BibleWorks Crossover: Accordance 13 Basic Package

Prod ID: BW Crossover13-Basic 8-10
Retail: $2,119.30 / Accordance: $399.00

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This package is offered to owners of BibleWorks versions 8-10 who are purchasing Accordance for the first time.

The Basic Package allows you to search and compare the grammatically tagged biblical texts with many English translations and tools including the interactive Accordance Atlas and Accordance Timeline. It includes the full version of Accordance 13 with the Starter modules and the following highlights (for a complete list see the bottom of the product page):

  • Tagged Texts: Grammatically tagged texts for Hebrew Bible and Greek New Testament, Septuagint, and Apostolic Fathers
  • Lexicons: Hebrew BDB Complete, Greek Liddell & Scott, Louw & Nida, and Thayer
  • Grammars: Burton Greek, Jouon-Muraoka Hebrew, LXX Grammar, Wallace Greek, and Waltke Hebrew
  • Tools: MT-LXX Parallel, Church Fathers and Schaff’s History, Matthew Henry Commentary, ISBE, Treasury Enhanced, Webster
  • Interactive Atlas and Timeline
  • PhotoGuide Overview
  • English Bibles: Tagged with Key numbers: ESV, CSB 2017, JPS Tanakh, KJV, NAS 1995, NRSV plus many untagged versions including NET Bible with Notes
  • Modern International Bibles: Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, German, Greek, Finnish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai

When you subsequently upgrade to any Accordance 13 Collection you will pay only for the additional modules.

Included Modules

The following modules and groups are included when you purchase this package.

Category Code Title Price
Graphic ResourcesAltitude dataAltitude data0
Graphic ResourcesAtlas filesAtlas files0
Graphic ResourcesBeigeBeige background0
Graphic ResourcesBrownsBrowns background0
Graphic ResourcesColorsColors background0
Graphic ResourcesGraysGrays background0
Graphic ResourcesGreenGreen background0
Graphic ResourcesInfraredInfrared background0
Graphic ResourcesLight BrownsLight Browns background0
Graphic ResourcesLight ColorsLight Colors background0
Graphic ResourcesNight VisionNight Vision background0
Graphic ResourcesSatelliteSatellite background0
Graphic ResourcesVivid ColorsVivid Colors background0
Graphic ResourcesWhiteWhite background0
Interactive ToolsAtlas 2.2Accordance Bible Atlas 2.20
Interactive ToolsTimelineAccordance Timeline39.9
Photo CollectionsPhotoGuide SamplerAccordance PhotoGuide Sampler0
Photo CollectionsPhotoGuide-OverviewAccordance Bible Lands PhotoGuide: Overview39.9
Image Rich ToolsMaps SamplerAccordance Atlas Sampler0
Image Rich ToolsTimeline SamplerAccordance Timeline Sampler0
English BiblesCEBCommon English Bible with Apocrypha and Notes14.9
English BiblesCEB2CEB20
English BiblesCSB17SChristian Standard Bible (2017) with Strong’s Numbers19.9
English BiblesESVSEnglish Standard Version with Strong’s19.9
English BiblesASVAmerican Standard Version0
English BiblesBBEBible in Basic English0
English BiblesDOUAYDouay-Rheims Bible0
English BiblesKJVAKing James Version Apocrypha0
English BiblesKJVSKing James Version with Strong’s0
English BiblesWEBWorld English Bible0
English BiblesGENEVAGeneva Bible (1599)0
English BiblesJPSSJPS Tanakh (Jewish Publication Society) with Strong’s Numbers19.9
English BiblesLXX-BBrenton English Septuagint19.9
English BiblesNAS95SNew American Standard 1995 with Strong’s0
English BiblesNASBNew American Standard Bible (1977)0
English BiblesNETNew English Translation Bible (2nd Edition) with Strong’s Numbers19.9
English BiblesNJBNew Jerusalem Bible14.9
English BiblesNRSVSNew Revised Standard Version with Strong’s Numbers19.9
English BiblesRSVRevised Standard Version with Apocrypha14.9
English BiblesTYNDALETyndale Bible (William Tyndale)0
English BiblesWEBSTRWebster Bible, The0
English BiblesWEYMTHWeymouth New Testament0
English Non-Biblical TextAFL-EApostolic Fathers – Lightfoot (English translation)0
CommentariesIVP-NB CommentaryNew Bible Commentary39.9
CommentariesJFBJamieson, Fausset & Brown’s Commentary on the Whole Bible0
CommentariesHenry CommentaryMatthew Henry Complete Commentary29.9
Notes & Cross-referencesCEB NotesCEB Notes0
Notes & Cross-referencesCEB2 NotesCEB2 Notes0
Notes & Cross-referencesTreasury EnhancedTreasury of Scripture Knowledge0
Notes & Cross-referencesNAS NotesNASB (1977) Cross References and Translators’ Notes0
Notes & Cross-referencesNAS95S NotesNAS95S Cross References and Translators’ Notes0
Notes & Cross-referencesNET NotesNew English Translation Notes0
DictionariesPlace NamesDictionary of Place Names0
DictionariesSitesListing of Atlas Sites0
DictionariesEerdmans DictionaryEerdmans Dictionary of the Bible29.9
DictionariesEastonEaston’s Bible Dictionary0
DictionariesNamesBible Names Dictionary0
DictionariesWebsterWebster’s 1913 Unabridged English Dictionary19.9
DictionariesISBEInternational Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915 Edition)49.9
DictionariesNAS Topical IndexNAS Topical Index0
General ToolsRead Me-ModulesRead Me Information on Modules0
Biblical Collection0
Biblical StudiesClassic PassagesClassic Bible Passages0
Biblical StudiesDr. J's BSMDr. J’s Bible Study Methods0
Biblical StudiesKeener-ContextThe Bible in Its Context (English and Spanish)0
Biblical StudiesNave'sNave's Topical Bible0
Biblical StudiesOutlinesOutlines of the Bible Books0
Biblical StudiesParables & MiraclesParables and Miracles0
DevotionalsChronological ReadingsChronological Readings0
DevotionalsDevotional ReadingsDevotional Readings0
HistorySchaff's HistoryHistory of the Christian Church by Philip Schaff (8 volumes)0
WritingsCF-ANChurch Fathers — The Ante-Nicene Fathers (9 volumes)0
WritingsCF-NPN1Church Fathers — The Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers, First Series (14 volumes)0
WritingsCF-NPN2Church Fathers — The Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers, Second Series (14 volumes)0
PracticalGetting StartedGetting Started with Accordance0
ParallelsEpistlesEpistles Parallel (not for Mobile)0
ParallelsGospelsGospel Synopsis Parallel (not for Mobile)0
ParallelsHarmonyGospel Harmony Parallel (not for Mobile)0
ParallelsOT in NTOld Testament in New Testament Parallel (not for Mobile)0
ParallelsOld TestamentOld Testament Parallel (not for Mobile)0
ParallelsQ (Sayings)Q (Sayings) Parallel (not for Mobile)0
ParallelsSynopticsSynoptic Gospels Parallel (not for Mobile)0
Greek BiblesGNT-TRSGreek New Testament (Textus Receptus) with Strong's19.9
Greek BiblesGNT-DEMODemo of Greek NT (fully tagged Matthew 1-3)0
Greek BiblesGNT-BYZGNT Robinson Byzantine49.9
Greek BiblesGNT-T.diagramGreek Diagrams59.9
Greek BiblesGNT-TISGNT Tischendorf29.9
Greek BiblesGNT-TRGNT-Textus Receptus (tagged)49.9
Greek BiblesGNT-WHGNT Westcott & Hort29.9
Greek BiblesGNT28-TGreek New Testament (tagged, based on NA28)59.9
Greek BiblesLXX-GNTGreek Bible: Old Testament (Septuagint) and New Testament89.9
Greek BiblesLXXS-TGreek Septuagint (Swete) with Apparatus109
Greek Non-Biblical TextsAFL-TApostolic Fathers (Lightfoot) (Greek and English)29.9
Greek LexiconsGreek Strong'sStrong's Greek Dictionary0
Greek LexiconsMounce Greek DictionaryMounce Concise Greek-English Dictionary of the New Testament0
Greek LexiconsTrench-SynonymsTrench’s Synonyms of the New Testament0
Greek LexiconsLiddell & ScottAn Intermediate Greek-English Lexicon (Liddell and Scott)59.9
Greek LexiconsLouw & NidaLouw & Nida Semantic Domain Lexicon39.9
Greek LexiconsNAS GreekNAS Greek Dictionary0
Greek LexiconsThayerThayer’s Greek-English Lexicon of the New Testament19.9
Greek GrammarsBurton GreekSyntax of the Moods and Tenses in New Testament Greek (Burton)0
Greek GrammarsRobertson GreekRobertson’s Greek Grammar0
Greek GrammarsLXX GrammarGrammar of Septuagint Greek0
Greek GrammarsWallace GreekGreek Grammar Beyond the Basics: An Exegetical Syntax of the New Testament59.99
Greek Study ToolsDeissmann-StudiesDeissmann’s Bible Studies0
Greek Study ToolsMT-LXX ParallelHebrew Masoretic and Septuagint Parallel (2nd Edition)99.9
Hebrew BiblesHMT-DEMODemo of Hebrew Bible (fully tagged Genesis 1-3)0
Hebrew BiblesMT-ETCBCBiblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia with ETCBC Morphology (Text)28.9
Hebrew LexiconsBDBBrown-Driver-Briggs Abridged Hebrew Lexicon with Strong’s0
Hebrew LexiconsBDB CompleteBrown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew Lexicon (Complete)69.9
Hebrew LexiconsHebrew Strong'sStrong’s Hebrew Dictionary0
Hebrew LexiconsKM Hebrew DictionaryKohlenberger/Mounce Concise Hebrew-Aramaic Dictionary0
Hebrew LexiconsNAS HebrewNAS Hebrew Dictionary0
Hebrew GrammarsGKC HebrewGesenius’ Hebrew Grammar49.9
Hebrew GrammarsJouon-Muraoka HebrewGrammar of Biblical Hebrew (Joüon, Muraoka)74.9
Hebrew GrammarsWaltke HebrewIntroduction to Biblical Hebrew Syntax34.9
Semitic Study ToolsVerbs-HebrewWigram’s Hebrew Verb Parsings0
International BiblesARABArabic Bible (Smith and Van Dyke)19.9
International BiblesCUVS-TRADChinese Union Version with Strong’s Numbers, Traditional and Simplified19.9
International BiblesNKRVKorean Bible: New Korean Revised Version (with Notes)19.9
International BiblesALMEIDAPortuguese Bible: João Ferreira De Almeida Atualizada0
International BiblesCEI2008Italian: Conferenza Episcopale Italiana 20080
International BiblesCEI74Italian: Conferenza Episcopale Italiana 19740
International BiblesELBER05German Elberfelder 19050
International BiblesLSGFrench: Louis Segond Bible0
International BiblesLUTH12German Lutherbibel 19120
International BiblesRVR09SSpanish 1909 Reina Valera with Strong’s numbers0
International BiblesVDC2014Romanian: Versiunea Dumitru Cornilescu 20140
International BiblesFIN33Finnish Bible (2 translations)19.9
International BiblesKRVKorean Revised Version19.9
International BiblesLBLASpanish La Biblia de las Américas0
International BiblesNBLHSpanish: Nueva Biblia Latinoamericana de Hoy0
International BiblesPDTSpanish: La Palabra de Dios para Todos14.9
International BiblesRUSBRussian Synodal Bible (with NT tagged with Strong's Numbers)19.9
International BiblesRVR95SSpanish 1995 Reina Valera with Strong’s Numbers24.9
International BiblesSHINKYOJapanese Shinkyodoyaku New Interconfessional Bible24.9
International BiblesSKY2017Japanese Shinkaiyaku: New Japanese Bible (2017)19.9
International BiblesSTATENDutch Statenvertaling Bible14.9
International BiblesSWED17Swedish Bible 191714.9
International BiblesTHAI-ERVThai Bible: Easy to Read Version Bible with Notes and Dictionary19.9
International BiblesTLASpanish: Traducción en Lenguaje Actual with Notes0
International BiblesTLABFilipino Bible in Tagalog (Ang Biblia)14.9
International BiblesVAMVASModern Greek Bible19.9
International BiblesZURCHER-LEMGerman Zürcher Bibel24.9
Ancient BiblesVULG-NLatin Nova Vulgata0
Ancient BiblesVULGATELatin Vulgate (Clementine)0
Accessory ModulesBiblical AramaicBiblical Aramaic0
Accessory ModulesCSB17 NotesCSB17 Notes0
Accessory ModulesCUVS-SIMPCUVS-SIMP0
Accessory ModulesESV NotesESV Notes0
Accessory ModulesNKRV NotesNKRV Notes0
Accessory Modules13-AccAccordance Software Version 130
Accessory ModulesASV NotesASV Notes0
Accessory ModulesBBE IntroBBE Intro0
Accessory ModulesCEI2008 NoteItalian: Conferenza Episcopale Italiana 2008 Note0
Accessory ModulesCEI2008-2Italian: Conferenza Episcopale Italiana 2008 (Parallel)0
Accessory ModulesKeener-ContextoThe Bible in Its Context: How to Improve Your Study of the Scriptures (Spanish)0
Accessory ModulesVDC2014 NoteRomanian: Versiunea Dumitru Cornilescu 2014 Note0
Accessory ModulesWEB NotesWEB Notes0
Accessory ModulesFIN92FIN920
Accessory ModulesGNT-BYZ NotesGNT-BYZ Notes0
Accessory ModulesGNT NotesGNT28-T Notes0
Accessory ModulesJPS NotesJPS Notes0
Accessory ModulesLXXS ApparatusLXXS Apparatus0
Accessory ModulesLXXS2 ApparatusLXXS2 Apparatus0
Accessory ModulesLXXS2-TLXXS2-T0
Accessory ModulesLXXS3 ApparatusLXXS3 Apparatus0
Accessory ModulesLXXS3-TLXXS3-T0
Accessory ModulesMT-LXX2 ParallelMT-LXX2 Parallel0
Accessory ModulesLBLA NotesSpanish La Biblia de las Américas (Notas)0
Accessory ModulesNBLH NotesSpanish: Nueva Biblia de las Américas (Notas)0
Accessory ModulesNRSV NotesNRSV Notes0
Accessory ModulesNRSV2NRSV20
Accessory ModulesNRSV2 NotesNRSV2 Notes0
Accessory ModulesPDT NotasPDT Notas0
Accessory ModulesRSVARSVA0
Accessory ModulesSHINKYO2SHINKYO20
Accessory ModulesTHAI-ERV DictionaryTHAI-ERV Dictionary0
Accessory ModulesTHAI-ERV NotesTHAI-ERV Notes0
Accessory ModulesTLA NotasTLA Notas0
Accessory ModulesTLA2TLA20
Accessory ModulesTLA2 NotasTLA2 Notas0
Accessory ModulesWEBSTR IntroWEBSTR Intro0
Accessory ModulesZurcher AnmerkungenZurcher Anmerkungen0
Accessory ModulesZurcher WorterbuchZürcher Wörterbuch0


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