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Book cover: Fire Bible: Notes of the Full Life Study Bible

Fire Bible: Notes of the Full Life Study Bible

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The Fire Bible is the name for the international language editions of the Full Life Study Bible, one of the few Pentecostal study Bibles that exist today.

This Bible has often been referred to as a one-book Pentecostal Library. It contains 77 theme articles, a subject index, 45 maps and charts, introductions to each book of the Bible, and Pentecostal study notes.

Note: While this module does not contain the biblical text, it is formatted to run in parallel with any Accordance Bible translation.

The Full Life Study Bible first began in the early 1980s as a missionary project by the late Don Stamps (1938-1991). While Rev. Stamps was serving in Brazil, he recognized a great need among pastors and lay workers for a study Bible written from a Pentecostal perspective. Later published as the Life in the Spirit Study Bible, it was first called the Fire Bible by believers in mainland China after they received Bibles in their own languages.

Fire Bible: Global Study Edition
• Editors (Original Full Life Study Bible): Donald Stamps, J. Wesley Adams
• Publisher: Life Publishers International (2009)

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June 23, 2016  |  2:28 AM   |    Fantastic (5)
A must for any pentecostal serious about getting into their bible. While it is true there have been many other excellent study bibles released, in my experience, there are specific questions and issues that a student of the bible with a pentecostal background will have of the text, that others will not have, and visa-versa. This product fills that gap.
November 13, 2014  |  6:52 PM   |    Good (4)
This is an excellent work for those who believe in the fullness of the Spirit and God's working through his body in a supernatural way. Dr. Stamps is sound in his exegesis of doctrine. There are not many full gospel commentaries but I think this is an excellent resource for those who want to study not only doctrine but also the working of the Spirit through his body today.