Over the past few weeks I’ve been counting down the Top Ten Reasons you should plan to attend the Accordance User’s Conference in the Dallas area September 24-25. Here again are reasons 3 through 10, along with reason 2.

10. Hang Out with Other Accordance Users: See here for more.

9. Get to Know Accordance Developers: See here for more.

8. Go Light or Heavy: See here for more.

7. Get Personal and Practical Help: See here for more.

6. Try Before You Buy and Buy at a Discount: See here for more.

5. Get Up Close and Personal with the New iOS App: See here for more.

4. Discuss the Future of Mobile with OakTree and Olive Tree: See here for more.

3. Get Inspired by World-Class Scholars: See here for more.

2. Get An Insider’s Perspective: We’ve built a couple of sessions into the schedule which are designed to give you an insider’s perspective on your favorite Bible software. Ever wonder how a small company focused on developing for a minority platform could have such a far-reaching influence on the industry as a whole? Would you like to know just how small we were at the beginning, or just how big we are now? Are you curious how we’ve been able to make so many unique resources available? If so, then you’ll enjoy hearing our story.

The final session of the Users Conference will give you an opportunity to Ask the Accordance Experts. We’ll have a panel of developers, employees, and power users whom you can ask just about anything.

In addition to these two sessions in which we’ll give you our “insider” perspective, the end of the first day will feature an open discussion time in which you can share your perspectives with us. Essentially, we’re inviting you to become an “insider” and tell us about your Accordance experiences. Dr. J will ask a few questions to help get the discussion started, but we trust that once the ball gets rolling, we’ll all learn a few things. If you’d like to be part of the conversation, be sure to register now.

We’ve now covered nine of our top ten reasons to attend the Users’ Conference. Look for the number one reason to attend in an upcoming post.