Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture (Complete 29-Volume Set)

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The Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture (Updated Edition) does what very few of today’s students of the Bible could do for themselves. With the aid of computer technology, the vast array of writings from the church fathers—including many that are available only in the ancient languages—have been combed for their comment on Scripture. From these results, scholars with a deep knowledge of the fathers and a heart for the church have hand-selected material for each volume, shaping, annotating and introducing it to today’s readers. Each portion of commentary has been chosen for its salient insight, its rhetorical power and its faithful representation of the consensual exegesis of the early church.

Included in this volume from series editor Tom C. Oden is the full text of all twenty-nine commentaries from the Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture. Arranged canonically, each volume allows the living voices of the church in its formative centuries to speak as they engage the sacred page of Scripture. Now even more accessible in digital format, this series will prove an uncommon companion for theological interpretation, spiritual reading, and wholesome teaching and preaching.


  • all twenty-nine volumes of the Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture
  • commentary by the church fathers on all sixty-six books of the Bible and the Apocrypha
  • introductions by world-renowned patristics scholars


  • Makes accessible early Christian commentary on the books of the Old Testament, New Testament and Apocrypha
  • Covers the period from Clement of Rome (second century) to John of Damascus (mid-eighth century)
  • Illuminates Scripture in the light of classic and consensual Christian faith
  • Informs postcritical Christian reading and exposition of Scripture
  • Based on the RSV text
  • Renders ancient Greek, Latin, Coptic and Syriac writings in lucid English translation
  • Draws on the resources and expertise of an international team of scholars from Protestant, Roman Catholic and Orthodox traditions
  • Provides biographical sketches and a timeline of ancient Christian sources
  • Contains indexes, bibliographies and keys to original language sources
  • Excellent resource for preaching and teaching

See Publisher’s comments for editor and publication details for each volume and a list of contributors.

Praise for the printed version:
“The conspectus of patristic exposition that this series offers has been badly needed for several centuries, and the whole Christian world should unite to thank those who are undertaking to fill the gap.  For the ongoing ecumenical conversation, and the accurate appreciation of early Christian thought, and the current hermeneutical debate as well, the Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture will prove itself to be a really indispensable resource.”—J. I. Packer, Board of Governors Professor of Theology, Regent College

“Contemporary Christians would do well to draw the hermeneutical circle broadly enough to include not only cross-cultural voices from around the world but also the voices to be found in the Ancient Christian Commentary series. This is an excellent sermon-preparation resource for pastors.”—Christian Century, May 2, 2006


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  1. Nathan Parker

    I frequently used this commentary during my time in seminary. I especially love it since I’m not a specialist in church history. It’s a great way to read quotes from the church fathers on various passages of Scripture. This is also a useful work for the busy pastor who wants to dabble in reading the church fathers during sermon prep but wouldn’t have the time to immerse themselves in extensive reading of the church fathers.

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