Why Church History Matters (Rea)

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Does it matter how Christians in other times and places thought?

If the Bible alone is God’s revelation, why spend time studying church history?

Aren’t history and tradition more of a problem than a solution?

For many Christians who believe the Bible is the ultimate authority for faith and life, questions about the role and value of the church’s traditions can be difficult to tackle. But let’s be honest: even those of us who admit that church history is important are often too intimidated or busy to delve into it deeply. And for students, it is sometimes difficult to see how church history matters in practical ways for future vocations inside and outside the contemporary church.

In this wide-ranging book, veteran teacher Bob Rea tackles these barriers to understanding and embracing the significance of the faith and practice of our spiritual forefathers. In three parts he covers how Christians understand church tradition, why it is beneficial to broaden our horizons of community and how tradition helps us understand ministry. Rea not only skillfully explains why church history matters—he shows why it should matter to us.

Why Church History Matters
• Author: Robert F. Rea
• Publisher: InterVarsity Press (2014)

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