The Rest of the Bible (Mathis): A Guide to the Old Testament of the Early Church / January 01, 2011

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A beautiful widow risks her life to defend her people while men cower in fear. A young man takes a journey with an archangel and faces down a demon in order to marry a woman seven times widowed. A reprobate king repents and miraculously turns back toward God. A Jewish exile plays a game of riddles in a Persian king’s court. Young men and widows become martyrs in the face of idolatry. Wisdom is detailed and exalted. Christ is revealed.

These and many other stories make up the collection of writings explored in this book—authentic books of the Bible you’ve probably never read. Dubbed “Apocrypha” and cut from the Bible by the Reformers, these books of the Greek Old Testament were a vital part of the Church’s life in the early centuries, and are still read and treasured by Orthodox Christians today. The Rest of the Bible provides a brief and intriguing introduction to each of these valuable texts, which St. Athanasius termed “the Readables.”

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