Catena Aurea (The Golden Chain)

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Catena Aurea, or “Golden Chain,” is a unique style of biblical commentary comprised of fragments from other existing commentaries.  Catena Aurea features the teachings of over eighty Church Fathers (i.e. St. Augustine, St. Cyril of Alexandria, St. Ambrose, and The Venerable St. Bede.)  Chapter by chapter, Aquinas draws together the biblical reflections of these great historical figures to create a continuous verse-by-verse commentary.

This module contains Aquinas’ compilations for his first two volumes (Matthew and Mark.)

You may also be interested in Aquinas’ Summa Theologia.

Catena Aurea (Golden Chain)
• Compiler: Thomas Aquinas
Text of 1842 version published by J.G.F. and J. Rivington

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