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Book cover: Apocryphal Apocalypses (English Translation)

Apocryphal Apocalypses (English Translation)

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Category: English Non-Biblical Text, Translations of Grk Texts

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English translation of a collection of Greek Apocryphal Apocalypses. There are eight basic texts represented in this collection (the first four have survived in their entirety):

  • Apocalypsis Mosis (Life of Adam and Eve) - 3rd-5th Century (*)
  • Apocalypsis Esdrae (Greek Apocalypse of Ezra) - 2nd-9th Century (*)
  • Apocalypsis Pauli (Apocalypse of Paul) - 4th Century (*)
  • Apocalypsis Iohannis (Apocalypse of John the Theologian) - 6th Century (*)
  • Apocalypse of John-N (Apocalypse of John Chrysostom) - 6th Century - This unusual apocalypse represents a unique variation of the Apocalypsis Iohannis
  • Questions of Bartholomew (Gospel of Bartholomew) - 2nd-5th Century (?)
  • Apocalypse of Peter (represented by three Greek fragments and a collection of four Patristic quotations)
  • 6 Ezra (2 Esdras 15-16)

(*) Reproduced from C. Tischendorf, Apocalypses Apocryphae (Leipzig: H. Mendelssohn, 1866).

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