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Jan 22, 2015 Timothy Jenney

The Gentile Mission (Lighting the Lamp Video Podcast #116)


In this study of Matt. 28:19, Dr. J dives into the Greek text and points out some of the less obvious features of this familiar passage. The study includes a comparison of the text with a similar one in Mark, underscoring Matthew’s distinctive emphases. This is a wonderful look at Accordance 11 as it is actually used in the exegesis of a Bible passage, using Highlighting, the Info Pane, Research and Parallels. [Accordance 11: Greek Study]

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Jan 21, 2015 James Davis

Writing The Accordance Bible Lands PhotoGuide 4

Twenty years ago I took my first trip to Israel on a three week study tour while I was in my PhD program at Dallas Theological Seminary. The leaders on the trip were Dr. Harold Hoehner and Dr. Charlie Dyer. It was there, as we studied and visited biblical sites, that I realized how important seeing the places where biblical events took place transformed and enhanced the way I could teach the Bible. It was then I developed a strong interest in biblical geography and saw the immense value of learning about it.

Mount of Olives-ds I could no longer teach the Olivet Discourse without remembering what the Mount of Olives looked like. Nor could I teach about Peter’s preaching at Pentecost without picturing in my mind the Temple Mount. Unlike fictional writings, the Bible is filled with events that take place at actual physical locations that can be visited. When I lived for a time in Amman, Jordan, I gained a great appreciation also for locations of the many the biblical events that took place on the other side of the Jordan River.

So when I was asked to work on a revision to the Accordance BibleLands Photoguide, I was excited to help. Not only were we able to nearly double the number of photographs in the guide but also the written portion of the articles were enhanced to better inform about the biblical significance of the site and in some cases the significance for church history. Also, looking at pictures without an explanation is difficult to do. So we were careful to try and explain what each picture is showing and what is important about it. We were always asking the question of how the pictures illustrate the places and events of the Bible and tried to explain that, along with giving hyperlinked biblical references.

Casesarea Mosaic I worked on many articles but I think my favorite was Caesarea on the Mediterranean Sea in Israel. It has 90 pictures in it and covers the site in pictures and commentary from Herod the Great to the Turkish Ottoman period. This city has great significance for many New Testament events including the following:

  • Philip the Evangelist making his home there (Acts 8:40; 21:8).
  • Cornelius and his household were converted there, becoming the first Gentiles in the church (Acts 10:1-48; 11:1).
  • Herod Agrippa I died there after he received praise that he was divine (Acts 12:19-24).
  • First century Roman governors of Judea often resided there including Pontius Pilate, Felix (Acts 23:23-24), and Festus (Acts 24:27; 25:15).
  • Paul landed there after returning from Ephesus on his second missionary journey (Acts 18:22-23) and later was imprisoned there for more than two years appearing in various trials before the Roman rulers until he made his final appeal to Caesar.
  • Paul was sent by ship to Rome from the harbor in Casesarea (Acts 24:1-27:1).
  • The Pilate inscription was found there which mentions Pontius Pilate by name.
  • After the New Testament era, the city became a major Christian center of learning and Christians died for their faith here under certain times of Roman persecution.

The pictures of the harbor, palace, amphitheater, stadium, and Byzantine city make many of these events come alive with their images.

It is a real blessing to be able to go to and study sites but short of an actual visit with an experienced guide, the Accordance Photoguide 4.0 provides a new enhanced platform to study biblical geography in a way that we hope will enrich our understanding of the Bible’s geographical context.


James F. Davis, PhD


The Accordance Bible Lands PhotoGuide 4 is available through January 26 at the introductory price of $69.90 (regular price: $89.90). Upgrade prices from previous editions are also available.

Buy Now 2 Accordance Bible Lands PhotoGuide 4
Regular price is $89.90
Sale price $69.90

See the full details of the Graphics Sale in the previous blog post.

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Jan 20, 2015 Richard Mansfield

Introducing the Accordance Bible Lands PhotoGuide 4

Bible Lands PhotoGuide 4 NEW

The literature of the Bible is closely tied to its geography. We read about places like Damascus, Jericho, Ephesus, and Jerusalem; but the majority of Bible readers throughout history have not been fortunate enough to travel to these places to see them for themselves. When we read about these places, we form vivid images in our minds, but those images can't compare with the actual locations. Ultimately, seeing for ourselves can really make a difference not only in our understanding of the biblical story, but even in regard to our faith as well.

PhotoGuide The Accordance Bible Lands PhotoGuide has been the cornerstone of a number of our exclusive graphics tools for well over a decade. Now we are pleased to announce the fourth edition of the PhotoGuide. With 50 new articles and nearly twice the numbers of photos of the previous edition, the PhotoGuide 4 sets a new standard for experiencing biblical sites from the comfort of your armchair (or desk, or favorite corner coffee shop). It's nearly as close as you can get without traveling to the Holy Land yourself!

The Bible Lands PhotoGuide 4 has hundreds of detailed articles describing the most important Biblical locations in Israel and surrounding countries, illustrated with more than 3000 high-quality photographs. More than just a collection of pictures, the PhotoGuide is specifically designed to be a teaching tool which helps make the Bible come alive. It includes following features:

  • Photographs of Biblically significant sites and regions in Israel, Jordan, Syria, Egypt, Sinai, Mesopotamia, Greece, and Rome.
  • More than 100 photographs of Jerusalem.
  • A detailed article on the Hebrew Tabernacle, complete with photographs of a life-size replica of the Tabernacle located at Timnah, Israel.
  • Photographs of an excavated village at Nazareth complete with walled terraces, watchtowers, a stone quarry, and a winepress dating back to the first century.
  • Important artifacts, such as a bronze serpent dating to around the time of Moses, a horned altar from Beer-sheba, and more.
  • Pictures of the bema at Corinth where Paul stood trial.

Teachers and pastors especially love the Accordance Bible Lands PhotoGuide because the user license allows you to use the images in teaching and preaching contexts.

James Davis explains why he enjoys writing and editing the PhotoGuide. He is now working on free upgrades to add more articles on Egypt, Turkey, and Jerusalem.


Buy Now 2 Accordance Bible Lands PhotoGuide 4
Regular price is $89.90
Sale price $69.90


Users who already own an earlier version of the PhotoGuide can upgrade to PhotoGuide 4 with our upgrade pricing. Special sale prices for the upgrades are good for one week only!

Buy Now 2 Upgrade from PhotoGuide 3 to PhotoGuide 4
Regular price is $40
Sale price $31

Buy Now 2 Upgrade from PhotoGuide 2 to PhotoGuide 4
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Buy Now 2 Upgrade from PhotoGuide 1 to PhotoGuide 4
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Graphics PremierGraphics Premier Bundle NEW

The Graphics Premier Bundle includes the Accordance Bible Lands PhotoGuide 4, and all the resources below. This bundle supplies many thousands of high-quality images with full searchable documentation. It is designed as the perfect add-on to our very popular Graphics Bundle of Atlas, Timeline, and PhotoGuide 3, which is included in the Essential Collection and up.

Like the PhotoGuide 4, several of these resources are available only in Accordance. The others may be obtained in print or on DVDs, but none are included in other Bible software packages. This entire package is an Accordance exclusive!

Buy Now 2 Graphics Premier Bundle
Regular price is $299
Sale price $239

With the new Accordance Custom Upgrade method, you will be charged only for the modules you are adding or upgrading, not the ones you already own. Save even more when you purchase the bundle during the current sale.

Check out the video on searching your entire library for a specific images.



Other Graphic Resources on Sale This Week


Bible Times PhotoMuseum
-- An Accordance Exclusive!

Explore the world of the Bible through the tools people used, the houses in which they lived, the weapons with which they fought, and the sacred objects with which they worshipped. You will not find this quality and detail anywhere else.

Buy Now 2 Regular $59.90
Sale Price: $44.90 (Save $15)

100 Israel Sites

100 Archaeological Sites and Biblical Landscapes in Israel
-- An Accordance Exclusive!

Each site in this module is accompanied by a detailed description providing the history of the site, where it is mentioned in early writings, and the findings of archaeological research from the site.

Buy Now 2 Regular $99.90
Sale Price: $79.90
(Save $20)

Churches in Israel

Churches and Monasteries in Israel

Churches in Israel are treasures. Churches and Monasteries in Israel describes the history, art, and architecture of dozens of churches and includes hundreds of stunning photographs.

Buy Now 2 List $49.90
Sale Price: $39.90
(Save $10)

BP-American Colony

Bible Places - American Colony Collection

The American Colony in Jerusalem operated a thriving photographic enterprise for almost four decades (late 19th to early 20th century). Their high-resolution images document the land and its people, with a special emphasis on biblical and archaeological sites, inspirational scenes, and historic events.

Buy Now 2 Regular $149
Sale Price: $99.90 (Save $49)

BP-Bivin Views

Bible Places - Views That Have Vanished

This collection of more than 700 photographs provides a window on a land that has changed radically since the mid-20th century. Fully searchable, each photograph is enhanced by the careful documentation of the place, date, and other notes.

Buy Now 2 Regular $39.90
Sale Price: $26.90
(Save $15)

The special sale prices listed above are good through January 26, 2015 (11:59pm EST) and cannot be combined with any other discounts.


Jan 19, 2015 Richard Mansfield

Find the Right Image in Accordance Graphic Tools

Ever have difficulty finding the "just right" image for a lesson or sermon? The video below will demonstrate basic caption searches in individual titles as well as using Research to search multiple Graphics Tools at once.

Bonus: See how to use Accordance images in Apple's Keynote presentation software!

We recommend watching this video at full screen with the maximum resolution your device allows.


Jan 15, 2015 Richard Mansfield

Webinar (Recorded): Searching in Accordance

In this webinar, recorded December 2, 2014, Mark Allison demonstrates the fundamentals of searching Bibles and other books in your Accordance Library.

If you enjoyed this recorded webinar, we have more available; or you can sign up for upcoming live webinar events.

Accordance Webinars (Main Page)

Upcoming Sessions and Sign-up

Accordance Recorded Webinars (Archives for v. 10 & 11)


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Jan 13, 2015 Richard Mansfield

Warren Wiersbe's BE Series

Be Mature Around the age of 20, I had my first “adult” teaching experience. What I mean by that is that in the previous couple of years before this time, our church’s youth minister had assigned me the “privilege” of teaching middle school-age students on Wednesday nights. To this day, that may have been the toughest crowd I’ve ever taught!

Therefore, I jumped at the chance to teach a Bible study to college students of my own age one summer when asked by another minister at our church. He handed me Warren Wiersbe’s Be Mature which covers the New Testament letter by James. I’m not certain it was the first commentary I ever owned, but it was definitely the first one I ever pored over and read cover to cover.

I was immediately engaged by Wiersbe’s clear writing style. His illustrations and analogies made the sometimes difficult concepts of the Bible much more accessible—and definitely easier to understand. If anything, I probably leaned on Wiersbe a bit too much in that first study I taught, but it was a learning experience, and a good one at that.

After I was asked to teach a Bible study on James, I first read through the entire book in my Bible before I ever consulted Wiersbe or any other commentaries or helps (a good practice to this day!). I was troubled by James 1:4, which read in my translation of choice at the time (the 1977 New American Standard) this way:

And let endurance have its perfect result, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing.

My issue was with that word perfect, which I knew I was not and didn’t feel I ever would be. I had never had a Greek class, so I had no understanding of the underlying word  (τέλειος/teleios) which some translations, such as the NIV, better translated as mature. Fortunately, Wiersbe was able to help me understand the concept that James was trying to get across. In the aptly named Be Mature, Wiersbe explained:

But James was not discussing an array of miscellaneous problems. All of these problems had a common cause: spiritual immaturity. These Christians simply were not growing up. This gives us a hint as to the basic theme of this letter: the marks of maturity in the Christian life. James used the word perfect several times, a word that means “mature, complete” (see James 1:4, 17, 25; 2:22; 3:2). By “a perfect man” (James 3:2) James did not mean a sinless man, but rather one who is mature, balanced, grown-up.

That helped a lot! I didn’t think I was ever going to be perfect in this life, but I definitely knew that I could mature, become more balanced and grow up. And, yes, I still have room for progress in this area, but Warren Wiersbe’s Be Mature helped me understand all those years ago that we can all continue to grow in our maturity in the Christian faith.

Warren Wiersbe’s BE Series has been requested by Accordance users for quite a while. Well, we’ve heard you, and we are pleased today to announce its immediate release for Accordance. All of Wiersbe’s “BE” titles are here, covering the entire Bible: 27 Old Testament titles and all 23 for the New Testament.

Each “BE” book includes an introduction that provides the important background of the book of the Bible covered in that volume. The introduction, like the commentary that follows, immediately bridges the ancient to modern gap by making the situations from biblical times relevant to today. I mentioned earlier the illustrations and analogies that Wiersbe uses. This is perhaps Wierbe’s greatest gift in the series to the reader. Wiersbe has an incredible ability to put cultural practices or biblical and theological concepts into basic terms that modern people can not only understand, but relate to as well.

Wiersbe’s commentaries have been a favorite resource for pastors for many years for his illustrations and analogies, but that’s not the only use for them. These volumes are also perfect for group or individual study. Each chapter comes with a series of questions and answers for reflection and discussion.

In Accordance 11, Wiersbe’s BE Series installs by default in the Commentary section of your Accordance Library. It can be used by itself or in parallel with a biblical text or other reference titles that are arranged by verse references. The BE Series has been tagged with the following search fields: Reference, Titles, English Content, Scripture, Transliteration, and Page Numbers. This tagged content allows you to make very specific searches in the title itself or with other titles in the Research window.

Be Series

Warren Wiersbe’s BE Series is now available at the regular price of $199 for all 50 volumes.

Buy Now 2 Wiersbe's BE Series Commentary only $199


Jan 12, 2015 Richard Mansfield

Dictionary of Jesus & the Gospels, Second Edition

DJG cover I can still remember getting my hardback copy of IVP's Dictionary of Jesus & the Gospels in the mid-90s. I was fascinated by the narrowed, very specific scope of the dictionary. There was literally nothing else like it on the market. I remember wishing IVP would release similar volumes on the rest of the Bible. And, of course, they did.

Today, IVP has made available eight focused dictionaries, covering the entire Bible, in what is informally known as the “Black” dictionary series, so named for the color of the volumes’ hardback covers. And now, almost a quarter century after the release of the inaugural volume, IVP has released a completely revised edition of Dictionary of Jesus & the Gospels. Edited by Joel B. Green, Jeannine K. Brown and Nicholas Perrin, the new work is officially called a “Second Edition,” but upon examination, it seems to be much more than that.

If anything, the second edition of Dictionary of Jesus and the Gospels is practically an entirely new volume. In the preface the editors state that nearly 90% of the volume is different from the first edition. Articles have been updated, re-written, and new entries have been added. What has changed so much about the New Testament documents, not quite two millennia old, that would justify such a major revision? Well, it's not that the documents have changed as much as our understanding of them has. The editors have attempted to answer this question in the preface:

In recent decades some traditional viewpoints have been transformed, some overturned, others confirmed. New methodologies and approaches have been championed, some becoming commonplace. New studies have helped us to appreciate better the perspectives of the Gospel writers, and they have brought into sharper relief the challenge of Jesus’ life and message. Those studies have also grown more numerous and, in many cases, more technical.

[Note: For analysis of the different articles in the two editions of the dictionaries, I recommend this review.]

Above: a chart from the article "Rabbinic Traditions and Writings" by David Instone-Brewer.

The differences in the second edition are so significant, many Accordance users who have purchased the original edition of Dictionary of Jesus & the Gospels will probably want to keep both in their Accordance Library to have two complete treatments of the same subjects. This can be done because we are not replacing the original title in your library, but creating a new file with the designation of “2nd Ed” instead.

The Accordance edition of the revised Dictionary of Jesus & the Gospels has been tagged with the following fields: Titles, English Content, Scripture, Hebrew Content, Greek Content, Transliteration, Manuscripts, Bibliography, Authors, Captions, Table Titles and Page Numbers. This tagged content allows you to make very specific searches in the title itself or with other titles in the Research window.

(Click the above image for a full-size product illustration.)

Dictionary of Jesus & the Gospels, Second Edition, is available for $47.90. Accordance users who have already purchased a copy of the first edition (in the IVP Essential Reference Library) can get the second edition for $20.

Buy Now 2 Dictionary of Jesus & the Gospels
(Second Edition)
only $47.90

Buy Now 2 Update to Second Edition from First Edition only $20

This title is also available
in the following bundles:


Essential IVP Reference Collection 3

A collection of 14 unique titles. With a print value of $659, this is one of the best values Accordance has ever offered.

Buy Now 2Print Value $659
Regular Price $189


IVP Bundle of 6 Dictionaries

This bundles includes the following titles:

  • Dictionary of the OT: Pentateuch

  • Dictionary of the OT: Historical Books

  • Dictionary of Major Biblical Interpreters

  • Dictionary of the OT: Wisdom, Poetry & Writings

  • Dictionary of the OT: Prophets

  • Dictionary of Jesus and the Gospels (2nd Edition)

Custom Upgrade available.

Buy Now 2Print Value $350
Regular Price $199

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Jan 11, 2015 Richard Mansfield

Butler's Sermon Starters

When I was growing up, our pastor prepared at minimum three sermons a week and often more for special occasions, funerals and occasional invitations to preach midweek at some gathering or another church. Just with what was required for his weekly schedule, he had to prepare over 150 sermons, but the actual number was much higher.

Whether you preach three sermons a week, or one, or maybe just an occasional sermon on invitation, with much prayer and study, sometimes the creative juices flow...but sometimes, they do not. This is where a resource like Butler's Sermon Starters can be quite helpful.

Butler-Sermon Starters Sermon Starters does not give you an entire sermon to preach, but rather, as the name suggests, a starter. These starters include a title, a scripture reference and an alliterative outline. These starters serve as a means to create a basic structure, and then you can add your own personal illustrations and extended explanations of the passage. You can flesh out what has been started for you and make it your own.

In Accordance this sermon help by renown pastor John Butler combines all five volumes of Butler's original series. Each volume contains 100 sermon starters for the Old Testament and 100 Sermon Starters for the New Testament. By the end of the fifth volume, the entire scope of the Bible has been covered.

This addition to your Accordance Library will be especially helpful to the bi-vocational pastor who spends most of the week outside church walls; however, just about anyone who regularly preaches would find these Sermon Starters to be of value.

If you install Butler's Sermon Starters in Accordance 11, you will find it in the Preaching folder in your Accordance Library. The text has been tagged allowing you to search the following fields: Titles, English Content, Scripture, Bibliography and Page Numbers.

Butler Sermon Starters
(Click the above image for a full-size product illustration.)

Buy Now 2 Butler's Sermon Starters (5 Volumes) only $129

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Jan 8, 2015 Timothy Jenney

Learn to Study the Bible (Lighting the Lamp Video Podcast #115)

[Accordance 11: Methods] Interested in learning to study the Bible? Accordance Bible Software has some new features and additional resources just for you! This podcast covers five different features, explaining how each assists those new to Bible study. Dr. J also highlights the different resources in Accordance that show how to study the Bible. Two of them are free and now included with every Accordance 11 Collection.

We recommend watching this video full screen in HD resolution.

Want to see more Lighting the Lamp podcasts? Go to our Lighting the Lamp Podcast Page.


Jan 7, 2015 Richard Mansfield

Free Training Seminars for January & February, 2015


seminar photo

We have a number of free Accordance Training Seminars coming up in January and February in Minnesota.

Minneapolis, MN
Friday, January 30, 2015
1 PM - 5 PM (Workshop) 
Special Focus on Greek and Hebrew
Bethlehem College & Seminary
720 13th Avenue S. 
Minneapolis, MN 55415
Room 318-322

Eden Prairie, MN
Saturday, January 31, 2015
9 AM - 6 PM
Eden Prairie Assembly
16591 Duck Lake Trail
Eden Prairie, MN 55346
Fellowship Hall

Plymouth, MN
Friday, February 6, 2015
9 AM - 6 PM
Fourth Baptist Church
900 Forestview Lane N.
Plymouth, MN 55441
Social Hall

Although the cost for these seminars is free, we do ask that you register ahead of time by emailing

One more thing... Are you going to the Desiring God Conference, February 2-4? If so, come see us at Booth #34!