Apostolic Fathers – Lightfoot (English translation)

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A collection of early Christian writings known as Apostolic Fathers (follows the 1891 text of J. B. Lightfoot as edited by J. R. Harmer) including:

  • First and Second Clement
  • Epistles of Ignatius
  • Martyrdom of Polycarp
  • Didache
  • Epistle of Barnabas
  • Shepherd of Hermas
  • Epistle to Diognetus

This module is formatted to run in parallel with the tagged Greek text and is included in the purchase of that module.

The Apostolic Fathers: Revised Greek Texts
• Editors: J. B. Lightfoot and J. R. Harmer
• Text of 1891 version published by MacMillan

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Primary CollectionsUA-S8Scholar’s 8 Unlock All2800.00
Primary CollectionsUA-S8.1Scholar’s 8.1 Unlock All3000.00
Primary CollectionsUASc8.4Scholar’s 8.4 Unlock All3200.00
Primary CollectionsDev-SuperDeveloping Countries Package – Super199.00
Primary CollectionsDev-Super_13Developing Countries Package – Super with Accordance 13199.00
Primary BundlesBW Crossover-Basic 8-10BibleWorks Crossover: Accordance 12 Basic Package (For BibleWorks Versions 8-10)149.00
Primary BundlesBW Crossover Basic 8-10_2BibleWorks Crossover: Accordance 12 Basic Package (For BibleWorks Versions 8-10) (June 2018)149.00
Primary BundlesBW Crossover13-Basic 8-10Student/Scholar Biblical Language Bundle (Previously the BibleWorks Crossover)199.50
Primary BundlesBW Crossover-Basic 8-10_2BW Crossover Basic 8-10_2 (reg)149.00
Primary BundlesSPP-ICB11.12ICB Purchase 11.2012N/A
Primary BundlesSPP-ICB8.14ICB Purchase 8.2014N/A
Primary BundlesBW Crossover-Basic 6-7BibleWorks Crossover: Accordance 12 Package (For BibleWorks Versions 6-7) (June 2018)229.00
Primary BundlesBW Crossover13-Basic 6-7BibleWorks Crossover: Accordance 13 Basic Package
English StudiesCL2-8Classic II Group39.90
Greek Non-Biblical TextsAFL-TApostolic Fathers (Lightfoot) (Greek and English)29.90
Add-on BundlesAF add-onApostolic Fathers add-on modules110.00


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