Analytical Bible Expositor: Galatians to Philemon (John G. Butler)

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Volume 13 of Butler’s Analytical Bible Expositor covers the New Testament books of Galatians through Philemon.

The Analytical Bible Expositor is a commentary series from pastor John G. Butler that covers the entire Old and New Testament.  This unique set treats each chapter of the book under consideration using analytical tools to articulate the straightforward meaning of the text. This provides the reader with a clear and comprehensive understanding and application of the text. Especially helpful for ministers who are seeking to engage the text at a deeper level.

Main features include:

  • Analyzation:  Every chapter of the Bible is treated as a unit.  The chapters are outlined into main points, and sub-points, often with many sub-sub points.
  • Alliteration:  All outlines are alliterated, a hallmark of the author.
  • Annotation:  The comments of the outlines are the meat of the books and consist of explanations, clarifications, interpretations, and exhortations, (practical applications).

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