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Jul 29, 2014 Helen Brown

Does the New Testament Fulfill the Old?

OT-NT Blog

The relationship between the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament) and the New Testament is immensely important yet often debated. If their relationship seems obvious to you, it may surprise you to learn that different Christian and Jewish groups have very different notions of how the two Testaments relate to each other:

  • Traditional Jewish Interpretation: The Hebrew Bible, together with the oral law later codified in the Mishna, are sacred. The New Testament springs from a sect of Judaism which accepted Jesus as Messiah and later split off from Judaism.
  • Traditional Christian Interpretation (including Reformed): The New Testament is the fulfillment of all the Old, and the Church supplants Israel as the people of God. Laws and promises given to Israel in the Old Testament now apply to the Church in spiritual ways.
  • More recent Christian Interpretation (including Dispensational): The New Testament springs out of the Old, but God works in different ways in each period and what is true of one period does not necessarily apply to another. Laws and promises given to Israel in the Old Testament may not apply to the Church and may still await fulfillment.
  • Messianic Jewish Interpretation: The New Testament reveals the fulfillment of God’s promises in the Old, particularly in the Messiah Jesus. The Old Testament laws and promises still apply to Jewish believers, and many Jewish practices are observed as they were by the first Jewish believers.

In practice most Christians in the West neglect the Hebrew Bible and are not familiar with the Jewish roots and background of their faith, which may limit their understanding of the New Testament.

Of course, there are widely divergent opinions within each group. Our intention is NOT to open up a discussion on our brief definitions or on the merits of each position. Our goal is to help you go deeper in your study of the relationship of the Old to the New Testament. Accordance offers a wide variety of resources from different viewpoints to assist each user to tackle these issues. Many of these are on sale with great discounts for one week only.

Check the Quotations of the Hebrew Bible in the New Testament

The OT in NT Parallel, included in all Mac and Windows versions of Accordance but not on iOS, lets you compare the texts in the original (two versions at once) with their quotations. This under-used resource is best accessed by opening it from the Library: Parallels section and entering the book and chapter you are studying. You can then select each passage in the list in the top right corner, and see the parallels. There are also a number of cross reference modules such as the ESV Crossrefs and the GNT Notes which can be used in parallel with the text to link to other passages relevant to the top verse in the pane.

Understand How the NT Uses and Quotes the OT

NT quotes may differ significantly from the original text as we have it today, and may seem to interpret it very differently from its context. Well-known scholars have authored the following books which help us to understand how the New treats and quotes the Old. These works give us different approaches to the principles of such interpretation, and tackle the passages themselves, and the challenges they present.


Commentary on the New Testament Use of the Old Testament
-- G. K. Beale, D. A. Carson, authors

Leading evangelical scholars G. K. Beale, D. A. Carson, and their distinguished team of contributors, have produced 1280 pages worth of commentary focused on the Old Testament quotations, allusions, and echoes that appear throughout the New Testament. This landmark reference employs contextual interpretation, informed by historical background, to present a unified understanding of Old Testament references in Matthew through Revelation.

Buy_NowRegular $59.90
Sale Price: $39.90
(Save 33%)


Handbook on the New Testament Use of the Old Testament: Exegesis and Interpretation
-- G. K. Beale, author

G. K. Beale developed this companion volume to the Commentary on the New Testament Use of the Old Testament to present a methodological approach to the task of understanding how New Testament writers refer to the Old Testament. Scholars, pastors and serious students will appreciate the solid framework of interpretation and exegesis applied to understanding the continuity of all Scripture.

Buy_NowRegular $19.90
Sale Price: $14.90 (Save 25%)


Beale Commentary & Handbook Bundle

Buy both the Commentary and the Handbook on the New Testament Use of the Old Testament for just $49.90, a savings of over 37% off our regular low price.

Buy_NowRegular $79.80
Sale Price: $49.90
(Save 37%)

NT Use of OT

Three Views on the New Testament Use of the Old Testament
-- Walter C. Kaiser, Jr., Darrell L. Bock, Peter Enns, contributors

Walter C. Kaiser, Jr., Darrell L. Bock, and Peter Enns discuss how Old Testament texts relate to their New Testament references and allusions, allowing users to develop their own views on this important subject.

Buy_NowRegular $17.90
Sale Price: $14.90 (Save 16%)

Read a New Jewish Commentary on the NT

This new Study Bible on the New Testament, written by Jewish scholars, sheds a unique light on the Gospels and Epistles, explaining to Jews what the text means to Christians while at the same time pointing out the Jewish customs and beliefs of the time that are implicit in the writings. Christians will not agree with every conclusion, but they will deepen their grasp of the meanings of the actions and teachings of Jesus and his apostles.

Jewish Annotated NT

The Jewish Annotated New Testament Notes
--Amy-Jill Levine, Marc Z. Brettler, editors

Renowned Jewish scholars Marc Z. Brettler and Amy-Jill Levine created the first ever Jewish Study Bible of the NT, designed to explain the text to Jews and the Jewish background to Christians. Thirty separate essays illuminate important topics for any reader.

Buy_NowRegular $34.90
Sale Price: $24.90 (Save 28%)

Explore the Messianic Movement

Standing in the gap between traditional forms of Judaism and Christianity, the controversial Messianic movement attempts to return to the Jewish roots of faith in Jesus as Messiah, as described in the Gospels and book of Acts. The titles below enhance our study of the issues it raises.

Views-Messianic Movement

How Jewish Is Christianity?: 2 Views on Messianic Movement

Six authors interact on whether Messianic congregations are necessary or whether Jewish believers should instead be incorporated into the Gentile church.

Buy_NowRegular $16.90
Sale Price: $13.90 (Save 17%)

Messianic Judaism

Introduction to Messianic Judaism: Its Ecclesial Context and Biblical Foundations
--David Rudolph, Joel Willitts, editors

Both Gentile Christian and Messianic readers will benefit from this balanced and accessible introduction to the diverse Messianic Jewish movement, its ecclesial context and biblical foundations.

Buy_NowRegular $26.90
Sale Price: $19.90 (Save 26%)


Jewish New Testament Commentary & Complete Jewish Bible with Notes bundle

David Stern revised the 1917 JPS Tanakh and translated the New Testament to show the close connections between the testaments. The commentary answers questions about the NT from his messianic perspective.

Buy_NowRegular $59.90
Sale Price: $39.90 (Save 33%)

Study Classic Works by Hebrew Christians

19th. century scholars from a religious Jewish background brought a new dimension of knowledge to the Christian world. Their understanding of Hebrew and of Jewish life informed and infused all their writings, many of which were widely circulated at the time and are highly regarded to this day.

Keil & Delitzsch

Commentary on the Old Testament
(Keil & Delitzsch) (10 volumes)

A triumph of rigorous scholarship from a Hebrew background, this remains one of the most popular Old Testament commentaries available, especially for in-depth analyses of the Hebrew text. (Included in the Advanced and Ultimate Collections.)

Buy_NowRegular $79.90
Sale Price: $59.90 (Save 25%)


Edersheim Group

Alfred Edersheim wrote extensively on the Jewish background to Christianity. This group (included in the Ultimate Collection) comprises four of his best known works on OT History, the Life of Christ, Temple worship, and Jewish Life.

Buy_NowRegular $49.90
Sale Price: $29.90
(Save 40%)

The special sale prices on these modules cannot be combined with other discounts, and will end on Monday, August 4, 2014 at 11:59 pm EDT.

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Jul 28, 2014 Richard Mansfield

Five New Martyn Lloyd-Jones Titles

MLJ Few well-known Christian figures can claim adherents from both Reformed and Charismatic schools of Christian thought, but Martyn Lloyd-Jones did (perhaps demonstrating the two do not have to be irreconcilable after all). Born David Martyn Lloyd-Jones (1899-1981), he served as both a medical doctor, and more famously, for almost 30 years as a minister and eventual senior pastor at Westminster Chapel in London.

Sometimes controversial, but never stale, Martyn Lloyd-Jones left a legacy of over 75 books and thousands of hours of recorded sermons. Many of our customers have already enjoyed the special edition of Martyn Lloyd-Jones’ Preaching and Preachers in Accordance, and you have continued to request more titles in our reader forums.

This week, we’re pleased to announce two new offerings (five volumes) by Martyn Lloyd-Jones for Accordance.

ACTS (6 Volumes in 3)


Acts Chapters 1-8
Originally released in six volumes, and then in three, you can now purchase in a single module Martyn Lloyd-Jones’ classic exposition of the first eight chapters of the Book of Acts.

As described at the publisher’s website, “Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones explains the message of the first eight chapters of Acts with clear language and pastoral warmth. From Peter’s bold preaching to the dramatic stoning of Stephen, Lloyd-Jones points readers back to the foundational figures and key events of the Christian faith, emphasizing the basic truths undergirding genuine belief.”

Buy Now 2
Print value is $98.90, but you can purchase Acts for $69.90.

Click the image above
for a full-sized product illustration.

Martyn Lloyd-Jones 4-Volume Set

MLJ-Genesis The Gospel in Genesis: Fig Leaves to Faith.
In this volume, readers have access to nine sermons from Genesis 3-12. These nine sermons explore the introduction of sin upon the human race, its effects upon our first parents, its ramifications for Noah’s day, its path to rebellion at Babel, and finally its counter through hope for the world with the introduction of Abraham.



MLJ-Heart Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled.
From 1951, these eight sermons by Martyn Lloyd-Jones were first preached to give hope and courage to those facing life or death situations. The pastoral side of Dr. Lloyd-Jones can be seen in these messages as he encourages his listeners (and now his readers) to confront those forces in this world that people fear and recognize that nothing is greater than the power of the Gospel.


MLJ-KingdomThe Kingdom of God.
These sermons date from 1963, one year in a decade of upheaval in the Western World. Martyn Lloyd-Jones works from the assumption that if the people of New Testament times did not fully understand the Kingdom of God, people of our age understand it even less. In these 12 sermons, Dr. Lloyd-Jones demonstrates that the biblical understanding of the Kingdom of God is even more radical than anyone can imagine, especially as embodied by the person of Jesus Christ.


MLJ-War Why Does God Allow War?
Martyn Lloyd-Jones originally wrote this volume at the beginning of the Second World War, but in our post-9-11 world, with continued new rounds of violence seemingly on a daily basis, this work becomes even more profound. Here, Dr. Lloyd-Jones attempts to answer age-old questions about tragedy, sin and suffering. Peace can only come from God himself and gives comfort to us in our own times of upheaval and crisis.


Buy Now 2 All four of these titles can be purchased together for the price of $49.90 ($13 below print value).

Click the image above
for a full-size product illustration.


Jul 24, 2014 Richard Mansfield

Wil Gafney on Accordance

Wil Gafney teaches Hebrew and Hebrew Bible at Lutheran Theological Seminary in Philadelphia. In this video, she describes her use of Accordance in her writings and how she has created an entire course for using Bible software for biblical exegesis.


Jul 22, 2014 Timothy Jenney

Podcast #107: Bible Atlases (Lighting the Lamp)

Remember the old Bible map transparencies of yesteryear? There's a reason they aren't around any longer. In 1998 Accordance launched its interactive and customizable Bible Atlas, the first of its kind in Bible study software. Using the metaphor of transparent layers, Accordance's Atlas offered unequaled flexibility and ease of use. Today the Atlas remains one of Accordance's most popular resources. It includes a dozen different backgrounds, thirty region layers, seventy-five routes (most of them animated), thirteen site collections, and six sample layers, as well as continuous elevation and geographic coordinate readouts and rotatable 3D perspectives. Users can even create their own map layers! Join Dr. J as he offers this retrospective look at the Accordance Atlas.


Jul 17, 2014 David Lang

Throwback Thursday: Striking Out on Our Own

Way back when Accordance was first being conceived, we established a partnership with The GRAMCORD Institute (TGI), a scholarly non-profit organization which had pioneered the development of a grammatically searchable Greek New Testament. TGI had developed software for mainframe computers back in the 1970s and for DOS PCs in the '80s, but by the early '90s, they needed to add support for the Macintosh and Windows platforms. They did that by establishing partnerships with independent Macintosh and Windows software developers.

The basic nature of our partnership with TGI was this: We would develop and retain ownership of the Accordance program, which would offer, among other things, a Macintosh interface for reading and searching the GRAMCORD Greek New Testament. TGI would also license other Bible texts and resources from various publishers for use with Accordance. TGI would sell Accordance to its established customer base, while we would provide all technical support.

This arrangement had a number of advantages. TGI had a solid reputation among scholars and an established presence at the high end of the Bible software market. They were already equipped to handle sales and distribution of the software, which freed us to focus on development. They also had established licensing agreements with various book publishers, which meant that we didn't have to start building a library of materials from scratch. On the other hand, TGI would benefit by being able to sell a product to Mac users without having to develop that software themselves.

Of course, when businesses form partnerships, they're like the intersecting circles of a Venn diagram. Where the intersection occurs, each partner benefits from the other. However, the areas where the circles do not overlap represent differences in focus, market, and expertise among the partners, and those differences can actually work to pull the circles farther apart. The smaller the amount of overlap between the circles, the less the partnership actually benefits each partner, and the greater the pull away from each other.

For example, in the beginning of our relationship with TGI, there was a significant amount of overlap between the circles.


GRAMCORD was focused on the academic market, and version 1.0 of Accordance was loaded with features aimed at that market. Likewise, TGI had licensed Bibles and some academic resources from other publishers, which fit well with Accordance's initial focus on high-end features for study of the Biblical text. GRAMCORD was also focused on selling its DOS software, but the DOS platform was shrinking, and they had not yet released a Windows product. Accordance was therefore an exciting expansion of their product line and a sign that they were embracing graphical user interfaces. For our part, we had long-term plans to expand Accordance into a full-featured Bible program that would appeal to non-academics, but we weren't there yet. Consequently, there was a fair amount of overlap between the two companies, and the partnership clearly benefitted both parties.

As time went on, the situation changed.


TGI's partnerships with software developers for Windows and handheld computers eventually resulted in its offering products for those platforms. TGI naturally marketed these products as GRAMCORD for Windows, GRAMCORD for handhelds, and thus Accordance as "GRAMCORD for Mac." Yet these were different programs from different developers with different feature sets and different libraries. Much of what made Accordance unique ended up being obscured by its identification with the GRAMCORD brand. At the same time, Accordance was expanding to become a full-featured Bible program which was no longer just aimed at academics. Our marketing, licensing, and development efforts became increasingly focused in areas that were beyond TGI's academic focus. The more we began to negotiate our own licenses, do our own marketing, and process our own sales, the more complicated our relationship with TGI became. Eventually, we reached the point where it was necessary to strike out completely on our own.

Such transitions are never easy, but over time it became clear that we had made the right decision. By bringing everything in-house, we were able to forge our own brand identity, simplify life for our users, increase our offerings, and greatly expand the Accordance user-base.

At the same time we were managing that transition, Apple was facing a major transition of its own: the rollout of Mac OS X. Accordance 5 was the first version of Accordance we released after our partnership with TGI came to an end, and it was also the first Bible program to support Mac OS X. I'll tell you the story of that major turning point in my next Throwback Thursday post.


Jul 7, 2014 Richard Mansfield

New Zondervan Theology Releases

Two New Zondervan Theology Volumes!

This week sees the release of two theology volumes for Accordance, both of which can be obtained for special introductory prices.

Renewal Theology Renewal Theology
Author: J. Rodman Williams

This work is a systematic theology from a charismatic perspective. Written by J. Rodman Williams, former professor of theology at Regent University School of Divinity, this work combines three previous titles (God, the World and Redemption; Salvation, the Holy Spirit and Christian Living; and The Church, the Kingdom, and Last Things) into one volume.

Not another dry systematic theology, this work encourages the reader to have a proper spirit of reverence when examining the Scriptures for truth about God and his revelation.

Williams Renewal Theology
(Click the image above for a full size product illustration.)

Renewal Theology
Regular price $69.90
Introductory sale price $55.90
Price good through July 14, 2014 (11: 59pm EDT)

Buy Now 2

Bird-Theology Evangelical Theology
A Biblical and Systematic Introduction

Author: Michael Bird

A fairly recent work (2013), this theology by Michael Bird—lecturer in theology at Ridley Melbourne College of Mission and Ministry in Melbourne, Australia—is written to “produce a textbook for Christians that represents a biblically sound expression of the Christian faith from the vantage point of the evangelical tradition.” Although a “serious work,” Bird’s sense of humor regularly comes through in his writing, making this another theology text that is quite readable. Bird writes for both the scholar and the layperson with the regular use of tables, sidebars, and questions for discussion.

Bird's Evangelical Theology(Click the image above for a full size product illustration.)

Evangelical Theology
Regular price $49.90
Introductory sale price $39.90
Price good through July 14, 2014 (11: 59pm EDT)

Buy Now 2


Jul 2, 2014 David Lang

Accordance 10.4.3 is Automagical!

I'm pleased to announce the release of Accordance 10.4.3, a free update for all users of Accordance 10. Like most of our free updates, this new version includes lots of minor changes and bug fixes (especially for Windows), along with several cool new features. The coolest of these add new ways to automate your Accordance experience.

Create Automatic Links to Accordance: Accordance 10.4.3 adds support for Universal Resource Identifiers—links to an application similar to URLs on a website. You can create links in a web page or word processing document that, when clicked, will launch Accordance 10.4.3 and open a module or perform a search. Try these links (after you've downloaded the update) to see how it works:

Support for OS X Services: You can now interact with Accordance from within other applications via Mac OS X Services. You can download some basic services from the Accordance Exchange and then follow the instructions to install them. You can then select text in a Word Processing document, an Email, a Web Page, etc., and use that selection as a quick search in Accordance. If the text selection is a verse reference, there is a Service that will insert the full text of that reference into your document in place of the reference.



Other Services let you use the selected text as a search to be run and viewed in Accordance. You can access these Services through the right-click menu, and you can even assign hotkeys to them in the System Preferences.

Support for Automator Workflows: Accordance 10.4.3 includes two Automator Actions which can be used to build complex Automator Workflows. If you're an automation guru, you can create a Workflow that would perform a series of searches in Accordance and then copy the results to another application.

Auto Link Scripture References: A new Auto Link button in User Tool and User Note Edit windows lets you format every Scripture reference in the Edit window as a hyperlink. Now instead of formatting each Scripture link individually, you can format them all with a single click!

With all these new ways to automate your workflow, Accordance 10.4.3 is automagical. Download it today and experience the magic.


Jul 1, 2014 Richard Mansfield

Join in on the Accordance Summer of Savings!

Up to 25% off Collections and Upgrades
Extended through August 31!

When I made my first Accordance purchase way back in 1998, I really did not go about it in the best way. Although there were some packages of collected titles available at the time, I decided to start with the bare minimum of what I would need. So in addition to buying Accordance itself, I added the Greek New Testament, Hebrew Bible, Septuagint, one English Bible with key number tagging, a Greek lexicon, and a Hebrew lexicon. I don’t remember how much I paid for all this in 1998 dollars, but I can tell you that it was not a bargain to purchase these titles individually.

This is where the power of collections comes into play. You can get a head start on building your Accordance library—a library that is safe from flood, fire, or any other natural disaster—with any of the six primary Accordance collections. Imagine having the equivalent of an entire bookcase (or maybe multiple bookcases) of titles that can be taken with you on your MacBook Pro, Windows tablet, iPad, or even your iPhone.

Take for instance my first Accordance purchase. If I were counseling someone about their initial Accordance purchase today, and that person was looking to buy some of the same titles I bought when I first discovered Accordance, I would steer that person to the Original Languages Collection. Regularly priced at $299.99, this collection contains over 65 titles including six Greek New Testaments, the Hebrew Bible, the Septuagint, eight Greek lexicons, five Hebrew lexicons, eleven English Bibles (two of which are tagged with key numbers), and a whole lot more.

This is the best time to invest in a collection or upgrade to the next level above what you already have. Right now, the Bible Study, Original Languages, and Essential Collections are on sale for 20% off. But even better, the Advanced and Ultimate Collections are discounted at an incredible 25% off.

One more thing! Maybe you have the Starter or Bible Study Collection; but your budget is limited, and you need only to add a few very specific tools. This is where our Add-ons offer the "just right" upgrade. If you need a Hebrew Bible, Greek New Testament and a lexicon for each, consider the Student Add-on. If you only need to add tools for only one field of study, consider the Hebrew Bible or Greek New Testament Add-ons. Finally, if you have been considering the Timeline, Atlas and Photoguide, there no better way to get them than to grab them together in the Graphics Add-on.

All of the items mentioned above can be seen in more detail below.

These offers are good through August 31, 2014 (11:59pm EDT) and cannot be combined with any other discounts.



bible study

Bible Study Collection

A foundational selection of Bibles, commentaries, dictionaries, and more.

  • A wide variety of English study tools
  • 49-volume Tyndale Commentary set
  • Over $4,000 in print value!

List $199.99 Sale Price: $159 (Save 20%)

original languages

Original Languages Collection

A scholarly collection of tagged texts and tools for Greek and Hebrew studies.

  • Original language texts and lexicons
  • Tagged Greek NT, Hebrew Bible, and LXX
  • Over $1,800 in print value!

List $299.99 Sale Price: $239 (Save 20%)

essential collection

Essential Collection

A comprehensive collection of English, Greek, and Hebrew study tools.

  • Combines Starter, Bible Study and Original Languages Collections
  • Adds interactive Atlas and Timeline
  • Over $6,000 in print value!

List $499.99 Sale Price: $399 (Save 20%)

advanced collection

Advanced Collection

A premium collection of research-grade Bible texts and reference tools.

  • Advanced English, Greek, and Hebrew tools
  • Pillar NT commentary and IVP Reference set
  • Over $10,000 in print value!

List $999.99 Sale Price: $749 (Save 25%)

ultimate collection

Ultimate Collection

A massive collection of top-tier Bible study resources and original language tools.

  • Our best tools at our best value
  • BDAG, HALOT, NIGTC, and much more
  • Over $17,000 in print value!

List $1999.99 Sale Price: $1499 (Save 25%)



essential collection

Upgrades to the Essential Collection

There are many upgrade options to the Essential Collection. Upgrades are available from some Accordance 8 and 9 packages as well as from other Accordance 10 Collections.

Save 20% through July 31, 2014

advanced collection

Upgrades to the Advanced Collection

A 25% discount is offered on upgrades to the Advanced Collection. You can upgrade to the Advanced Collection from Bible Study Bundle 9 and from the Essential Collection.

Save 25% through July 31, 2014

ultimate collection

Upgrades to the Ultimate Collection

You can upgrade to the Ultimate Collection from Original Language Bundle 9, Mega Bundle 9, the Essential Collection, and the Advanced Collection.

Save 25% through July 31, 2014



Bundle Oval

Student add-on

As an add-on to the Starter or Bible Study Collections, the Student add-on adds:

  • Greek NT tagged text
  • Greek lexicon
  • Hebrew OT tagged text
  • Hebrew lexicon

List $189  Regular $99.90
Sale Price: $79.90
(Save 20%)

Bundle Oval

Hebrew Bible add-on

As an add-on to the Starter or Bible Study Collections, the Hebrew Bible add-on adds:

  • Hebrew OT tagged text
  • BDB Abridged Hebrew Lexicon
  • BHS Latin Key
  • Simplified Guide to BHS

List $125  Regular $79.90
Sale Price: $63.90 (Save 20%)

Bundle Oval


Greek New Testament add-on

This package includes:

  • Greek NT tagged text
  • Greek-English Dictionary (Newman)
  • Thayer's Greek Lexicon

List 119  Regular $79.90
Sale Price: $63.90
(Save 20%)

Bundle Oval


Graphics Bundle

In this great bundle you will get:

  • Accordance Bible Atlas 2.2
  • Accordance Timeline
  • Accordance PhotoGuide 3

(Note: The Atlas and Timeline are not yet supported on iOS.)

List $189  Regular $169
Sale Price: $129 (Save 23%)

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Jun 30, 2014 Richard Mansfield

Dig in Deep with New Releases

Four new Accordance releases
will help you Dig Deep
in your understanding of the Scriptures

The special deals on these introductory offers are good through
July 7, 2014 (11:59pm EDT) and cannot be combined with any other offers.

Gospel Transformation

New! Gospel Transformation Bible Notes

Transformation: def. "a change in nature, disposition, heart, or character"

A Timely Study Bible with a Message that is Timeless

Designed to be transformational, The Gospel Transformation Bible Notes focus on heart transformation from the inside out, rather than mere behavior modification. Produced out of the conviction that the Bible is a unified message of God’s grace culminating in Jesus, The Gospel Transformation Bible Notes help readers see Christ in all of Scripture. Every text, seen in its redemptive context, is reflecting an aspect of humanity’s fallen condition that requires the grace of God.


  • Each book has helpful, in-depth Introductions as well as book and passage outlines.
  • Multiple cross references are included in the gospel-illuminating notes. A full topical index and daily Bible reading plan complete this work.
  • Written by a team of over 50 outstanding pastors and scholars, this specially prepared material has a message for all.
  • These notes are designed to be used with the ESV Bible; however, notes will sync with the Bible of your choice.
    GTSBClick on above image for a larger view.

Here's what others have said about The Gospel Transformation Bible:

“This is a seminary education packed into one book.” 
Justin Buzzard, Lead Pastor, Garden City Church, Silicon Valley; author, The Big Story

“This Bible wisely combines doctrine and devotion.” 
Andy Naselli, Assistant Professor, Bethlehem College and Seminary

Hear what the editors of this work say:

The Gospel Transformation Bible Notes
List Price $29.90
Sale Price $24.90
(Save $5)

Buy Now 2

Biblical Exegesis Guides from Gordon Fee & Douglas Stewart

We are separated from the message of the Bible by time, culture and language. These three barriers create significant challenges for any pastor or Bible student who wants to responsibly take the original message of Scripture, properly understand it, and present it to a modern audience. Fortunately, two of the premier Evangelical standard treatments on exegesis have just been released for Accordance.

Fee-NT Exegesis New! New Testament Exegesis:
A Handbook for Students & Pastors
Author: Gordon Fee

Now in its third edition, Gordon Fee’s New Testament Exegesis is the Evangelical guide for going from the New Testament text to accurate exposition. Beginning with basic principles for writing a seminary or Bible college exegesis paper, Gordon Fee—Professor Emeritus of New Testament Studies at Regent College in Vancouver, Canada—takes the reader step-by-step through the process of exegesis. Attention is given to genre, historical context, grammar, and historical-cultural backgrounds.

It’s the method described here that is so extremely helpful, but this method does not have to end with a student’s graduation. It’s no great secret that the responsibilities and busy life of a pastor often lead to shortcuts when performing the exegetical task of preparing a sermon. Fee takes his method beyond the classroom straight to the pastor’s study.

In the section titled, “Short Guide for Sermon Exegesis,” the principles in the book are applied to sermon preparation. Acknowledging the pastor’s limited amount of time, Fee even offers suggested time allotments to each of the steps such as one hour for contextual questions, fifty minutes to examine the secondary literature, and forty minutes for application.

Click on above image for a larger view.

Whether you are a pastor preparing Sunday’s sermon or a seminary student writing an exegesis paper, this book is an indispensable guide.

New Testament Exegesis
A Handbook for Students & Pastors

List Price $24.90 Regular Price $16.90
Sale Price $13.90 (Save $3)

Buy Now 2


Stuart-OT ExegesisNew! Old Testament Exegesis:
A Handbook for Students & Pastors

Author: Douglas Stuart

For over three decades, Douglas Stuart, Professor of Old Testament at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, has been helping pastors and students accurately exegete the Old Testament. Now in its fourth edition, Old Testament Exegesis is essential for responsible exposition of the Hebrew Bible, bridging the Ancient Near Eastern culture to our modern context.

Stuart’s 12-step method for exegesis will bring recovery from bad habits and sloppy hermeneutics. In fact, Stuart has an appendix describing frequent hermeneutical errors that alone might be worth regular review. And his “List of Common Old Testament Exegesis Terms” makes this title accessible even to the non-specialist. As with Fee’s book, Stuart also includes a section that applies his exegetical method to the pastor’s sermon.

Click on above image for a larger view.

Although there are some common principles between the two, both books together serve to give special attention to the nuances and distinctions of both biblical testaments. The reader will find both of these books extremely helpful because the authors use specific examples from the Bible to illustrate their steps. The reader will quickly discover that these books are not dry books detailing method. Rather, they are filled with real-world examples that allow the reader to learn more about the Bible, while learning how to learn more about the Bible!

Old Testament Exegesis
A Handbook for Students & Pastors

List Price $24.90 Regular Price $16.90

Sale Price $13.90 (Save $3)

Buy Now 2

Treasury Enhanced New Edition of A timeless Classic!

New! Treasury of Scripture Knowledge, Enhanced & Expanded Edition

Apart from the Bible itself and a great dictionary, the Treasury of Scripture Knowledge, Enhanced & Expanded is possibly the most valuable Bible study resource one can possess.

This edition of Treasury of Scripture Knowledge (TSKe) is newly enhanced and expanded. With over 288,000 more total references, plus additional reference headings and verses with reciprocals, this tool is a must-have in your Accordance library. Here's the best news: it’s free today with your order of $100 or more!

Treasury of Scripture Knowledge
Click above image for a larger view.

“…The Treasury of Scripture Knowledge enables one, not only to understand the Word, but to feed upon the Word.” R. A. Torrey

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Jun 26, 2014 David Lang

Throwback Thursday: Doing Our Homework

When I started as Accordance's sole employee, the company was run completely out of a home office, and I worked at my own home using my own computer. As we added new staff members, the ability to work at home was both a practical necessity and a major perk.

Once we began hiring our own sales staff and selling directly (before that all sales had been handled by another distributor), we decided that we would need a dedicated office for sales. Since the office we got was bigger than the sales staff needed at that time, the development staff was asked if any of us would like to work from the new office. I remember being at a meeting where the question was raised, and we all sort of looked at each other. I think we were each hoping someone else would take it so we wouldn't have to turn it down. Eventually, we realized that none of us wanted that office space. We all had been spoiled by years of working at home.

I was reminded of this the other day when I saw a coworker post on Facebook that his family had gone to the beach while he was stuck at home working. I was tempted to tease him that his post might not engender much sympathy from someone stuck working in an office rather than at home. Instead of picking on him, I just posted another one of my "Jo Jo stories"—funny anecdotes I'll share about my five-year-old's exploits. Those are stories I'd never be able to tell if I had to work from an office every day.

Now, there are certainly advantages to having all your staff work from a single location. A random interaction between two employees at the proverbial water-cooler can sometimes lead to new solutions and greater cooperation. On the other hand, our flexibility to allow staff to work from anywhere has meant keeping great employees who had to move across town or out of state. It has also meant landing great employees who happen to live across the country or across the world. We don't have to turn away a great candidate simply because of geography.

There's one other major advantage to our willingness to allow telecommuting. The fact that most of us gladly work from home means that the vast majority of Accordance's revenues go directly toward ongoing development and customer service. Because we're not having to pay huge rents, mortgages, or utility bills, we're able to make the money you spend go farther and accomplish more with it.

Getting our first sales office was a major step in our growth as a company, but that didn't stop our development staff from continuing to do its homework.