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Dec 1, 2015

Graphics Sale


The holidays are off to a great start with our five festive five-day sales! The Virtual Bible and graphics resources offered will intensify your Bible study and illustrate your teaching with vivid graphic content and enhanced animation technology. Plus, we're giving away a gift certificate for the Accordance Starter Collection for every $150 spent. High fives for the holidays!

Starter Gift Great Start

Starter Gift: Get a gift certificate for the Accordance Starter Collection for every $150 you spend through December 25. Since this is the season of giving, you will want to give the gift of Accordance to many people on your list.

Learn More Button

Our Starter Collection includes far more than just the Accordance 11 software. It is a complete package with all you need to get started with Bible Study with Accordance. Now we have added even more FREE content:

[Note: Starter Collection Gift Certificate cannot be redeemed by original purchaser.]



Great Graphics Sale

If you want it all, get the Graphics Premier Bundle, valued at almost $500. It includes our own unique PhotoGuide 4 and expanded PhotoMuseum, together with 100 Archaeological Sites and Biblical Landscapes in Israel, Churches and Monasteries in Israel, the American Colony Collection, and Views That Have Vanished. The individual items and upgrades in the Premier Bundle are also on sale.

Five Day Sale: The special sale prices listed below are good through, Saturday, December 5, 2015 (11:59 PM EST) and cannot be combined with any other discounts.


Graphics Premier Add-on (6 Volumes)

Accordance leads the way in Biblical graphics with more high quality images (enhanced for Retina) covering more topics, sites, and history than you will find anywhere. (Each of the below listed modules is also available at special sale prices.)

  • Accordance Bible Lands PhotoGuide 4
  • Accordance Bible Times PhotoMuseum
  • Churches and Monestaries in Israel
  • 100 Archaeological Sites and Biblical Landscapes in Israel
  • Historic Views of the Holy Land: American Colony Collection
  • Historic Views of the Holy land: Views That Have Vanished

List Price $498.50; Regular Price $299
Sale Price $239

Buy Now 2

Virtual Bible

The Virtual Bible: 3D Reconstructions of the Biblcal World

Fly through these reconstructed settings to gain a better understanding of what life was like in ancient times.

Regular Price $39.90
Sale Price $29.90

Buy Now 2

BP-Treese, Plants, Flowers

Pictorial Library of Bible Lands: Trees, Plants, and Flowers of the Holy Land

This set includes more than 1,550 fully documented images of all kinds of trees, plants and flowers, drugs and spices, incense and perfume, in Israel, Greece, and the Middle East.

Regular Price $39.90
Sale Price $29.90

Buy Now 2

BP-Cultural Images

Pictorial Library of Bible Lands: Cultrual Images of the Holy Land

Cultural Images offers over 1,050 images of agricultural, fauna, shepherds, sheepshearing, pottery making, Samaritan Passover, Jewish holidays, Christian holidays, weddings, scribes, and Bedouin tents in Israel and surrounding countries.

Regular Price $39.90
Sale Price $29.90

Buy Now 2



Accordance Bible Lands PhotoGuide 4

Hundreds of detailed articles describing the most important Biblical locations in Israel and surrounding countries, illustrated with more than 3000 high-quality photographs. Designed to be a teaching tool which helps make the Bible come alive.

Regular Price $89.90
Sale Price $69.90

Buy Now 2



Upgrade from PhotoGuide 3
Regular Price $40; Sale Price $31Buy Now 2

Upgrade from PhotoGuide 2

Regular Price $70; Sale Price $54Buy Now 2

Upgrade from PhotoGuide 1

Regular Price $80; Sale Price $62Buy Now 2


Accordance Bible Times PhotoMuseum

Where the PhotoGuide covers biblical places, the  PhotoMuseum covers ancient peoples (Edomites, Moabites, Philistines), along with the objects they used (Altars, Houses, Weapons) and the activities they pursued (Fishing, Music, Personal Grooming).

Regular Price $69.90
Sale Price $54.90

Buy Now 2

100 Israel Sites

100 Archaeological Sites and Biblical Landscapes in Israel

Designed to show the scenery and places that are mentioned in Scripture as they appear today. About 1,500 pictures of significant biblical and archaeological sites and their surroundings.

Regular Price $99.90
Sale Price $79.90

Buy Now 2

Churches in Israel

Churches and Monasteries in Israel

Hundreds of churches are spread across the width and length of Israel. Most of them are built on a historic tradition linking their location to the life of Jesus and those who continued his path. Churches and Monasteries in Israel invites the reader on a journey to the remarkable stones that compose the mosaic that is the Christian experience in Israel.

Regular Price $49.90
Sale Price $39.90

Buy Now 2


BP-Bivin Views

Historic Views of the Holy Land: Bible Places - Views That Have Vanished

Includes more than 700 photographs of Israel, the West Bank, Jordan, Greece, and Rome from the 1960s. The photos are enhanced by the careful documentation of the place and date, and other notes - all fully searchable.

Regular Price $39.90
Sale Price $26.90

Buy Now 2


BP-American Colony

Historic Views of the Holy Land: Bible Places - American Colony Collection

This collection includes more than 4,000 selected photographs of sites and scenes from Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, and Egypt. Quotations from 19th-century travelers give additional context to many of the photographs.

Regular Price $149
Sale Price $99.90

Buy Now 2


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Nov 30, 2015 Richard Mansfield

Give the Gift of the Accordance 11 Starter Collection

Starter Gift If you’ve been an Accordance user for any length of time, you know how indispensable Accordance Bible Software is to your work, study, ministry, and faith. In the spirit of the holiday season, we want to make it even easier to gift Accordance to those in your circles of influence. From now through December 25, for every $150 you spend on titles for your personal Accordance Library, you may receive a Gift Certificate for the Accordance 11 Starter Collection that you can give to anyone on your Gift List this season! Just add the Starter 11 Gift to your cart before you check out.

With a growing collection of nearly 50 titles, the Starter Collection is the most efficient way to introduce a friend, colleague, or fellow worshipper to Accordance. This introductory set of Bibles and reference tools provides everything needed for basic study. The included ESV Bible is tagged with Strong’s numbers, allowing the ability to quickly look up Greek and Hebrew definitions right from the English Bible. The receiver of your gift can also research unfamiliar people, places, and terms in Eerdman’s Dictionary of the Bible, which includes almost 5,000 articles. When coming across challenging passages, your friend can refer to the IVP New Bible Commentary, which offers valuable insights throughout every book of the Bible.

And did you know we have been improving the Accordance 11 Starter Collection all year? If you own any Accordance 11 Collection, Starter through Ultimate, run Easy Install to get some of these latest free updates!

  • NEW!  The Bible in Its Context: How to Improve Your Study of the Scriptures, by Craig S. Keener (in both English and Spanish!). This immensely accessible guide to biblical interpretation has long been a favorite, distributed in Word format from Dr. Keener’s website. Now integrated into the Accordance Library, this resource is perfect for self- or group-study.
  • UPDATED! Collection has been updated with even more audio and video lectures, notes, and outlines. We’ve added two additional classes from this popular source for no-cost seminary-level education, as well as complete transcripts for many existing courses.
  • RECENTLY ADDED! Italian and Romanian Bibles: Conferenza Episcopale Italiana 1974, 2008; and Versiunea Dumitru Cornilescu 2014.
  • COMPLETED! Dr. J's Bible Study Methods is now complete with instruction for beginners who want to learn to study the Bible, and hints and exercises to reinforce the principles.
  • COMING SOON! Later this month, you can expect to download our previously-only-available-in-print Training Manual for your personal Accordance Library. Updated for Accordance 11.1 and containing video clips demonstrating the concepts taught at our free Accordance Training Seminars, having the Training Manual on your computer or tablet will be a valuable reference source for mastering the world's premier Bible study software.

These continued additions to the Accordance 11 Collections are our gift to you, our valued customers. Consider giving the gift of the Accordance 11 Starter Collection this holiday season to someone you know!

To receive your Starter Gift, just add the Starter 11 Gift to your cart along with your purchase of $150 or more.

[Note: Accordance 11 Starter Collection Gift Cards cannot be redeemed by original purchaser.]


Nov 27, 2015 Richard Mansfield

2015 ETS/SBL Reflections, Part 1


Creating a space for exploration, learning, and discovery.

I'm sitting in seat 31B at 30,000 feet, iPad Pro (yes, it's really nice) on my knees, reflecting on another successful November marked by the annual meetings of the Evangelical Theological Society and Society of Biblical Literature. We had a great week meeting with longtime Accordance users and introducing new customers to the best Bible software for the serious explorer of the ancient texts.

Now, I should clarify that when I say booth, I mean something that's actually on a far grander scale. Many vendors at these conferences have a booth—a 10 x 10 space usually consisting of a backdrop, long table, maybe a couple of chairs and often lots of physical books and/or informative literature. When we set up our space to demo Accordance, we create an environment for exploration, learning, and discovery.

SBL 2015

The Accordance area actually takes up about four standard booth spaces together in one big square. We bring in multiple tables, chairs, and computers of all kinds. There's a projector running all week, displaying a slideshow of our newest titles and best deals of the year.

We’ve designed an environment made for much more than selling software. Rather, we want to build relationships with our customers--have them sit down and tell us about their research--so that we can help them tailor the incredibly flexible Accordance engine to their specific scholarly pursuits related to biblical studies. The Accordance area is staffed by a dozen or so Accordance professionals--mostly employees, but often a couple of power users, too--who can help users regardless of their questions or needs.

Now, I only began working in the Accordance booth around 2008, so I'm somewhere between rookie and old pro compared to some of my fellow Accordance professionals. Nevertheless, in my time spent demoing Accordance at these two scholarly conferences, I've come to recognize a few common types of individuals who frequent our booth.

In the second part of my 2015 ETS/SBL reflections, to be posted early next week, I'll describe the SEVEN types of Accordance users who frequent our booth. Maybe you'll see yourself in one of these descriptions.

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Nov 27, 2015 Accordance Bible Software

Free Accordance Webinars for November 30 - December 4, 2015

Webinars - large Have you discovered our free interactive Accordance Webinars? Throughout the week you can participate in live Accordance training in hour-long sessions that cover just the content you need.

Here are the free Accordance webinars for the week of November 30 - December 4, 2015:

Basics: Searching
Monday, November 30, 1:00 - 2:00 PM EST

Learn basic searching techniques in Accordance with emphasis on the following features: using Quick Entry; single word, Exact, and Flex Search; Wildcard Search; Phrase Search; searching for two words in the same verse; words beginning with a capital letter; and designing a Concordance; and using Analytics.

Taught by Linda Perry

Basic Greek
Tuesday, December 1, 1:00 - 2:00 PM EST

Learn how to leverage Accordance for work in Greek, even if your knowledge of Greek is fairly limited. This webinar will focus on Greek Word Studies, how to learn Greek with Accordance as well as pointing attendees to podcast resources on Greek.  

Taught by Dr. Timothy Jenney ("Dr. J")

Basic Hebrew Searching
Tuesday, December 1, 5:00 - 6:00 PM EST

Learn basic techniques for searching and study of Hebrew words in Accordance, even if your knowledge of Hebrew is limited or rusty.

Taught by Mark Allison

Sermon Preparation in Action
Wednesday, December 2, 1:00 - 2:00 PM EST

Join Pastor Abram Kielsmeier-Jones as he demonstrates using Accordance for the sermon preparation process--from initial brainstorming through the final manuscript. 

Taught by Abram Kielsmeier-Jones

Basics: User Notes
Thursday, December 3, 1:00 - 2:00 PM EST

Learn how to use User Notes in Accordance for recording your own thoughts and insights on biblical texts and other titles in your personal Accordance Library.

Taught by Linda Perry

Taking part in our free Accordance Webinars is easy. Check out our Webinar page for more information or to sign up. See you online!


Nov 27, 2015 Richard Mansfield

Black Friday/Cyber Monday


Confession time: I've never been good at Black Friday shopping. I seem to hear about the best deals after they're sold out. It's frustrating. One time I actually got up before dawn to get in a line (that was surprisingly longer than I anticipated) at a local discount superstore chain. No one told me that I would need to have on my best running shoes and perhaps even wear some defensive padding. As people swarmed around and over me, I made my way to the sale item I was seeking, only to discover that all those people running past me had already grabbed all of the available stock—which evidently was not all that much. Discouraged, I came home thinking I could at least get a few items from the online retailers; but by that time, the best-advertised items were sold out, too. And all this before I normally even eat breakfast.

Of course, if you're an Accordance user you are already aware of a glorious truth: digital resources never run out of stock! However, there's always the potential for disappointment. Maybe you've been waiting for that particular lexicon, commentary, or ancient text to go on sale. Theoretically, you could rush to see our Black Friday/Cyber Monday specials only to discover titles discounted that are already in your Accordance Library. So we're doing something different this year, and we hope you like it.

We realize your funds are limited, and you have plenty of options out there. We’re not going to offer any bait and switch or offer you items for your Accordance Library that you don't really need at some ridiculous price so inexpensive that they're too good to pass up. Here is our no-gimmicks offer: you spend your money on Accordance software between the beginning of Black Friday and the end of Cyber Monday, and we will give you credit back in the form of a gift card on a sliding scale. Really, it's this simple. The more you spend, the more you get back—up to 20% back.


The more you spend, the greater your return.



In the days that follow Cyber Monday, you will receive an email with an Accordance Gift Card based on how much you spent between Friday and Monday. Use that Gift Card for someone else this holiday season, or spend it for your own personal Accordance Library (we won't tell!).

It's easy: simple math and simple rewards. No gimmicks. No short supplies. No bait and switch. Sleep in on Black Friday, have a good breakfast, and order from the Accordance web store on your own schedule. Let everyone else get stressed out from the crowds and missed-opportunity blues. Order at your own pace at and get the exact rewards you want.


Nov 21, 2015 Richard Mansfield

7 Reasons to Visit AAR/SBL Booth #903

If you're attending the AAR/SBL Meeting in Atlanta, be certain to come by Exhibitor Booth #903 to experience everything new related to Accordance Bible Software! Our booth is humming with activity, and if you haven't had a chance to stop by, don't miss the opportunity to be a part of the excitement!

ETS 2015

Here are SEVEN reasons you should drop everything and come by the Accordance booth right now:

  1. If you've never used Accordance, you need to see it in action!
  2. If you've never purchased Accordance, you can get the incredible Essential Collection for 40% off at the conference!
  3. Whether you purchase Accordance or not, you can register to win a FREE 64 GB iPad Air 2!
  4. Learn about our conference-only discounts, including reduced prices on everything in the catalog!
  5. Come see our new titles for the Accordance Library released only yesterday!
  6. Discover the incredible new features in Accordance 11.1!
  7. Hang out with Accordance employees and fellow users--it's one big celebration going on in booth #903!

See you soon!


Nov 17, 2015 Accordance Bible Software

New Scholarly Releases for 2015 ETS and AAR/SBL

ETS_SBL Releases


We are thrilled to present fourteen (14) completely new releases in time for the Annual Meetings of the ETS and AAR/SBL.

Greek Resources


The Text-Critical Use of the Septuagint in Biblical Research (3rd Edition) (Tov)

This handbook provides a practical guide for the student and scholar alike who wishes to use the Septuagint (LXX) in the text-critical analysis of the Hebrew Bible. Rather than offering another theoretical introduction to the LXX, it provides all the practical background information needed for the integration of the LXX in biblical studies. The third edition has been thoroughly revised to incorporate the most recent scholarship.

Buy Now 2$42.90


Exegetical Dictionary of the New Testament (3 Volumes) (EDNT)

The English translation of the three-volume Exegetisches Wörterbuch zum Neuen Testament, the EDNT goes beyond merely defining NT Greek words to discuss their historical, theological, and exegetical significance. It stands in the tradition of the Theological Dictionary of the New Testament (TDNT), but advances the discussion in light of more recent scholarship. Designed for the pastor and student as well as the scholar, it includes an index of English key words which points to corresponding Greek entries.

Buy Now 2$149


UBS5 Greek New Testament (Tagged) with Apparatus

**Note: This product is in the final stages of development and will be released within a few days.

The UBS 5th Revised Edition updates the UBS4 with new textual readings and a revision of the apparatus, which is intended especially for students and translators.

Buy Now 2$89.90


UBS5-T add to GNT28-T or NA28-T

Buy Now 2$39.90


UBS5-T upgrade from UBS4-T

Buy Now 2$39.90

Decker-Reading Koine_120

Reading Koine Greek (Rodney Decker)

This introductory grammar of Koine Greek covers not only the Greek of the New Testament but also that of the Septuagint, Apostolic Fathers, and more. Informed by his 25 years of classroom teaching, Decker emphasizes reading Greek for comprehension as opposed to merely translating it. The workbook is integrated into the textbook, enabling students to encounter real examples as they learn each new concept, and the Accordance edition includes audio pronunciations of reading passages and vocabulary words.

Buy Now 2$49.90

NA28 Guide_120

User’s Guide to NA28

This guide to the 28th edition of the Nestle-Aland Greek New Testament explains its structure, the text-critical apparatus and appendices, and the innovations of the new edition. Designed for beginning students as well as scholars, it includes exercises for use in self-study and classroom instruction.

Buy Now 2$19.90

Prepositions & Theology_120

Prepositions and Theology in the GNT

This study explores how prepositions contribute to the theological meaning of Greek New Testament passages. It explains each preposition’s basic meaning, relationship to other prepositions, important New Testament uses, and even its use in verbal compounds. The many New Testament examples include helpful commentary on how to interpret the prepositions in those passages.

Buy Now 2$42.90


Hebrew Resources


Textual Criticism of the Hebrew Bible (3rd Edition) (Tov)

Since its initial publication, Textual Criticism of the Hebrew Bible has established itself as the indispensable authoritative textbook and reference on the subject. In this thoroughly revised third edition, Emanuel Tov has incorporated the insights of the last ten years of scholarship, including new perspectives on the biblical texts among the Dead Sea Scrolls. Designed with the beginning student of textual criticism in mind, it includes expanded discussions of the contribution of textual criticism to biblical exegesis.

Buy Now 2$89.90


Greek Judean Corpus (Tagged)

Comprises all the Greek documents that have been discovered in the Judean Desert that are not related to the Qumran find or the Bible. In the main these are documentary texts: Loans, Deeds of Sale, various Accountings, Marriage Contracts, Writs of Divorce, Deposits, Petitions, Summons, Crop Purchases, Letters, and a few Literary Texts. They mostly date to the time of the first and second Jewish Revolt. These documents might be thought of as the personal files and papers of the Jews who were hiding from the Roman authorities.

Buy Now 2$49.90

Qumran Aramaic_120

Dictionary of Qumran Aramaic (Cook)

Written by a noted specialist in Qumran Aramaic, this dictionary covers all the Aramaic texts from the 11 Qumran caves—an important "missing link" between Biblical Aramaic and the later Aramaic of the targums. An indispensable resource to anyone interested in the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Dictionary of Qumran Aramaic offers a wealth of detail, including definitions, extensive citations of the sources, discussions of difficult passages, revised readings, and a bibliography.

Buy Now 2$49.90


Ugaritic (Tagged) (prototype)

**Note: This product is in the final stages of development and will be released within the next few weeks.

An ongoing project of the tagged transliterated Ugaritic corpus, it will eventually include the entire corpus with Notes, Apparatus, and English translation.

The initial release in December 2015 is a prototype module consisting only of the Ba’lu Myth. Further free updates will add more texts until the database is completed over a few years.

Buy Now 2$129.90


Ugaritic Bundle

Contains the newly released Tagged Ugaritic along with the Ugaritic Data Bank.

Buy Now 2$199


Ugaritic Bundle upgrade from Ugaritic Data Bank (adds tagged Ugaritic)

Buy Now 2$99.90


Ethiopic (Ge’ez) Untagged OT

**Note: This product is in the final stages of development and will be released within the next few days.

This version of the Ge’ez (Ethiopic) Bible currently includes Genesis-Ruth, 1 & 2 Samuel, and Psalms. It is based on Ran HaCohen’s digitization of Biblia Veteris Testament Aethiopica, edited by Augustus Dilllmann, et. al. We expect, with the cooperation of the Textual History of the Ethiopic Old Testament (THEOT) Project, to eventually be able to offer additional Old Testament books, as well as additional books in Ethiopia’s larger canon.

Buy Now 2$79.90


General Resources

SBL Handbook_120

The SBL Handbook of Style (2nd Edition)

The SBL Handbook of Style is the essential style manual for writing and publishing in biblical studies and related fields. This long-awaited second edition includes key style changes, updated and expanded abbreviation and spelling-sample lists, a list of archaeological site names, material on qur’anic sources, detailed information on citing electronic sources, and expanded guidelines for the transliteration and transcription of seventeen ancient languages.

Buy Now 2$39.90


Kingdom of Priests (2nd Edition) (Merrill)

This comprehensive history of Old Testament Israel, written from a conservative evangelical point of view, has been a standard textbook in college/seminary classes for more than two decades. It is also the source used for the “Conservative” OT dates of the Accordance Timeline. Merrill reconstructs the history of ancient Israel not only from Old Testament texts but also from Ancient Near Eastern literary and archaeological sources. The second edition has been updated and revised to interact with recent discoveries and current scholarship.

Buy Now 2$39.90

Virtual Temple

Virtual Tour to the Temple

**Note: This product is in the final stages of development and will be released within the next few weeks.

The Virtual Tour to the Temple is a wonderful blend of two types of visual media. First is an interactive 360°  tour of the Jerusalem Temple based on 100 high-resolution panoramic photos. The second is 40 short video clips of Dr. Randall Price explaining the historic meaning of each site at the site itself. Accordance has added text and links to each video.

See promo video here.

** Note: This resource will eventually be available in additional languages: German, Spanish, and Portuguese. Each version will be sold separately, but the user can request additional versions at no extra charge.

Buy Now 2$59.90


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Nov 9, 2015 Richard Mansfield

Come See Us at ETS/SBL to Win a 64 GB iPad Air 2!

iPad Giveaway The annual November Bible conferences are fast approaching, and as always, Accordance will be there! These days, thanks to modern technology, attendees at academic conferences no longer have to leave their research tools behind; instead, their libraries travel with them wherever they go!

This year, we're giving away a 64 GB iPad Air 2 so that if you're the winner, you will be able to carry your entire Accordance Library wherever you go in the palm of your hand! The current iPad Air 2 is the most powerful and up-to-date tablet from Apple in this size range. And 64 GB of storage is more than enough space to carry a theological library with you at all times that would rival personal libraries of generations past!

And if you win the iPad, we'll even let you pick the color!

During either conference, simply register for the drawing at our booths (ETS #29 & SBL #903) from November 17-24 or at the Accordance Training Seminar (November 20).

Please, only one entry per registered attendee please.


Nov 9, 2015 Richard Mansfield

NEW! Life Application Bible Commentary

LABC Hebrews A Commentary for Everyone

New for the Accordance Library, the 17-volume Life Application Bible Commentary (LABC) is one of the best all-around series for pastors, teachers, and laypersons who are simply interested in understanding or communicating the message of the Bible better. Previous knowledge of the Bible is not required for using the LABC, so it is perfect for the person who simply wants to gain practical understanding of the Scriptures. And pastors and teachers will discover illustrations, quotations, and insightful means for communicating the truths of God’s Word in practical terms to a modern audience.

No knowledge of Hebrew or Greek is required for using the LABC for study, but important original language words are sometimes transliterated in English. The commentary primarily uses modern translations such as the NIV, NRSV, and NLT, but interacts with other translations as well, often explaining why some translations differ from others.

A Commentary for the Layperson

Have you ever read a passage from the Bible only to come away thinking, “I just don’t know what any of that has to do with me!” If you have ever expressed that thought, the Life Application Bible Commentary Series is for you. The LABC bridges the gap of the ancient world to the modern context. Imagine one biblical reference source that provides explanation, background, and application for every verse in the New Testament.

A Commentary for Pastors & Teachers

Teaching a class or preaching a sermon? The Life Application Bible Commentary provides teaching notes and sermon ideas that apply biblical principles to the issues of today. Incorporate charts, diagrams, maps, and quotations from famous figures of history into your presentation slides or handouts. Everything in this series is designed to help you understand the Bible and equip you to communicate it to others.

An Example Passage

Take for example the LABC’s treatment of the uncomfortable subject of God’s discipline in Hebrews 12:1-13. The first section connects this chapter to the previous content of Hebrews by offering a thorough summary of what has come before. Hebrews 12:1 is presented from the NKJV with an explanation of the cultural context that the original hearers would have better understood than a modern audience.

Picking up on the idea of “the race that is set before us,” the writer provides “Three aspects to this ‘race’ […] set before all believers” to make a connection to the modern reader. These aspects are presented in three memorable alliterated points of Preparation, Participation, and Perseverance. Each of these three points includes an explanation that interweaves ancient practice with modern experience.

A callout passage that immediately follows the above is titled “Shedding Weight.” This section contains practical action steps for the modern believer:

To run the race set before us, we must train. Long-distance runners work hard to build endurance and strength. On race day, their clothes are lightweight and their bodies lean.

Since shedding “sin weight” is important to your spiritual run, how can you do it:

  • Choose friends who are also committed to the race. Wrong friends will have values and activities that may deter you from the course. Much of your own weight may result from the crowd you run with. Make wise choices.
  • Drop certain activities. That is, for you at this time these may be a weight. Try dropping them for a while; then check the results. If TV consumes precious time, try doing without it. If shopping is your stress relaxer, try something else.
  • Get help for addictions that disable you. If you have a secret “weight” such as pornography, gambling, or alcohol, admit your need and get help today.

Finally, there’s a quotation from Matthew Henry. And all of this is just for one verse of Hebrews 12!

The Accordance Difference

Accordance users will be glad to know that our developers have carefully analyzed the entire content of the Life Application Bible Commentary and have identified the following categories: Reference, Titles, English Content, Scripture, Transliteration, Translation, Bibliography, Quotations, Quoted Authors, Captions, and Table Titles. Such careful tagging of the text allows you to find the exact content you’re looking for quickly and efficiently.

Life Application Bible Commentary screenshot


Buy Now 2 Life Application Commentary (17 volumes)



Nov 7, 2015 Richard Mansfield

Printing Just What You Need: EASIER in Accordance 11.1

Now that Accordance 11.1 is here, there’s a much easier way to print or export just the content you need!