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Book cover: Feasting on the Word Commentary Series: Complete 12-Volume Set (Years A, B, C)

Feasting on the Word Commentary Series: Complete 12-Volume Set (Years A, B, C)

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The Feasting on the Word series aids clergy in developing and preparing sermons throughout the year in conjunction with the Revised Common Lectionary. Each lectionary year consists of four volumes, one for the Advent and Christmas season, one for Lent and Easter, and one for each half of Ordinary Time. While the twelve volumes of the series follow the pattern of the Revised Common Lectionary, each volume contains an index of biblical passages so that non-lectionary preachers may make use of its contents.

The commentaries provide four essays for each of the assigned RCL passages, and through those essays highlight issues in exegesis, theology, homiletics, and pastoral care as they apply to and are derived from the text.

This module contains Years A, B, and C which are each covered in the following 4 volumes:

  • Advent through Transfiguration: The Advent & Christmas Season (1 Vol.)
  • Lent through Eastertide (1 Vol.)
  • Pentecost and Season after Pentecost 1 (Propers 3-16): Ordinary Time, Part 1 (1 Vol.)
  • Season after Pentecost 2 (Propers 17 - Reign of Christ): Ordinary Time, Part 2 (1 Vol.)

For even more information, see this release announcement.

9/9/16 Update: The 2.0 update adds the Additional Essays on the lections that are not covered in the Feasting on the Word print volumes.

Feasting on the Word Commentary Series: 12 Volumes
Years A, B, and C (4 Volumes each)

• Editors: David L. Bartlett, Barbara Brown Taylor
• Publisher: Westminster John Knox Press (2008-2011)

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Feasting-Year A
Feasting-Year B
Feasting-Year C

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June 30, 2016  | 11:58 AM   |    Fantastic (5)
This series is an indispensable work that offers what it's name suggest a feast of reflection for you dig into. You may well do this in conjunction with sermon prep which is the primary design of it, but I have used it in conjunction with my devotional time for many years and have found it a very rare occasion when I have not come away with insight that has fed my soul deeply. This series offers fresh insight for each occurrence in the lectionary so you have 6 complete sets on Psalm 23 alone. That is 24 commentary essays on this beloved Psalm. So for anyone using the RCL this is a great resource, but it offers a full meal for all Christians with a buffet not as broad as the full Bible but with choice morsels from all corners of the Bible. ENJOY THE FEAST!