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This product is no longer available for purchase.  Now superseded by the Newman Dictionary.  Current UBS Greek Lexicon users can find a $10 upgrade to the Newman Dictionary here.

This concise dictionary of New Testament words by Barclay Newman is included in most print editions of the United Bible Society’s Greek New Testament.

Where to Find

UBS Greek Lexicon is included with the following packages

Category Code Title Price
Primary CollectionsSch8-SScholar’s 8 Standard Level249
Primary CollectionsSch9-SScholar’s 9 Standard level249
Primary CollectionsPC-Sch9-SScholar’s 9 Standard Level with disk for PC emulator199.99
Primary CollectionsUA-Lib5-2Unlock All Library 5 release 20
Primary CollectionsUA-Lib5-3Unlock All Library 5 release 30
Primary CollectionsSCH7.0 CoreSCH7.0 Core249
Primary CollectionsSCH7.1 CoreSCH7.1 Core249
Primary CollectionsUA-Lib5Unlock All Library 50
Primary CollectionsSCH7.4 CoreScholar’s Collection 7.4 CD-ROM Core Bundle249
Primary CollectionsSch8-PScholar’s 8 Premier Level349
Primary CollectionsUA-Lib4Unlock All Library 40
Primary CollectionsSch9-PScholar’s 9 Premier level349
Primary CollectionsPC-Sch9-PScholar’s 9 Premier Level with disk for PC emulator279.99
Primary CollectionsUASCUnlock All Scholar’s 1 CD0
Primary CollectionsUA-S6Unlock All Scholar 60
Primary CollectionsUA-S2Unlock All Scholar 20
Primary CollectionsUA-S6.4Unlock All Scholar 6.40
Primary CollectionsUA-S3Unlock All Scholar 30
Primary CollectionsUA-S6.9Unlock All Scholar 6.90
Primary CollectionsUA-S4Unlock All Scholar 40
Primary CollectionsUA-S7.0Unlock All Scholar 7.00
Primary CollectionsUA-S7.1Unlock All Scholar 7.10
Primary CollectionsUASCH7.4Unlock All Scholar’s 7.4 CD-ROM2499
Primary CollectionsUASc9.0Unlock All Scholar’s Collection 9.0, for download3400
Primary CollectionsUA-S8.1Scholar’s 8.1 Unlock All3000
Primary CollectionsUASc8.4Scholar’s 8.4 Unlock All3200
Primary CollectionsUASc9.1Unlock All Scholar’s Collection 9.13600
Primary CollectionsUA-S8Scholar’s 8 Unlock All2800
Primary CollectionsUASc9.5Unlock All Scholar’s Collection 9.53800
English StudiesUABibRef3Bible Reference 3 CD-ROM Unlock all549
English StudiesUABibRef8Bible Reference 8.1 Unlock all1080
English StudiesUABibRef8.4Bible Reference 8.4 Unlock all1300
English StudiesUABibRef9.0Bible Reference Unlock all 9.0 Collection1500
English StudiesUABibRef9.5Bible Reference Unlock all 9.5 Collection1600
Greek StudiesGNT add-onGNT add-on combo100
Greek StudiesStudienbibelMac Studienbibel CD-ROM, Stuttgart Original Language Collection149
Greek StudiesStudien-modsMac Studienbibel modules149
Add-on BundlesUABibRefBible Reference CD-ROM Unlock all0


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