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Book cover: Stevens Greek Workbook: A Companion to the Accordance Module

Stevens Greek Workbook: A Companion to the Accordance Module

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Requires Accordance 10.4 or above.

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Stevens Greek Workbook complements Stevens NT Greek module in Accordance as a workbook of exercises keyed to this text. Features include illustrative charts and diagrams, English derivatives for assigned vocabulary aiding memory, a remedial English grammar review, an answer key, and eighteen beautiful images distributed throughout the workbook offering historical vignettes to illustrate the New Testament world and its language.

Teaching New Testament Greek for almost thirty years, Stevens has traveled widely overseas to bring a rich knowledge of Greek, the New Testament world, and practical classroom pedagogy to the table to make this workbook an eminently useful tool for acquiring a working knowledge of New Testament Greek in its first-century context.

See this article for helpful tips in using a workbook in Accordance.

Steven Greek Workbook: Companion to the Accordance Module
• Author: Gerald L. Stevens
• Publisher: Pickwick Publications (2017)

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