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Formerly included in the Zondervan Personal Growth Bible Study Suite. Now also available for Easy Install.

When busy people want to know more about the Bible and the Christian faith, the Zondervan Quick-Reference Library offers an instant information alternative. Covering the basics of the faith and Bible knowledge in an easy-to-use format, this series helps new Christians and seasoned believers find answers to their questions about Christianity and the Bible. The information is presented in units of one or two pages, so that each section can be read in a few minutes. The Zondervan Quick-Reference Library makes important knowledge affordable, accessible, and easy to understand for busy people who don’t have a lot of time to read or study.

The module includes:

  • Christian Theology (John H. Sailhamer): In 10 brief sections, Christian Theology gives you the essential elements of: The study of Theology, Scripture, the being of God, the work of God, Humanity and Redemption, the doctrine of Christ, Salvation, the Church, and Last Things.
  • How We Got the Bible (John H. Sailhamer): In four brief sections, How We Got the Bible gives you an essential grasp of: the history of the biblical text, the Hebrew Old Testament, the Greek New Testament, and versions of the Bible.
  • The Books of the Bible (John H. Sailhamer): The Books of the Bible gives you an introduction to the Bible and essential grasp of the 39 Old Testament Books and the 27 New Testament Books.
  • The Life of Christ (John H. Sailhamer): In nine brief sections, The Life of Christ gives you an essential grasp of: The Gospels, The World of Jesus, From the birth of Christ to the beginning of the First Passover, From the First to the Second Passover, The Second Year of Jesus’ Ministry, Jesus’ last trip to Jerasulem, The Resurrection and Appearances of Jesus.
  • Early Church History (Verlyn D. Verbrugge): Early Church History incorporates Acts to Revelation in a continuous story – from Pentecost through the last four decades of the first century.

Zondervan Quick Reference Series
• Publisher: Zondervan (1998)

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Primary CollectionsColl12-EngMaster1017English Master Collection (Accordance 12) (October 2017)29999.00
Primary CollectionsColl12-EngMaster0218English Master Collection (Accordance 12) (February 2018)30899.00
Primary CollectionsColl12-EngMaster0518English Master Collection (Accordance 12) (May 2018)31599.00
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Primary CollectionsColl12-EngMaster0519English Master Collection (Accordance 12) (May 2019)35549.00
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Primary CollectionsColl13-EngMaster0420English Master Collection (Accordance 13) (April 2020)37499.00
Primary CollectionsColl13-EngMaster0720English Master Collection (July 2020)42568
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Add-on BundlesAll-in-All 1Q15All-in-All Accordance Program (1st Quarter 2015)15999.00
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Add-on BundlesAll-in-All 3Q16All-in-All Accordance Program (3rd Quarter 2016)23999.00


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