Calvin’s Institutes of the Christian Religion (Beveridge)

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The first systematic treatment of Protestant theology, John Calvin’s Institutes were written as a theological introduction to the Bible and a defense of the Reformation.

“Published first in 1536, the Institutes of the Christian Religion is John Calvin’s magnum opus. Extremely important for the Protestant Reformation, the Institutes has remained important for Protestant theology for almost five centuries. Written to ‘aid those who desire to be instructed in the doctrine of salvation,’ the Institutes, which follows the ordering of the Apostle’s Creed, has four parts. The first part examines God the Father; the second part, the Son; the third part, the Holy Spirit; and the fourth part, the Church. Through these four parts, it explores both ‘knowledge of God’ and ‘knowledge of ourselves’ with profound theological insight, challenging and informing all the while. Thus, for either the recent convert or the long-time believer, for the inquisitive beginner or the serious scholar, John Calvin’s Institutes of the Christian Religion is a rewarding book worthy of study!” —Tim Perrine, CCEL Staff Writer

  • Book First: Of the Knowledge of God the Creator
  • Book Second: Of the knowledge of God the Redeemer, in Christ, as first manifested to the fathers, under the law, and thereafter to us under the gospel.
  • Book Third: The mode of obtaining the grace of Christ. The benefits it confers, and the effects resulting from it.
  • Book Fourth: Of the Holy Catholic Church

You may also be interested in Calvin’s Commentaries (22 volumes that cover 24 books of the Old Testament and all but 2, 3 John and Revelation of the New Testament.)

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Institutes of the Christian Religion
• Author: John Calvin
• Translator: Henry Beveridge
• Edinburgh: Printed for The Calvin Translation Society

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