Sleuthing the Bible (Kaltner and McKenzie): Clues That Unlock the Mysteries of the Text / June 18, 2019

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Why is there crime-scene tape on my Bible? Elementary, my dear reader. There is an element of detective work to biblical scholarship that entails sniffing out and interpreting clues that often escape the notice of readers. John Kaltner and Steven L. McKenzie introduce the art of sleuthing the Bible, providing the necessary training to hunt for clues and piece them together to understand the larger picture. Sleuthing the Bible helps answer questions that occur during thoughtful examination of the Bible and provides exercises enabling readers to work through biblical passages on their own. Kaltner and McKenzie analyze two kinds of clues: (1) Smoking Guns— those that are obvious upon any close reading of biblical texts, and (2) Dusting for Prints—those that are more subtle or hidden from nonspecialists because of their unfamiliarity with the languages, culture, and larger content of the Bible. Written in a jargon-free and accessible style, Sleuthing the Bible is an ideal resource for anyone who wants to dig deeper into the biblical text.

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  1. (verified owner) Sandra Dunson

    An excellent guide to providing a foundational understanding of key clues provided in the scripture. It is rare to have such a delightful reference tool that makes you laugh and grabs your attention more and more along the way. The tools of deduction makes you want to jump right back over to your Bible for deeper exploration to note what you’ve been missing all along.

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