Accordance Bible Lands PhotoGuide: Near East Collection / January 01, 2016

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This PhotoGuide Near East Collection:
The PhotoGuide Near East Collection contains complete introductions and detailed pictures from each available biblical site in the Near East, including Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, and Iran — nearly 700 pictures in total.

2/22/17 Update: The 2.0 Update adds over 100 new pictures, new articles, and expanded articles.

The Accordance Bible Lands PhotoGuide has been the cornerstone of a number of Accordance’s exclusive graphics tools for well over a decade. Now we are pleased to announce the latest edition of the PhotoGuide.

This latest PhotoGuide Collection sets a new standard for experiencing biblical sites from the comfort of your armchair (or desk, or favorite corner coffee shop). It’s nearly as close as you can get without traveling to the Holy Land yourself!

In addition to this Collection, the 6-Volume PhotoGuide Collection also contains:

The entire Bible Lands PhotoGuide Set contains hundreds of detailed articles describing the most important biblical locations in Israel and surrounding countries, illustrated with more than 4500 high-quality photographs. More than just a collection of pictures, the PhotoGuide is specifically designed to be a teaching tool which helps make the Bible come alive.

It includes following features:

  • Photographs of biblically significant sites and regions in Israel, Jordan, Syria, Egypt, Sinai, Mesopotamia, Greece, and Rome.
  • More than 100 photographs of Jerusalem.
  • A detailed article on the Hebrew Tabernacle, complete with photographs of a life-size replica of the Tabernacle located at Timnah, Israel.
  • Photographs of an excavated village at Nazareth complete with walled terraces, watchtowers, a stone quarry, and a winepress dating back to the first century.
  • Important artifacts, such as a bronze serpent dating to around the time of Moses, a horned altar from Beer-sheba, and more.
  • Pictures of the bema at Corinth where Paul stood trial.

Teachers and pastors especially love the Accordance Bible Lands PhotoGuide because the user license allows you to use the images in teaching and preaching contexts.

Photo Contributors: Roy Brown, Hanan Isachar, George Gerster, Kang Keun Lee, Tomislav Vuk, Rick Bennett, Jr., Evan Bryant

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