To My Younger Brethren (Moule): Chapters on Pastoral Life and Work / January 01, 1902

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A manual of ministerial advice from an influential 20th-century Anglican bishop. Moule points to personal holiness and a rich inner life as central to the work of ministry: “If these simple pages may at all, in His most merciful hands, promote the holy cause of such a hidden life and its fruitful issues, it will indeed be happiness to the writer. In these days of stifling materialism in philosophy, and withering naturalism in theology, but in which also the Holy Spirit, far and wide, is breathing upon us in special mercy from above, there is no duty more pressing on the Christian than to seek, in the world of work, after that life which is ‘lived in the flesh by faith in the Son of God,’ and which is manifested in the strong and patient ‘meekness of wisdom.’”

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Handley C. G. Moule was an evangelical Anglican theologian, writer, poet, and Bishop of Durham from 1901 to 1920.

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