from the Preface)

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    Contains out-dated and inaccurate information. E.g., it is claimed that “the Hebrew language ceased to be the vernacular of the majority of the Jewish people during the last years of the second temple…” This has long since been disproved by the Dead Sea Scrolls, which show that even during the Bar Kochba revolt, decades after the destruction of the second temple, the Jewish people still used Hebrew as a spoken vernacular. See e.g. M. Segal’s Grammar of Mishnaic Hebrew.

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