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Book cover: Wisdom Commentary (Vol. 8): Ruth (Laffey, Leonard-Fleckman)

Wisdom Commentary (Vol. 8): Ruth (Laffey, Leonard-Fleckman)

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A Significant Milestone in the History of Feminism and the Study of Scripture.

This volume, using multiple methods, seeks to bring together the best scholarship and insight—Jewish and Christian, past and present—that has contributed to our understanding and appreciation of the biblical book of Ruth. As a feminist commentary, it is particularly sensitive to issues of relationship and inclusion, power and agency. In addition to the voices of the primary co-authors, Alice Laffey and Mahri Leonard-Fleckman, the volume incorporates and integrates important contributing voices from diverse contemporary social contexts and geographical locations. In sum, the commentary seeks to allow Ruth, Naomi, and Boaz to speak again for the first time.

About the Series:
The Wisdom Commentary series is the first scholarly collaboration to offer detailed feminist interpretation of every book of the Bible. This new series aims to include the best of current feminist biblical scholarship available today.

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Wisdom Commentary (Vol. 8): Ruth
• Authors: Alice Laffey, Mahri Leonard-Fleckman
• Volume Editor: Amy-Jill Levine
• General Editor: Barbara E. Reid
• Publisher: Liturgical Press (2017)

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