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Oct 21, 2014

Influential Leaders of the 20th Century

Leaders of Influence Enhance Your Teaching, Preaching and Personal Growth

Dietrich Bonhoeffer (1906-1945), Martyn Lloyd-Jones (1899-1981) and Stanley Horton (1916-2014) were born at the beginning of the twentieth century and served during years of intense social and religious change. Out of the crucible of day-to-day ministry, these servant leaders left a legacy of fierce biblical faithfulness, unyielding conviction, and genuine humility. They continue to inspire the leaders of today’s generation who follow in their footsteps.

This week you have the opportunity to save on four special offerings that will add the timeless quality of the works of Bonhoeffer, Lloyd-Jones, and Horton to your Accordance Library. They are all on sale at discounts of up to 40%, but only through October 27th.


Bonhoeffer Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Works of Dietrich Bonhoeffer (16 Volumes)

Dietrich Bonhoeffer, one of the most influential Christian martyrs in history, left a legacy of theological creativity and spirituality that continues to inspire people from a variety of theological backgrounds. This 16-volume Works of Dietrich Bonhoeffer offers a fresh, critical translation of Bonhoeffer’s writings, with introductions, annotations, and interpretations. It also includes Theological Education at Finkenwalde, (Volume 14) which is not available in other software offerings.

This exceptional collection has a print value of $715. You save over 33% off our regular low price – now just $299.

Buy Now 2 Works of Dietrich Bonhoeffer
Regular price is $449; Sale price $299

Lloyd-Jones Martyn Lloyd-Jones

Martyn Lloyd-Jones Collection (4 Volumes)

Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones was an immensely powerful and influential preacher who served in central London for almost 30 years. Few well-known Christian figures can claim adherents from both Reformed and Charismatic schools of Christian thought, but Martyn Lloyd-Jones did with his gift of theological precision infused with his zeal for revival. This collection delivers four of Lloyd-Jones’ classics highlighting his considerable expositional skill, pastor’s heart, and passion for boldly preaching biblical truth in the face of the controversial issues of his time.

Save over 30% off our everyday low price on the Martyn Lloyd-Jones Collection – now just $34.90.

Buy Now 2 Martyn Lloyd-Jones Collection (4 Volumes)
Regular price is $49.90; Sale price $34.90

Martyn Lloyd-Jones on Acts: Chapters 1-8

Originally published in three volumes, Acts: Chapters 1-8 traces the birth and development of the church in Jerusalem with clear language and pastoral warmth. From Peter’s bold preaching to the dramatic stoning of Stephen, Lloyd-Jones points readers back to the foundational figures and key events of the Christian faith, emphasizing the basic truths undergirding genuine belief.

Save over 28% off our everyday low price on the Martyn Lloyd-Jones’ Acts: Chapters 1-8 – now just $49.90.

Buy Now 2 Martyn Lloyd-Jones' Acts: Chapters 1-8
Regular price is $69.90; Sale price $49.90


Horton Stanley Horton

The Key Works of Stanley Horton (5 Volumes)

Stanley Horton is widely recognized as a premier shaper of Pentecostal theology emerging from the post Azusa Street Revival period. A renowned scholar, prolific writer and lecturer, he has authored dozens of books and published more than 250 articles and book reviews. This collection of Horton’s works includes his commentaries on Acts and First and Second Corinthians as well as his volumes on Bible doctrine, systematic theology and the Pentecostal perspective on the Holy Spirit.

Save over 40% off our everyday low price on the Key Works of Stanley Horton – now just $59.90.

Buy Now 2 The Key Works of Stanely Horton (5 Volumes)
Regular price is $99.90; Sale price $59.90


The above sale prices are good through October 27, 2014 (11:59pm EDT) and cannot be combined with any other discounts.

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Oct 20, 2014 Richard Mansfield

Have You Discovered Accordance Services?

If you haven’t discovered Accordance Services, you’re going to love this little gem of a utility.

Note that this is a Mac-only utility; but don’t worry, Windows users. You will be able to access similar functionality in the upcoming Accordance 11 release.

Accordance Services run through OS X’s Services, which you may or may not even know you have. The first thing to do is download Accordance Services. If you don’t already have them, download them from

After you download them, you should find a folder in your Downloads folder with five Accordance Services (if you don’t have a folder, double-click on the file Accordance Services to create it). Once you’ve found the folder with the five Accordance Services, you will have to double-click on each one to install them. After installing, you will find them in the application menu of most OS X applications.

services graphic 1

Here’s a quick run-down of the five Accordance Services:

1. Acc - Insert Verses

This Accordance Service allows you to quickly insert a scripture reference from Accordance from within whatever application you’re using. So for instance, if I write Gen 1:1 in iWork Pages, I can then highlight it and choose Acc - Insert Verses from Services in the Pages application menu.

services graphic 2

The result will place Genesis 1:1 in my Pages document:

services graphic 3

Why is my verse in Hebrew? It’s in Hebrew because that was the top Bible that I have listed under Texts in my Accordance Library. Your results will probably be different.

So, what if I want a different translation? Well, that’s where the next Accordance Service comes into play.

2. Acc - Insert Verses from any Text

This service will allow me to choose which translation I want. When I highlight Gen 1:1 and choose this Service, I get this dialogue box:

services graphic 4

Note that I can also choose whether or not I want citation format—that is, having the reference and version name in parentheses after my verse. If I were to choose New Living Translation, Second Edition, and leave the box checked, I would end up with this result:

services graphic 5


3. Acc - Search for Words

This Service will allow me to highlight a text in any application outside Accordance and then search for that word or phrase in Accordance. For instance, if I were to highlight the word heavens in the verse above, Accordance would automatically search for this word in my default Bible creating a new search tab in Accordance.

Note that this Accordance Service will work in a variety of different applications. Maybe you’re reading an article on a website, and you come across a term or phrase you’d like to research. Simply employ this Service, and you can look it up in Accordance.

What if you want to search beyond your default Bible? You’ll want to use the next Accordance Service described below.

4. Acc - Search with Options

The Search with Options Accordance Service allows you to determine exactly where you want to search for the term or phrase in which you’re interested. Choose which text or module you want to search; and if it’s an Accordance Tool, you can even specify which field.

services graphic 6

Maybe you are reading about Dietrich Bonhoeffer online, and you come across a name or concept you’d like to know more about. Remembering that you have the complete Dietrich Bonhoeffer Works in Accordance, there’s no need to open this module, type in the phrase and search for it. You can simply search from the internet article you are reading.

5. Acc - View Verses

Finally, perhaps you are reading an article that includes a verse reference. You could go to Accordance to look up the reference, but you can also simply run the Acc - View Verses Service to launch a new workspace in Accordance with your selected text.

So, in the example below, running the View Verses Service will open John 15:5 in my default Bible text in Accordance.

services graphic 7

Bonus tip: Accessing Services from the Contextual Menu

You may have noticed in the last graphic above that I did not go to the application menu of the web browser to access the Services menu. Instead, after highlighting the verse reference to John 15:5, I right-clicked on my Apple Magic Mouse to pull up the contextual menu (which can also be access through a control-click or a two-finger click on Apple trackpads).

Most programs that employ Services will allow access from a contextual menu, but some applications—such as Microsoft Word for the Mac—require access only from the application menu.

Try it yourself!

If you haven’t already done so, play around with Accordance Services yourself and let us know what you think. There is a lot more information about Accordance Services, including customization options, in your Accordance Help files (accessible from the Help Menu in Accordance) at Digging Deeper > Automating Accordance > Work with Accordance Services.


Oct 14, 2014 Richard Mansfield

Zondervan Illustrated Bible Backgrounds Commentary & Atlas Sale

People often ask me what titles from my Accordance Library I use most often. I don’t know that I’ve ever given enough attention to the question for a definitively helpful list, but I do know two of the titles that would be in my top five: the Zondervan Illustrated Bible Backgrounds Commentary on the Old Testament (ZIBBCOT) and the Zondervan Illustrated Bible Backgrounds Commentary on the New Testament (ZIBBCNT).

I have lots of great commentaries in my Accordance Library. Some commentaries focus on literary and textual issues, some provide expositional help, and some give more attention to application. As good as these are, however, I like background commentaries best.

My preference for background commentaries probably comes from one of my professors from years ago stressing the importance of understanding the biblical text in its original context. “You can’t understand the Bible if you don’t understand the day in which it was written,” he said. I’ve found this to be true. In the end, after all our study and preparation, our public exposition must be well rounded. And I believe that even if something like a personal application is going to carry any weight, it must be grounded and formulated from a good understanding of biblical backgrounds.

I first discovered ZIBBCOT and ZIBBCNT when they first appeared in print and were given to me as a very generous gift (don’t tell, but I sold my print copies after I bought the Accordance versions). I was immediately drawn to them for a number of reasons:

(1)  ZIBBCOT and ZIBBCNT are very well rounded. Many background commentaries focus primarily upon history and customs. These two commentaries include this kind of information, too, but also include information pertaining to the literature and cultural mindset of the day.


(2)  ZIBBCOT and ZIBBCNT employ great source material. I’ve found that in these resources, some of the best leads for further research come from the footnotes where sources from ancient literature are listed. Students take note!


(3)  ZIBBCOT and ZIBBCNT include a virtual treasure trove of historical and archaeological images. Between the nine cumulative volumes in these two commentary sets, there are nearly 3,000 photographs, drawings, maps, diagrams and charts. When I am preparing any kind of presentation on the Bible, ZIBBCOT and ZIBBCNT are two of the first sources I look at after the biblical text. Besides the wealth of background information, I find that the images make great illustrations for my presentation slides.

ZIBBCNT-Keynote 3

(4)  ZIBBCOT and ZIBBCNT have been written by some of the best academic scholars in the Evangelical world. Many of these individuals have been known for writing more traditional commentaries. Now they have turned their expertise to focus on biblical backgrounds.

Related to these excellent background commentaries, the Zondervan Atlas of the Bible is another worthy addition to your personal Accordance Library. Just as good background commentaries enhance one’s understanding the of the Bible, the same can be true for understanding the geography of biblical times. This, in fact, is the stated goal for the Zondervan Atlas of the Bible. From the introduction:

“This atlas has been written in the belief that once one has a basic understanding of the geography of the Middle East, one has a much better chance of coming to grips with the flow of historical events that occurred there.”

In its print version, the Zondervan Atlas of the Bible weighs in at over 300 pages. In addition to over one hundred photographs, there are over one hundred full-color, multidimensional maps created with the help of Digital Elevation Modeling data. In print, this is not an easy book to carry with you every day. But the Accordance version makes this volume as light as your laptop, iPad or iPhone.

ZAtlas 4

(Click on images to view at full size)

For one week only, we are offering significant discounts on all of these titles. These special prices are good through October 20, 2014 (11:59pm EDT) and cannot be combined with any other discounts.

This Week's Specials

zibbcnt set


The Accordance edition of the ZIBBCNT normally sells for $179, but for one week, we will offer it for $129.

Buy Now 2

Regular $179
Sale Price: $129
(Save $50)

zibbcot set


ZIBBCOT regularly sells for $229, but right now, you can obtain it for $169.

Buy Now 2

Regular $229
Sale Price: $169
(Save $60)


ZIBBC OT and NT Bundle

The best savings comes with buying these two titles together in a bundle for $199, which is over $200 off the regular price when bought separately.

Buy Now 2

List $448
Sale Price: $199
(Save $209)

Zondervan Atlas_120

Zondervan Atlas of the Bible

The Zondervan Atlas of the Bible, normally $39.90 is on sale for the bargain price of $27.90 for one week only.

Buy Now 2

Regular $39.90
Sale Price: $27.90 (Save $12)


Oct 9, 2014 Richard Mansfield

Accordance 11 Collections (Lighting the Lamp Video Podcast #111)

In the latest Lighting the Lamp video podcast, Dr. J reviews the contents of the six new Accordance 11 Collections, describes the best use of each, and explains the new Custom Upgrade process.

If you have trouble viewing the above video, go to


Oct 8, 2014 Richard Mansfield

Custom Upgrades

With the release of Accordance 11 Collections, we’ve introduced a new Custom Upgrade procedure that makes certain you don’t accidently pay for titles that are already in your Accordance Library when you upgrade.

This post will walk you step-by-step through the Custom Upgrade process. Any of the images can be enlarged by clicking on them.

After going to the Accordance website, first make certain that you are logged in by clicking on the My Account link at the top right corner of the webpage.

Custom Upgrade illustration 1

If you would like to see what you already own, that’s easy enough to do. Once you are signed in, click the link to the store at the top left of the page. Then click your user name at the top right one more time, which will bring you to your account page. On the left side of the resulting screen, click on My Products.

Custom Upgrade illustration 2

So, if you look in the particular example below, this Accordance user has been building an Accordance Library since around version 8. We see codes for Accordance 8.4, Scholar's 8 Standard Level, the Graphics Bundle and a recent purchase of the Tyndale Commentary series.

Custom Upgrade illustration 3-rev

So what if this Accordance user wanted to upgrade to the Accordance 11 Essential Collection? By itself, the Essential Collection costs $499, but that would be too much to pay if the user already owns some of the titles included in the Essential Collection. For instance, the Essential Collection contains the Tyndale Commentary series as well as the Accordance Bible Atlas and other titles in the Graphics Bundle.

To see how much an upgrade would cost, we’ve now added a Custom Upgrade button to our Collections pages.

Custom Upgrade illustration 4-rev


Clicking on the Custom Upgrades button shows this user that instead of paying $499, the new custom price will be $353.60.

Custom Upgrade illustration 5-rev

At this point, you may be asking, “How can I know exactly what titles will be added to my Accordance Library if I upgrade my current collection?”

There’s an easy answer to that. Note that there is also a new Click Here link in the text in the screenshot above. Clicking the link will launch a pop-up window that shows a list of titles to be added to this user's Accordance Library when upgrading to the Essentials Collection.

Custom Upgrade illustration 7-rev

You can’t fully tell from the screenshot above, but the list in this example is rather long, and the user would need to scroll much further down to see all the new titles to be added to the upgraded personal Accordance Library. However, note that the Accordance Bible Atlas is not listed above. That's because the Custom Upgrade is taking into account the previously purchased Graphics Bundle. If you were to scroll even further down, you would see that the Tyndale Commentary series is not listed either because this, too, has been a previous purchase.

After adding the Essential Collection to the cart and proceeding to checkout, this user will find potential opportunties for further discounts.

Custom Upgrade illustration 8

Notice that in the section Credit for Recent Purchases, there's a notice that the order may be eligible for an additional discount based upon purchases made in the last 90 days. This will require manual processing, but a slight delay will certainly be worth saving extra money.

This particular user also receives a 10% Full-time Student Discount. If the user had a coupon code, it could be entered on the above screen. At this point, the cost of the upgrade to the Essential Library is down to $318.24, and it may be lower after manual processing. That's much better than the original cost of $499 for the Essential Collection!

The new Custom Upgrade system is designed not only so that you don’t pay too much for upgrades, but also so that you have a better idea of the cost going in. We may manually review your order, so please be patient as this review process is strictly for your benefit so that you are not overcharged.

Since the Custom Upgrade system is new, we are initially only offering it for the Accordance 11 Collections; however, we will soon expand this service to many of our other bundled titles as well.

If you have any questions about the Custom Upgrade process, feel free to ask them in the Comments Section of this post. If you have placed an order and need to check on its status, feel free to call our order number at the top of the screen.


Oct 6, 2014 Richard Mansfield

Halvor Ronning on Accordance

Halvor Ronning, Co-founder and Co-director at Home for Bible Translators and Scholars, Jerusalem, Inc., discusses his use of Accordance and why it is invaluable for Bible translation.


Sep 30, 2014 Richard Mansfield

Accordance 11 Collections Are Here!

Introducing Accordance 11 Collections

Today we are very pleased to announce Accordance 11 Collections. As many Accordance users know, Collections are the best way to build one’s Accordance Library. If you are new to Accordance, you will want to select the Collection that is best suited to your work. If you are a longtime Accordance user, consider upgrading to the next Collection level using Accordance’s new Custom Upgrades.

All of our Collections have been updated. While all the Collections will have titles we have carried in the past, there are also new additions that we will highlight below.

Click on the Buy Now button with each Collection to see a complete listing of all titles provided with a particular Collection. Go to the Collections Comparison Chart to see the Accordance 11 Collections compared side by side.

Note: Accordance 11 has not yet been released but it IS included in these new Collections. It will be available to you immediately upon its release if you buy a Collection now.

If you own Accordance 9 or 10 your Upgrade Calculator in Easy Install/Check for Updates will list the modules you would add with the different updates.


This is the most affordable way to get Accordance 11. You get the Bibles and tools you need for basic study including the ESV Bible tagged with Strong’s numbers, Eerdman’s Dictionary of the Bible, and the IVP New Bible Commentary.

New to the Accordance 11 Starter Collection:

Buy Now 2 Starter 11 Collection
Buy now for $59.90

Already own Accordance 10?
For users who already own Accordance 10 and wish to upgrade to Accordance 11, this is the way to do it. Purchasing the Starter Collection will upgrade your Accordance 10 to Accordance 11 immediately upon its release and you will also get all the modules currently in the Starter 11 Collection - some of which will be new for you.

There are several special offers listed below:

  • If you purchased Accordance 10 in September 2014, use the Buy Now button below and input coupon code Start11upSep at checkout to get the Starter 11 Collection for free. (Offer good through December 31, 2014.)
  • If you purchased Accordance 10 in August 2014, use the Buy Now button below and input coupon code Start 11upAug for a 50% discount on the Starter 11 Collection. (Offer good through December 31, 2014.)
  • If you purchased Accordance 10 prior to August 2014, use the Buy Now button below to receive $10 off the regular Starter 11 Collection price – only $49.90.

Buy Now 2 Starter 11 Collection (upgrade from Accordance 10)
Upgrade now for $49.90


The Bible Study Collection offers almost two dozen Bible translations and a strong selection of commentaries, Bible dictionaries, and theological works.

New to the Accordance 11 Bible Study Collection:

Buy Now 2 Accordance 11 Bible Study Collection
Buy now for $199

11OriginalLanguages Original Languages Collection

This collection has everything needed for scholars, students, and those who want to study the Bible in Greek and Hebrew without needing access to many English study tools.

New to the Accordance 11 Original Languages Collection:

Buy Now 2 Accordance 11 Original Languages Collection
Buy now for $299

11Essential Essential Collection

The Essential Collection offers an extensive library of English, Greek, and Hebrew Bible study tools. This collection combines the Bible Study Collection and the Original Languages Collection, and also adds our interactive Atlas, Timeline, and Bible Lands PhotoGuide.

New Version 11 texts and resources included with the Starter, Bible Study and Original Languages Collections are included with your paid upgrade to the Essential Collection.


Buy Now 2 Accordance 11 Essential Collection
Buy Now for $499


11Advanced Advanced Collection

The Advanced Collection offers an impressive library of research-grade Bible study tools. It builds upon the foundation of the Essential Collection and includes many tagged Bibles, top-flight commentaries, informative Bible dictionaries, cutting-edge original language tools, ancient texts, and interactive graphics.

New to the Accordance 11 Advanced Collection:

Buy Now 2 Accordance 11 Advanced Collection
Buy Now for $999


11Ultimate Ultimate Collection

This massive theological library builds upon our Advanced Collection and includes an even greater wealth of Bibles, ancient texts, cutting-edge original language tools, in-depth commentaries, specialized Bible dictionaries, detailed histories, and a myriad of theological writings, engaging graphics, and much more.

The Ultimate Collection includes all Version 11 resources added to each of the other collections plus the latest version of the CNTTS (Center for New Testament Textual Studies) textual apparatus.


Buy Now 2 Accordance 11 Ultimate Collection
Buy Now for $1999


Whoa. Hold up here! At this point you may be asking, “Wait, if the Accordance 11 Collections are available, where is Accordance 11?” Well, I can assure you it’s coming. We’re just making your upgrade easy by offering the Accordance 11 Collections first, and as soon as Accordance 11 is available in the coming days, you will be able to automatically upgrade to it. If you purchase an Accordance 11 Collection, the upgrade to Accordance 11 is included.


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Sep 25, 2014 Richard Mansfield

Accordance Journals: Over 800 Years of Scholarship in the Palm of Your Hand

JETS on iPhone
Whenever I grade student papers, I often look first to see what kinds of sources have been used. Sources tell me a lot about both the paper and the student. If I see all internet sources, I assume the paper was thrown together in a hurry or that the student does not have good research skills. Sources from print or electronic books are better, but if I see journal articles on the reference page, I know that the student has engaged in real research.

Why Journals Are a Must. No Accordance user’s electronic library is complete without academic journals. What are the benefits of academic journals?

  • Journals offer cutting-edge research often years before it appears in commentaries or other references books. This is where new ideas get vetted, as David Lang stated in a blog post earlier this year.
  • Journals are peer-reviewed, which means articles have already been evaluated by other professionals in the same field as the writer. This peer review process is what gives authority to the source. Not only is it written by an authority in the field, it has also been reviewed by other authorities.
  • Another invaluable feature of journals relates to their inclusion of book reviews. The Teacher said, “Of making many books there is no end” (Eccl 12:12, HCSB), and this is still true. With so many books, how do you know which ones are worth your time? A quick scan through book reviews of a particular title will quickly tell you whether or not your time would be well spent reading it

Why Journal Articles in Accordance are Superior to Paper Editions. Years ago, I met a professor who prided himself over his personal journal collection. He had a room at his home with shelves and shelves of various journal subscriptions that he had collected over his professional career. They were certainly impressive until I realized that they weren’t very accessible without volumes that indexed them.

We can cut this professor a bit of slack because this was actually in a day before Accordance was available, but that didn't make his physical journals any less difficult to use!

In Dr. J’s podcast from a few years back, he summed the problem up quite well:

For all their value, paperback journals are a nightmare! They’re physically fragile, must be searched by hand individually, and occupy a huge amount of office space. Not only that, but they never seem to be at hand when one needs to do on-the-spot research.

Journal Search These issues alone make journals in Accordance superior to print editions, but consider this as well: with Accordance, you can search through all your journals at once. Imagine searching through the equivalent of over 800 years of scholarship in seconds! You can search through all of your combined journals in English, Hebrew, or Greek--all at once! You can search through image captions, and you can perform both simple and complex Boolean searches, too!

These sophisticated multilingual searches, by the way, also demonstrate why having journals in Accordance is superior to merely having online access to them. Online databases only allow for searching plain text and occasionally a few simple commands. Accordance allows for much greater flexibility; and on a journal-by-journal basis, there are even greater options for searches based on the way a particular title has been tagged.

And there’s another advantage to having journals in Accordance. Now with mobile technology, you can carry the equivalent of an entire library of journals literally in the palm of your hand. Imagine being able to quickly access this “800 years of scholarship” from your iPad or your iPhone! Never before have we had such ease and portability in our research!

TJL16 Right now, we have available all volumes of Galaxie’s updated and expanded Theological Journal Library 16th Edition—over 800 years of combined scholarship. Upgrades and crossgrades are also available for users who already own portions of this series.

See this article for a complete listing of the Journals to be included and updated in this release.

Please Note: Some of the journals are in final proofing and may take a few days to appear in Easy Install on Accordance.


Updated and Expanded TJL 16th Edition
(33-Journal Collection)

This 33-journal edition adds seven new journal titles including the Tyndale Bulletin (1956-2010) and the Bulletin for Biblical Research (1991-2009). There are also major updates to TJL favorites such as Bibliotheca Sacra dating back to 1844 and current through 2012.

Buy Now 2 Theological Journal Library 16
Regular price $299

Upgrades for Users Who Already Own TJL for Accordance

For users who already own an earlier version of TJL for Accordance, upgrades to the 16th edition are available.

Buy Now 2 Upgrade to TJL-16 from 6 or fewer volumes
Regular price $149


Buy Now 2 Upgrade to TJL-16 from 7 or more volumes
Regular price $99.90

Crossgrades Available

Crossgrades apply only to Accordance users who own The Theological Journal Library in another Bible software program. Crossgrades are based on the number of TJL volumes you currently own. For users who own 7 or more annual volumes of TJL, the crossgrade price is $100; for users who own 6 or fewer, the crossgrade price is $150. Check this page for crossgrade requirements.

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Sep 22, 2014 Richard Mansfield

James Davis on Accordance


James Davis, Adjunct Professor of New Testament at Dallas Theological Seminary, discusses his use of Accordance in the classroom as well as for personal study.

If you have trouble seeing the video, click here to view it online.

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Sep 15, 2014 Richard Mansfield

Martin Abegg on Accordance

Hear Dr. Martin Abegg, Co-Director of the Dead Sea Scrolls Institute at Trinity Western University, discuss his history with Accordance from its earliest days and his use of the software in his work on the Qumran texts, Hebrew Bible and Septuagint.