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May 5, 2015 Richard Mansfield

How to Sync Accordance Using DropBox

This week's Accordance Mobile Minute demonstrates how to sync content across a user's various devices (iOS, Windows, Macintosh). Note that once the user has given Dropbox permission to sync to Accordance, this will not have to be repeated prior to syncing again.

For optimum viewing, consider watching this video expanded to full screen.


May 5, 2015 Richard Mansfield

Just Released: Solid New Titles from IVP



InterVarsity Press (IVP) has a longstanding reputation for publishing high quality Evangelical works for study of the Bible as well as Christian life and practice. This week, we are pleased to announced a number of new IVP titles available for the Accordance Library. The IVP New Testament Commentary Series offers pastors and teachers sound expositional guidelines for communicating the message of the New Testament. The Global Dictionary of Theology allows the Christian to act as a world citizen by listening to a wide range of voices in understanding theological truths. Move from theological understanding in general to more defined biblical theology with The Theology of the Book of Isaiah. Finally, focus your studies intently with an entire book dedicated to one chapter of the Bible in The Lost World of Genesis One.

And don't forget that there are only a few days left on the NIVAC Outrageous Sale!

The special prices on the IVP products below are good through Monday, May 11, 2015 (11:59pm EDT) and cannot be combined with any other discounts. The NIVAC Publisher Sale will end Saturday, May 9, 2015 (11:59pm EDT).

IVP-NTCNew! IVP New Testament Commentary Series

Why another commentary series? The editors of the IVP New Testament Commentary Series offer an explanation in the general preface to the series:

The simplest answer is that no other series has yet achieved what we had in mind—a series to and from the church, that seeks to move from the text to its contemporary relevance and application. No other series offers the unique combination of solid, biblical exposition and helpful explanatory notes in the same user-friendly format. No other series has tapped the unique blend of scholars and pastors who share both a passion for faithful exegesis and a deep concern for the church.

Using the New International Version as its base text (not included), the IVP New Testament Commentary Series presents content in an innovative manner. According to the publisher’s description, “A unique format allows the main commentary to focus on the vital message of the New Testament for today’s church, while bottom-of-the-page notes include valuable scholarly information….”

Having this content in Accordance allows the reader the flexibility of customized study. The main commentary has been separated from the notes into two separate modules. Both will scroll in parallel with any translation of the Bible. However, if the reader wants to temporarily hide the more technical notes, he or she can simply not display the notes module for the time being. Or content can be arranged in whatever manner is most helpful to the reader’s study habits.

IVP NT Commentary Series screenshot
Click on the image above for a larger view of the IVP NT Commentary.

The Accordance team has carefully analyzed the text of the IVP New Testament Commentary and has tagged content according to the following categories: Reference, Titles, English Content, Scripture, Greek Content, Hebrew Content, Transliteration, Manuscripts, Bibliography, Authors, and Page Numbers. This allows the reader to search this title for very specific kinds of content. Moreover, other works of literature have been hyperlinked, such as the works of Eusebius shown in the Instant Details of the screenshot above. If the brief glimpse of an external title is not enough, clicking on the hyperlink will open it in a new window.

Buy Now 2 IVP New Testament Commentary Series (20 volumes)
Regular Price $299; Sale Price $229

Global TheologyNew! Global Dictionary of Theology

Through technology, high-speed travel, and instantaneous global communication, our planet is shrinking, figuratively speaking. Those of us in the West cannot presume that the way we look at the Christian faith is a singular, and therefore solely correct, outlook. In fact, the “center” of the Christian world has shifted in recent decades from the northern to the southern hemisphere. Christianity has always held greatest power when believers stood in unity as opposed to allowing differences to divide them, so it’s important for us to listen to other voices in the worldwide church and not just our own.

The concept described above is the impetus for the Global Dictionary of Theology, edited by William A. Dyrness and Veli-Matti Kãrkkãin. As described in the Introduction, this work “was conceived to provide a general overview of theological reflection and practice throughout the world.”

Like any dictionary of theology, this volume contains articles on a variety of subjects. Unlike other dictionaries, the articles often take the form of a conversation in which contributors from diverse backgrounds offer their own perspectives on particular subjects. While this dictionary can be used like any other—looking up a subject as the need arises—I personally found it refreshing simply to read through some of the subjects, enjoying the back and forth of perspectives while simultaneously broadening my own worldview.

Global Dictionary of Theology screenshot
Click on the image above for a larger view of the Global Dictionary of Theology.

The Global Dictionary of Theology has nearly 200 contributors from all around the world and from many different expressions of the Christian faith. The Accordance team has carefully analyzed the text and tagged content according to the following search fields: Titles, English Content, Scripture, Hebrew Content, Transliteration, Bibliography, Authors, and Page Numbers. Therefore, not only can the reader look up topics alphabetically, but content can also be accessed by specific type.

Buy Now 2 Global Dictionary of Theology
Regular Price $39.90; Sale Price $33.90

Lost World GenesisNew! Lost World of Genesis One:
Ancient Cosmology and the Origins Debate

It seems that most believers can agree that God created the cosmos, but after that numerous opinions diverge from one another. Any book written on Christian origins, especially as it pertains to Genesis 1, inevitably has the potential for controversy and even debate. John Walton’s Lost World of Genesis One is not immune to any of this, but he does attempt to sidestep much of the same kind of debate of the last two centuries in regard to the biblical account of creation vs. modern perspectives of origins and offer what he hopes to be a helpful perspective.

Taking seriously the Ancient Near Eastern context of the Genesis creation account, Walton lays out his position through a set of 18 propositions (which I have tried to display in the browser for the title in the screenshot below). Thus, Walton is proposing

…a reading of Genesis that I believe to be faithful to the context of the original audience and author, and one that preserves and enhances the theological vitality of this text. Along the way is opportunity to discuss numerous areas of controversy for Christians, including relating Genesis to modern science, especially evolution. Intelligent Design and creationism will be considered in light of the proposal, and I make some comments about the debate concerning public education [pp. 5-6].

Lost World of Genesis 1 screenshot
Click on the image above for a larger view of the Lost World of Genesis One.

Not all readers will agree with everything Walton proposes, but most will agree he tries to be evenhanded to those with whom he might disagree as well as faithful to the Bible as he understands it. The Accordance team has carefully analyzed the text of The Lost World of Genesis One and tagged the content according to the following search fields: Titles, English Content, Scripture, Hebrew Content, Transliteration, Bibliography, and Page Numbers.

Buy Now 2 The Lost World of Genesis One
Regular Price $12.90; Sale Price $10.90

Goldingay-Theology IsaiahNew! The Theology of the Book of Isaiah

At 66 chapters, Isaiah is the second longest book of the Bible. Commentaries on this immense ancient work abound, including multivolume treatments focusing solely on Isaiah's content in exclusion to other books of the Bible. Unfortunately, often commentaries help us close in on passages—chapters and verses—without necessarily understanding the big picture of a biblical book—without understanding the diverse themes that may run through it.

Moreover, the Old Testament prophets sometimes seem to be the most foreign kind of literature in the Bible when compared with that of the modern world. In the Introduction to his extensive Theology of the Book of Isaiah, John Goldingay quotes Martin Luther in regard to the prophets in general:

[They] have a queer way of talking, like people who, instead of proceeding in an orderly manner, ramble off from one thing to the next, so that you cannot make head or tail of them.”

Goldingay’s goal is to get us beyond this common sentiment to a greater understanding of the prophet Isaiah’s timeless message. His goal is to bring out the theology expressed in different sections of Isaiah and then “articulate the theology of the book called Isaiah as a whole…” [p. 11].

To do this Goldingay’s treatment of Isaiah’s theology is broken into two parts. In the first part, he presents a theological commentary of Isaiah in the order we have received it. From this analysis, he narrows these theological ideas into 13 separate theological themes which he explores in great detail (see the accompanying screenshot for a list in the book’s browser).

Theological of Isaiah - screenshot
Click on the image above for a larger view of the Theology of the Book of Isaiah.

Goldingay provides his own translation of the Hebrew text behind Isaiah, but all references to Hebrew words are transliterated, opening up the accessibility of this work to a wider audience. The Accordance team has carefully analyzed Goldingay’s Theology of the Book of Isaiah and categorized content according to the following fields: Titles, English Content, Scripture, Transliteration, and Page Numbers.

Buy Now 2 The Theology of the Book of Isaiah
Regular Price $14.90; Sale Price $12.90

NIVAC Only a few Days Left on NIVAC Outrageous Sale!

The NIV Application Commentary is a top-ranked series, an award-winning series, a great-to-own series, and now an incredibly-priced series. Discover how the Bible's ancient message speaks powerfully today.

Be sure to check out the details of this incredible sale before it ends on Saturday, May 9, 2015.

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Apr 30, 2015

Webinar: How to Prepare a Sermon with Accordance

In this previously recorded webinar, pastor Abram Kielsmeier-Jones demonstrates how he uses Accordance for sermon preparation. Anyone who preaches or teaches the Bible regularly will benefit from watching Abram's presentation.

We have new webinars available every week. Sign up at our Webinars page, and see past webinars at our Webinars Archive page.


Apr 28, 2015 Richard Mansfield

NEW! Tremper Longman's How to Read Series from IVP

Longman Even a casual reader of the Bible quickly discovers that not all books in Scripture are the same. The Bible contains an amazingly diverse representation of literary styles. Reading Genesis is not the same as reading the Gospels, which is not the same as reading Revelation. Many biblical introductions give an overview of content and themes, but a reader often has to seek out specialized technical works for exploring methods for interpreting specific books or literary types in the Bible.

Fortunately, this week we are pleased to release three new titles from Tremper Longman, Robert H. Gundry Professor of Biblical Studies at Westmont College in Santa Barbara, California, that will allow the reader to gain a better understanding of Genesis, Exodus, and Proverbs. Not overly technical, these books should not be understood at commentaries but rather as interpretative strategies.

How to Read Genesis
In order to read Genesis intelligently, we must consider the questions, the literature, and the times in which Genesis was written. In How to Read Genesis, Longman provides a welcome guide to reading and studying, understanding and savoring this panorama of beginnings--of both the world and of Israel. And yet, Longman does so unapologetically from a Christian perspective. As Longman states in the preface:

Why read the book of Genesis? To understand our origins. To understand who we are, our meaning in life. To comprehend our place in the world, our relationship with other creatures, with other humans and with God himself. To recognize the significance of the rest of redemptive history culminating in the ministry of Jesus Christ. … The purpose of How to Read Genesis is to explore the interpretation of the book of Genesis. In the process I will present an overarching understanding of the book itself, but in addition, I want to reflect on the principles of interpretation that are most important to arriving at a proper understanding of the book. It is to these principles that we turn in the next chapter [pp. 15-16].

How to Read Genesis
Click the above image for a full size product illustration.

And if you have the Theological Journal Library, be certain to read Nigel Black’s in-depth review of Longman’s How to Read Genesis in JETS, vol 49, issue 3, pp. 586-588.

Longman-Read Genesis

How to Read Genesis


Buy Now 2


How to Read Exodus

Without the book of Exodus the Bible would lack three early scenes: deliverance, covenant, and worship. Longman provides a box-seat guide to Exodus, discussing its historical backdrop, sketching out its literary context, and developing its principal themes.

In addition to providing an interpretive strategy for reading Exodus, Longman also includes a section that explores the long-debated role of Old Testament Law in Christian life. Longman writes:

While God is unchangeable, his law is not always the same from generation to generation. The changes are not because God is fickle in what he wants, but rather because his people change over time and because his work of redemption progresses from age to age. Christians need to use their sanctified intelligence and Christ-transformed conscience as well as a well-informed hermeneutic as they seek God’s will in the law [p. 161].

How to Read Exodus
Click the above image for a full size product illustration.

If your Accordance Library includes the Theological Journal Library, be certain to read Eugene Merrill’s review of Longman’s How to Read Exodus in Bibliotheca Sacra vol. 168 (2011), issue 670, p. 243.

Longman-Read Exodus

How to Read Exodus


Buy Now 2


How to Read Proverbs
Proverbs are memorable capsules of wisdom, chiseled in words and polished through use by those who have traveled that path ahead of us. But the proverbs of the Bible are woven into the web of divine revelation and rooted in the "fear of the Lord" that is the beginning of wisdom. In How to Read Proverbs, Longman provides insight into how Christ is the climax and embodiment of wisdom.

The volume is filled with great insights and guidelines for understanding this ancient work of wisdom. Near the end of the volume, Longman offers a summary of his thought with 13 “Principles for Reading the Book of Proverbs."

How to Read Proverbs
Click the above image for a full size product illustration.

If the Theological Journal Library is a part of your titles in Accordance, check out John C. Crutchfield’s review of Longman's How to Read Proverbs in the March, 2004 (vol. 47) issue of JETS (pp. 145-146).

Longman-Read Proverbs

How to Read Proverbs


Buy Now 2



All three of Tremper Longman's Reading Series can be purchased individually or together at an even deeper discount.

Longman-Read 3

Three (3) Longman "How to Read" Modules


Buy Now 2



Apr 26, 2015 Richard Mansfield

NIV Application Commentary (NIVAC) - 70% Off!



Now through May 9, 2015, we are partnering with Zondervan to bring to you the best prices we have ever offered for the NIV Application Commentary in Accordance! For this limited time, you can get all volumes of the NIVAC for 70% off!

Many commentaries focus only on linguistic or cultural data, ignoring any thought of personal application, or at the very least leaving the “What does this mean in today’s world and to me” questions to the reader. On the other hand, there are some popular-level commentaries that are so focused on application that they ignore the historical context of the biblical writings and deliver little more than devotional thoughts. The NIV Application Commentary is designed to bring both of these pursuits together in one series of books.

The NIV Application Commentary is a unique and valuable commentary for those who want to apply the ancient truths of Scripture to their modern-day lives. While many commentaries tend to focus on either historical meaning or practical application, the NIV Application Commentary elegantly weaves these concepts together, helping readers enter the world of the Bible and connect the dots to their lives today. Each passage has three distinct sections of commentary:

Original Meaning: This section gives readers insight into the meaning of the passage in its historical, literary, and cultural context. This is where you will find elements of traditional exegesis.

NIVAC Original Meaning
Click on the image above to see
an example of an Original Meaning section in the NIVAC.

Bridging Contexts: This portion builds a bridge between the world of the Bible and the world of today. It discusses which aspects of the passage are specific to the time period it was written in and which aspects of the passage are just as applicable today.

NIVAC Bridging Contexts
Click on the image above to see
an example of a Bridging Contexts section in the NIVAC.

Contemporary Significance: Here the reader learns to identify contemporary situations, problems, or questions that are comparable to those faced by the original audience. The authors also explore a variety of contexts in which the passage can be applied today.

NIVAC Contemporary Significance
Click on the image above to see
an example of a Contemporary Significance section in the NIVAC.

The NIVAC delivers up-to-date scholarship from some of the best scholars and pastors of the Evangelical world. Here's the lineup:

Genesis – John Walton
Exodus – Peter Enns
Leviticus/Numbers – Roy Gane
Deuteronomy – Daniel I. Block
Joshua – Robert L. Hubbard, Jr.
Judges/Ruth – K. Lawson Younger, Jr.
1-2 Samuel – Bill T. Arnold
1-2 Kings – August H. Konkel
1-2 Chronicles – Andrew E. Hill
Esther – Karen H. Jobes
Job – John H. Walton (with Kelly Lemon Vizcaino)
Psalms 1-72 – Gerald H. Wilson
Proverbs – Paul E. Koptak
Ecclesiastes/Song of Songs – Iain Provan
Isaiah – John N. Oswalt
Jeremiah/Lamentations – J. Andrew Dearman
Ezekiel – Iain M. Duguid
Daniel – Tremper Longman III
Hosea/Amos/Micah – Gary V. Smith
Joel/Obadiah/Malachi – David W. Baker
Jonah/Nahum/Habakkuk/Zephaniah – James Bruckner
Haggai/Zechariah – Mark J. Boda
Matthew – Michael J. Wilkins
Mark – David E. Garland
Luke – Darrell L. Bock
John – Gary M. Burge
Acts – Ajith Fernando
Romans – Douglas J. Moo
1 Corinthians – Craig L. Blomberg
2 Corinthians – Scott J. Hafemann
Galatians – Scot McKnight
Ephesians – Klyne Snodgrass
Philippians – Frank Thielman
Colossians, Philemon – David E. Garland
1 & 2 Thessalonians – Michael W. Holmes
1 & 2 Timothy/Titus – Walter L. Liefeld
Hebrews – George H. Guthrie
James – David P. Nystrom
1 Peter – Scot McKnight
2 Peter/Jude – Douglas J. Moo
Letters of John – Gary M. Burge
Revelation – Craig S. Keener

Note: This collection contains all of the Old and New Testaments except for the unpublished volumes of Ezra/Nehemiah and Psalms 73-150.

As mentioned, these are the best prices ever offered on the NIV Application Commentary for the Accordance Library. Without a doubt, there is no better time to incorporate the NIVAC into your study of the Bible and preparation for teaching and preaching.


Old Testament & New Testament
(42 volumes)

List Price: $1360.00
Regular Price: $1138.00
Sale Price: $335.58

Buy Now 2


NIVAC Isaiah lg
NIVAC-Mat lg

Old Testament
(22 volumes)

List Price: $745.00
Regular Price: $639.00
Sale Price: $175.78

Buy Now 2

New Testament
(20 volumes)

List Price: $615.00
Regular Price: $499.00
Sale Price: $159.80

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For users who purchased the initial Old Testament release of NIVAC-Prophets:

Upgrade from NIVAC-Prophets to NIVAC-Old Testament
(Adds 14 volumes)

List Price: $503.00
Regular Price: $449.00
Sale Price: $111.86

Buy Now 2


Below is a "classic" podcast showing the NIVAC in action. The software demonstrated may not be the latest version and the information regarding the volumes and pricing may be out-dated, but the NIVAC information is still very relevant.

Please note that the special prices listed above are good only through May 9, 2015 (11:59pm EDT) and cannot be combined with any other discounts.


Apr 24, 2015 Richard Mansfield

Saving Content from Accordance Mobile to Evernote

Here's a handy trick for saving content in Accordance Mobile to Evernote.


Apr 23, 2015 Timothy Jenney

The Greatest Commandment (Lighting the Lamp Video Podcast #121)


[Accordance 11: Study] What is the Greatest Commandment? All three Synoptic Gospels include the story of Jesus' answer to the Pharisees' question—but they have significant differences. In this podcast Dr. J will help us understand the reason for such variations. Along the way, we’ll trace the history of this commandment, consider the ways in which the Gospels were composed, and investigate the nature of a common figure of speech in the Bible.

See more episodes of Lighting the Lamp on our Podcast Page!


Apr 20, 2015 David Lang

Don’t Neglect the Classics



I love everything that’s old—old friends, old tunes, old manners, old books, old wine.

—Goldsmith (From Dictionary of Quotations From Ancient
and Modern, English and Foreign Sources


New, up-to-date commentaries and reference works are important, but older works still have their place. Here are a few reasons you should add old books to your library (followed by a few newly-released old books you should consider).

  1. When we read the biblical text, we are often quick to connect it to our immediate concerns, to focus too quickly on how it applies to the current news cycle or the latest theological controversy. Classic commentaries do not look at the text through those same lenses, so they can (paradoxically) help us to see the text from a fresh perspective.
  2. Classic commentaries also have the advantage of having been written by scholars and clergy whose works have stood the test of time. The fact that they’re still around is an indication that they contain insights which are timeless.
  3. Older works can also prove to be a rich source of sermon illustrations. Your people may well have repeatedly heard that joke or sappy story that’s circulating via the internet, and your use of it can therefore seem stale and outdated. On the other hand, an illustration that is a century old can (again paradoxically) come across as novel and informative. You want your people saying “Wow, I never knew that!” rather than “Yeah, I've heard that one before.”
  4. Finally, classic works are typically a great bargain. If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to expand your library, don’t neglect the classics.


Here are some newly released classics I’m really excited about. These works are being offered with introductory specials through April 27, 2015 (11:59pm EDT).

J. C. Ryle’s Expository Thoughts on the Gospels: A commentary on the gospels by the famous nineteenth century Anglican Bishop, Ryle’s Expository Thoughts were published in seven volumes. Ryle’s aim was to be “plain and pointed,” seizing on “the really leading points of the passage.” It is therefore both succinct and yet deeply devotional.


Expository Thoughts on the Gospels

List Price $80
Regular Price $39.90

Sale Price $29.90

Buy Now 2


A. T. Robertson’s Studies in the Epistle of James: Written by the renowned Baptist scholar who authored Word Pictures in the New Testament and a landmark grammar of New Testament Greek, this commentary demonstrates a depth of grammatical understanding combined with pastoral sensitivity. The commentary offers solid verse-by-verse exposition without getting bogged down in minutia.


Studies in the Epistle of James

Regular Price $19.90
Sale Price $14.90

Buy Now 2



Dictionary of Quotations From Ancient and Modern, English and Foreign Sources: I absolutely love this collection of quotations. The compiler’s aim was to select ancient and modern sayings “that seem to reveal an insight into” and “bear pertinently upon” life, literature, speculation, science, art, religion, and morals. Because of this emphasis on wisdom, I find that this collection of quotes contains far less dross than other collections. It’s packed with proverbs and maxims from various nationalities, like the Cornish proverb, “He who will not be ruled by the rudder must be ruled by the rock.” It contains quotes from ancient Greek and Latin authors in the original language as well as in translation. It includes the insights of church fathers and the pithy sayings of modern (prior to the 20th century) writers, politicians, and philosophers. It’s truly a rich vein to be mined.


Dictionary of Quotations

Regular Price $19.90
Sale Price $14.90

Buy Now 2



Clergymen and Doctors: Curious Facts and Character Sketches: Another rich source of illustrations, this book is a collection of anecdotes about medical doctors and clergymen. Naturally, I find the clergy stories the most interesting. There are stories of famous preachers who dealt comically with sleeping listeners, and others who dealt cleverly with reprobate kings. For example, there is the story of a famous French minister who was told by Louis XIV: “Father, when I hear other preachers, I am very well satisfied with them; when I hear you, I am dissatisfied with myself.” That’s a critique any preacher might aspire to!

Clergymen & Doctors

Clergymen and Doctors

Regular Price $9.90
Sale Price $7.90

Buy Now 2



Apr 16, 2015

Endorsement: Leeor Gottlieb

Hear Leeor Gottlieb, Assistant Professor of Bible at Bar-Ilan University describe his use of Accordance going all the way back to his student days and now in his own teaching. Instructors will especially be interested to hear how Leeor uses Accordance in the classroom.

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Apr 13, 2015 Mikhal Oren

New from Carta: The Raging Torrent & Echoes from the Past

Accordance users already familiar with quality Carta Jerusalem titles such as The Sacred Bridge will be pleased to see two new inscription-related titles added to the Accordance Library: The Raging Torrent and Echoes from the Past.


Raging Torrent The Raging Torrent: Historical Inscriptions from Assyria and Babylonia Relating to Ancient Israel

The Raging Torrent (translated and annotated by Mordechai Cogan) collects Assyrian and Babylonian historical inscriptions relating to Israel and its neighbors in biblical times. These inscriptions, composed in cuneiform script between the 9th and 6th centuries BCE, cast new light on many events mentioned in the Bible in greater detail (such as the conquest of Galilee by Tiglath-pileser, the fall of Samaria under Sargon II, or Sennacherib's campaign to Judah). The biblical text and the cuneiform inscriptions present the contrasting viewpoints of opponents at war, of conqueror, and conquered.

The inscriptions are presented here in a new English translation, and each is supplemented by an introduction describing the general background and by extensive explanatory notes and bibliographic references. The translations and annotations, by Prof. Mordechai Cogan of the Hebrew University, are accompanied by many helpful maps and illustrations. Bible students and scholars alike will benefit from the historical insight this work provides.

The Raging Torrent has been carefully analyzed by our developers and content has been tagged to allow for very specific research. Users can search this title by the follow fields: Titles, Texts, English Content, Hebrew Content, Arabic Content, Greek Content, Transliteration, Scripture, Bibliography, Image Captions and Page Numbers.

For even more information regarding this title, see this review by David Vanderhooft of Boston College.

The Raging Torrent screen shot
Click on the image above for a full size product illustration.


Buy Now 2 The Raging Torrent


Echoes from the Past Echoes from the Past: Hebrew and Cognate Inscriptions from the Biblical Period

Echoes from the Past is a collection of inscriptions from the biblical period, in Hebrew and closely-related languages (Moabite, Ammonite, Edomite). It includes historical records and dedicatory inscriptions graven on stone, letters and administrative documents written on ostraca and papyri, weights and measures, and more. Each inscription is shown in photograph and facsimile, and the original text is presented alongside a vocalized Hebrew version and an English translation. A short introduction provides information on the inscription’s provenance and history, and the inscription’s content is discussed in detailed notes expounding its paleographic and linguistic features and its historical context and relation to the Bible; the notes are accompanied by a comprehensive bibliography.

Of particular note are inscriptions such as the inscription of the Meshaʿ Stela, the Siloam Inscription, and the Book of Balaam son of Beor, that feature events and people mentioned in the biblical texts; while many lesser-known texts give us valuable insight on the lives and mores of ordinary people in biblical times. This collection will thus be of great interest to anyone interested in the world of the Bible, whether from a linguistic, an epigraphic, a historical, an archeological, or a religious perspective.

Echoes from the Past was first published in Hebrew in 1992 as The Handbook of Hebrew Inscriptions (אסופת כתובות עבריות), and in 2005 in revised form as HaKetav VeHaMiḵtav (הכתב והמכתב), by Prof. Shmuel Aḥituv of the Ben-Gurion University, a leading Bible scholar and laureate of the 2015 Israel prize. The English translation, published in 2008, was made by Prof. Anson Rainey of Tel-Aviv University, a world-renowned authority on Semitic linguistics and historical geography of the biblical period.

Echoes from the Past has been carefully analyzed by our developers and content has been tagged to allow for very specific research. Users can search this title by the follow fields: Titles, Glossary Entries, Inscriptions Text, Inscriptions Translation, English Content, Hebrew Content, Arabic Content, Syriac Content, Greek Content, Transliteration, Scripture, Bibliography, Image Captions, and Page Numbers.

For even more information, see this review by Matthieu Richelle.

Echoes from the Past Screen shot
Click on the image above for a larger view.


Buy Now 2 Echoes from the Past